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White Winter Winery was founded on the principals of sustainability and utilization; to use what our region produces to make high quality products and build coalitions and partnerships with growers, producers and other businesses. Using locally grown fruit and honey in our products, we “work out” from our location until we find what we need. In this way, we are able to sustain not only ourselves but our neighbors as well. White Winter Winery uses what's in our own back yard to make Award-Winning Meads, Ciders and other great beverages!

Location Description

Located in Iron River between Ashland and Superior.


  • Award Winning Artisan Mead.

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Average Bottle Price

$ $15

The Team

Donna Rusk,
Wine Taster Extraordinaire

Jon and Kim Hamilton
Owners of White Winter Winery

Kari Williams
Hired in the spring of 2012 to be our cellar assistant, Kari's background in chemistry has been invaluable in the Mead Cellar.


Traditional Sweet
Just honey and pure water fermented to produce a sweet mead, with full honey aroma and flavor. Nicely balanced sweetness. Refreshing summer drink over crushed ice with a twist, or traditionally served warmed and spiced on cold winter nights. A traditional drink used for toasting on winter solstice to bring back the longer days. Often given to newly weds to ensure a fruitful union, the sweeter the mead the more fruitful the union! Most like what you would have had during the Renaissance. Considered the drink of kings and the nectar of the Gods!
Gold Best of Class New World International Wine Competition
Gold New World International Wine Competition
Gold Indy International Wine Competition
Silver International Eastern Wine Competition
Silver International Mead Festival

A delicious blend of apples provides the basis for this traditional Cyser - a Semi-sweet style of mead made with apple cider. Excellent as stand alone mead or with sharp cheeses, spicy foods, or pork. Superb mulled for a reviving winter drink. Comparable to a late harvest Riesling.
Gold International Mead Festival
Gold Great Lakes Olde World Syder Competition
Silver Indy International Wine Competition
Silver New World International Wine Competition
Silver Great Lakes Olde World Syder Competition
Bronze Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
Bronze International Eastern Wine Competition

Traditional Dry
Honey and water fermented for a just “off-dry” mead with a subtle honey flavor and a hint of citrus in the background without the sweetness. Excellent as a stand alone drink or with poultry, seafood or a green salad.
Bronze International Eastern Wine Competition

White Winter Oak Brackett
A style of mead made with malt and honey. Bracketts or Braggotts in Old English have historical roots in the Viking and culture and lore. Deep and rich in color and complexity available only at the winery in season.
Silver World Beer Cup
Bronze World Beer Cup
2005 Bronze International Mead Fest

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Mon - Thu: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Fri - Sat: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sun:11:00 am - 4:00 pm


68323A Lea St.
Iron River, Wisconsin 54847
United States

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