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An elegant wine showing the staying power that a blend of mountain grown Cabernet Sauvignon highly influenced by Cabernet Franc delivers. A wine that involves all your senses and presents itself as pure natural harmony, and serves as the perfect background music to an evening's conversation between two good friends. That's the kind of wine I like to make. I aspire to that. Nothing more. From the aromatics that entice you to the the deep color and dense complex layers of dark fruit...our wine delivers without ever taxing your palate. Everything in our wine invites a pleasant sense of well being. That's what I describe as the absolute aftertaste of a great wine. It should be like the sense of the onrushing joy of being alive! It's transforming. VIADER is recognized around the world for consistently producing award winning, very limited production red wines and red Bordeaux-style blends.

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Located at 1300ft on the eastern slopes of Howell Mountain.


Fax: (707) 963-3817


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$ 100


Born in Argentina, proprietor Delia Viader spent much of her formative years in Europe and especially in France (her father was in the Diplomatic corps). Delia came to the United States as a post-graduate student and holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the Sorbonne University in Paris, France and pursued advanced business Studies at three American universities: MIT, UC Berkeley and UC Davis. After MIT, she moved to California in 1984. During her studies, she realized the opportunities in the United States for both starting a career and raising children in a healthy environment. Recognizing the potential of Napa Valley as a wine region nearby and with an initial loan from her father, Walter Viader, she acquired the Howell Mountain property and set out to create a world class wine estate. All while raising four children on her own. Delia forged the vision and design for this unique hillside estate vineyard property, wine blend and brand in 1986.

Always "daring to be different," Delia decided to bring the Bordeaux style of winemaking and pioneered unique vineyard cultivation to the California hillside by planting the vines in rows going up and down the mountain, following the path of the afternoon sun down the steep slopes of Howell Mountain. This European planting design had never before been implemented in the area. Soon after successfully releasing her first vintage (1989 VIADER), it was clear that her efforts to develop the vineyard were worthwhile. With optimal sun exposure, and unique soil that allows for natural drainage, the vines struggle to survive in the rocky terroir and produce fruit of exceptional quality. Delia's story illustrates the importance of education and understanding coupled with following one's instincts.


The first VIADER wine was produced in 1989 and with that vintage a proprietary estate blend was established that features Cabernet Franc with Cabernet Sauvignon as its base element. At the time, this blend was a daring diversion from other Cabernet-based wines being made in Napa Valley. This blend has come to be the signature wine from VIADER.

Over the years, the product line has grown to include Syrah under the VIADER label and two additional brands: The “V” is a reserve Bordeaux-style blend featuring Petit Verdot. The DARE line features two distinct wines – a Cabernet Franc and a Tempranillo – made from selected vineyards. Born in Argentina, Proprietor Delia Viader spent much of her formative years in Europe and especially in France. She developed an international approach to business and a long range vision of success. Delia came to the United States as a post-graduate student and earned her PhD.
Delia ViaderWhile raising four children on her own, Delia forged
the vision and design for this unique estate vineyard property, wine blend and brand.

Because of Delia’s dedication, persistence and attention to high ideals, VIADER was recognized early on as a first growth property and the wines have been highly coveted since inception. In the last few years, Delia’s children have come back to help manage and operate the business making this a true family concern. Alan Viader is Direction of Operations and Winemaking, Janet Viader is Director of Marketing and Sales. Mariela Viader (married to Alan) is in charge of the Culinary Program. In the winter of 2006, Michel Rolland, the world-renowned enologist, and family friend, was brought on as a winemaking consultant.

Delia has earned the reputation as a pioneer for planting the vines running directly down the mountain, in a style normally found in Bordeaux. After receiving initial cirticism, eventually Delia’s vineyards on Howell Mountain were regarded as an ideal model for growing super-premium quality grapes. The original focus on Cabernet Franc as the main blending component, thought to be radical upon release, was a natural harkening back to Delia’s European roots and her love of Cheval Blanc. The idea of a single woman running a successful winery business while raising a family of four children on her own was a rare happening in Napa Valley’s developing fine wine business in the late ‘80’s.

