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Love for a place comes before everything else. We’re talking about a hundred years ago. My grandfather’s name was Rinaldo, he was the real pioneer of all this passion for wine. Everything started in a small plot of land, in a place called Brovia, up on the hills of Gambellara, in a time in which the roads were still white and dusty. Then my father Gian Domenico began its path and he was the one who decided to start the vinification of our own grapes. His wine was the wine of the past, produced in order to support the efforts of the work in the countryside: natural and authentic. Together with Gian Domenico there is me as well, Davide, his son. Since I was a child I started to know the earth and the rhythms of nature, helping my father after school. “Green grapes pay off debts”, I heard saying many times. But I was looking for something more, I grasped the potential of this territory, which is unique for its volcanic soil with precious elements for the nutrition of the vines. That’s the reason why I chose my own production style. In 1997 occurred the turning point. With good courage I decided to do organic viticulture. Starting from the vine I reduced yield per hectare and stopped using fertilizer. I let the roots go deep into the field so that they could absorb the more minerals they can, I wanted the roots to feel free to tie together with this soil forever, as my heart deeply desired. My work began in the vineyard and only in 2006 it found place in the new winery, exactly where in the past you could find my grandfather’s cowshed. In the attic, that in the past was a barn, “Picai” are hung up during winter in order to produce Recioto wine. The beams are original to the barn and nowadays you can still see the nails my grandfather hammered in, those nails, after more than a hundred years, are the ones on which today we hang up the grapes. In a continuous comparison with the experience of my father, today the wines have grown up, thanks to several awards and rewards. An important stage of my path was without any doubts the organic certification. On the hills I started the biodynamic process. In this way our story is now flowing, right now as well, in this very moment in which you’re reading. If you cross our vineyards and let yourself be led by us, the deep and actual origin of our unique “taste of wine” will open up in front of your eyes. We’re waiting for you in our winery, holding a good glass of life.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

The farm is located in the heart of Gambellara DOC area, a place in which the protagonist is Garganega and its mineral soil. The vineyards are both on the hills and in the plain, the oldest vines date back to 65 years ago, such as Merlot vineyard, while the other vineyards are about 30 years old. One-third of the total twelve hectares are cultivated with Garganega, the indigenous grape variety of Gambellara, on the hills, where you can also find another grape variety which is Durella. In the plain there are vineyards of Merlot, Chardonnay and Glera grapes variety. The training systems are open “pergoletta Vicentina”, as the tradition of this places teaches, and Guyot. The process in the vineyards follows organic techniques, and in the vineyards on the hills, it follows biodynamic techniques.



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VINIBUONI D’ITALIA 2014: a wine not to be missed


Mostra Concorso del Vino Zona DOC di Gambellara 2011: 1st place for Gambellara Classico “Col Moenia” 2009
Veronelli Wines Gold Guide 2011: 87 points to “Col Moenia” 2006, 86 points to “El Gian” 2009, 85 points to “Cul d’Oro” 2007


Mostra Concorso del Vino Zona DOC di Gambellara 2009: 1st place for Gambellara Classico Doc Col Moenia 2007
Mostra Concorso del Vino Zona DOC di Gambellara 2009: 1st place for Gambellara still Recioto wine Doc “Cul d’Oro” 2006
Passito Wines International Contest 2009: three crowns to “Ca’ Ronchi” 2006
Passito Wines International Contest 2009: three crowns of excellence to “Col Moenia” 2007
Passito Wines International Contest 2009: four crowns to “Cul D’Oro” 2006
Passito Wines International Contest 2009: three crowns of excellence to “Ca’ Merula” 2006
Italian Passito Wines 2009: 2,5 spheres to “Ca’ Ronchi” 2006, 3,5 spheres to “Cul D’Oro” 2006
Vini Buoni d’Italia 2009: 3 stars Col Moenia 2006, 2 stars Cul d’Oro 2006


“Euposia” September – October 2008: 92 points to “Cul D’Oro” 2006
“A Tavola” April 2008: 88 points to “Cul D’Oro” 2006
National Selection of Wines for fish dishes: ”certificate of merit to “Col Moenia
Mostra Concorso del Vino Zona DOC di Gambellara 2008: 2nd place for Gambellara Classico Doc “Col Moenia”


Festa dell’Uva e del Recioto 2008: 1st place for Gambellara still Recioto wine Doc “Cul d’Oro” 2006

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