Over the years, Delia has remained true to her vision. Today Viader Vineyards is a thriving family business producing world-class wines from a magnificent, mature estate vineyard property complete with small bonded winery, underground caves, and a Hospitality Center which offers tours and tastings by appointment and a sophisticated wine and food pairing Culinary Program.

The Team

Mariela Viader
Executive Chef

Mariela was born Mariela de la Cerda, in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Mariela and VIADER's winemaker, Alan Viader, were married in 2006. Mariela has always shown a passion for cooking, and was professionally-trained at the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon (Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts). After finishing her studies she pursued her dream of being a chef and was contracted as an intern at Bouchon in Yountville, a sister restaurant of Thomas Keller’s French Laundry in the heart of Napa Valley. Upon completing her internship at Bouchon, she was curious to explore other types of cuisine, and started working at Chef Hiro Sone’s Asian-inspired restaurant Terra in St. Helena. Simultaneously, Mariela cooked at Redd restaurant, under Chef Richard Reddington, formerly of Auberge du Soleil. Proving herself as a talented chef she was given an opportunity to help test and develop recipes for a number of cookbooks. In late 2006, she decided to leave the restaurant world to pursue a career as a private chef found herself cooking events all over the Napa Valley. Currently, she actively participates in the family business as Director of the Culinary Program at VIADER. With her own organic vegetable garden on the VIADER estate and another in her own backyard, Mariela always uses the most fresh and seasonal organic produce for all her wine-pairing dishes.

Cante Swearingen
Hospitality Director

Cante Swearingen was born at the St. Helena Hospital just about 2 miles from VIADER. He grew up in the Napa Valley, and used to ride the school bus with Alan, Janet and Paul. He first got involved with fine wine and food doing sales with Chef Michael Chiarello. He also worked in a small family winery as Tasting Room Manager, where he was often called upon to help with winemaking in the cellar when customers were not tasting wines. Cante then spent eight years at Mumm Napa where he was managing the tasting room employees and operations while also happily waiting on over 100,000 guests per year. Cante's first day at VIADER was September 13, 2006 single-handedly running the Hospitality Program, and he has successfully coordinated with Mariela and her Culinary Program. For any wine tastings or special events, Cante is the best contact. He prides himself on having many satisfied customers who he likes to call: “VIADER Ambassadors.” Cante is also a Bocce Ball fanatic, playing every season and recently winning the local Spring League Championship with his team the Hone Dogs. They are one of the most decorated teams in St. Helena Bocce history. Cante is an avid sports fan and also grew up mountain biking around the Napa Valley and could probably tell you a few secret rides around the area, if you ask. We are proud to call Cante a member of the Viader family.

Blanca Aviña
Shipping Manager & Quality Control

When Blanca first came to work for VIADER, she was not actually involved with the winery operations, although she had previous experience. In 1994, she was hired to help care for Delia’s youngest, Alex Viader, who was less than a year old at the time. Little by little, Blanca started taking on more responsibilities, when she had free time. She started reorganizing the Viader family’s home and the winery office. After seeing at the winery that Delia could not supervise everyone, Blanca offered to assist and teach the labeling and bottling teams. This led to her being offered a full-time position at the winery, doing quality control and also directing the shipping department which sends hundreds of orders each week out of the winery. By this point, Alex was in elementary school with Blanca’s daughter Jessica. The children feel like siblings, and Blanca is actually Alex’s godmother. Blanca came to California from the town of Atachéo, in the state of Michoacán, Mexico in 1991. Although most of her immediate family is in the Napa Valley, she tries to visit her hometown at least once a year, and has even taken Alex there for Christmas! Blanca is a kind and generous friend, loved dearly and appreciated by everyone in the Viader family.

Connie Caven
Brand Ambassador

Gracing our tasting room mid-week and on Saturdays, Connie is the newest member of our the VIADER hospitality team. Born in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Connie grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan (known as “Door Country: the Cape Cod of the Midwest”). She did her university studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in arts & journalism, and has a Masters in Marketing. Ten years ago, a winery project brought Connie and her husband Jim to the Napa Valley. “Plus all the great weather!” says Connie. They moved here full-time in 2005. As community members, they are very involved with Napa Valley Opera House, and privately they enjoy collecting great Napa Valley wines! They have been collecting VIADER wines since the 1997 release, and her favorite wine at VIADER is the “V” Petit Verdot blend. Connie also enjoys playing bocce in our local league, and has played against Cante’s team: the Hone Dogs.

Kimberly Brown
Administrative Assistant

As a fourth-generation Napa resident, Kimberly Brown is the best source for local information about wineries, restaurants, and entertainment. She loves all things Napa, especially its exceptional wine, food, and hospitality. Her roots run deep in the culinary and private catering world, and she has held front of the house and management positions in several top restaurants across the Napa Valley including The French Laundry, REDD, Martini House, and Cindy Pawlcyn’s flagship restaurants Mustards Grill and Go Fish. In between, she also spent two years working at a luxury health spa in Sun Valley, Idaho, where before work she would comb the idyllic winter mountains for the best snowboarding. Kimberly also has interest in hiking, camping, fishing and scuba diving, and continues to be very active now back home in Napa. She looks forward to sharing her love of the great outdoors with her rapidly-growing young son Liam. Until then, she​ will continue to embrace the beauty in this amazing valley through the eyes of her three-year old son (who’s current fascination with nature forces her to stop so he can smell every single flower they come across). Kimberly has assisted Executive Chef Mariela Viader with several of our special events in the past and officially joined the team in 2013.

Maurilio Camarillo Canchola
Cellar Assistant

Born in Gallinas, in Michoacán Mexico, Maurilio has been with VIADER full time since January 2003. His first experience at VIADER was actually in 1997 during the installation of the Syrah vines– a mere 7 acres on one of the steepest locations of the VIADER Estate at 1300 feet. Maurilio was responsible for putting in the row end posts, and worked with such dedication, that Delia offered future employment should the need arise. In 2003, he was hired as an extra hand in the cellar, but is really our extra hand for everything. He and Blanca joke about being the “mil-usos” or “jack of all trades” at VIADER because they participate in every aspect of production as well as shipping. Maurilio is also a fan of Mexican soccer, and supports the Monarcas of Morelia, Michoacán, a team which rivals the famous Chivas.

Efrain Canchola
Cellar Assistant & Quality Control

Starting his day early mornings with his cousin Maurilio, Efrain is responsible for the cellar work, and takes great care with all his tasks in the VIADER cellar. From topping the barrels, to racking, preparing equipment for harvest or bottling, he is a dedicated and detail-oriented member of the winemaking team. Efrain is often heard whistling or singing songs from his native Michoacán, Mexico down in the caves. He moved to Napa Valley fifteen years ago with his family, and soon found that the liked making wine. He was hired as a cellar hand, and Efrain also helps in the vineyard, with the Wine Club and labeling. On his days off, he plays soccer with Maurilio in the Napa Adult Mens Soccer League, and their team often takes first place.

Gabino Martinez Hernandez

Gabino was born in Oaxaca, and started at VIADER in 2003 along with his younger brother Anastacio who works with our vineyard crew. Gabino cares for the extensive gardens throughout the property, including Mariela’s organic vegetable garden. Gabino also has an artistic side, creating rock walls, planters and paths out of the endless piles of rocks displaced in the 1980s when the soil was tilled for planting. He also lends a hand to everyone around the property, whether it's the shipping department, the vineyard, or the kitchen. What is also impressive about Gabino is that he knows how to prepare the signature sauce from Oaxaca, a chocolate marinade called mole, and that he never loses his smile.

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