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We produce an exclusive 700 cases of wine per year under our Vancouver Urban Winery and VUW Colab brands. Our wines are sold in-house as well as a select number of private retailers in the city. Our tasting room boasts 36 wine taps where you can taste our in-house brands as well as a selection of wines produced from other wineries all over British Columbia. Enjoy a tasting, glass or go for a bottle for a truly unique BC wine experience.

Location Description

Vancouver Urban Winery is a boutique winery located in Railtown, two blocks East of Gastown in downtown Vancouver.


  • Vancouver’s First Commercial Urban Winery

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Average Bottle Price

$ 17


Stevie knows about as much about wine as I do…that we like to drink it. In comes Kelly Symonds. A family friend growing up and one of the most knowledgeable winemakers in British Columbia. Not to mention, she’s a blast to hang out with and more importantly learn from. Kelly ensures that we are making and sourcing great quality wines that fit the style and taste profile we love.

The Team

Steve - Co-founder, COO:

Stevie T is a dreamer… And luckily one hell of a do’er as well. Or I’d be out of money more than I already am, with nothing but a big bag of dreams to invest in. The smiley’ist guy in Canada has so much passion for everything he does it almost gets annoying. How can you be so damn happy all the time? Luckily it rubs off and we’re all better because of it. Steve’s sales, marketing, tech, sporting, mechanical, entrepreneurial… everything experience is impressive to say the least. If he doesn’t already know at least a bit about something/anything, you can bet he will before the next time you see him.

Mikey Mac - Co-founder, CEO:

Mikey Mac is a spokesperson with marketing genius, and a whole lot of optimism sprinkled in. If you’re having a bad day, don’t worry Mike is to the rescue. Mikes passion for what he does is infectious, and that’s good because it keeps the rest of us pointed in the right direction. Being the face of a brand is not always easy, but somehow Mike makes sure every client is over delivered on, or he has charmed them so much they don’t care anyway! His experience in sales, marketing and management is a huge asset, which he brings to every aspect of the business. Just don’t ask him to swing a hammer, if you do then watch out, and grab a camera to capture some blooper clips.

Wayne - Partner:

Wayne has a genuine interest and keen ability to identify a market opportunity. Luckily for us Wayne enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs and is extremely good at it. His vast experience within the hospitality industry has given him the unique ability to conceptualize and structure a concept from inception to national development. Wayne was a key figure behind the concept development and growth of properties such as The Keg, working with the legendary George Tidball, Milestones and The Boathouse with his longtime partner Peter Bonner and most recently Romers Burger Bar with partners Jim Romer and Scott Ward. After that kind of success you’d think he would start slowing down a little, however the wine industry came calling his name. His partnership in the company is an invaluable asset to the business and we are very grateful to be in business with a true pioneer in Canada’s hospitality industry, not to mention a BC Restaurant Hall of Fame’r.

Kate - General Manager:

Kate keeps hi-fives alive around the winery. A people person through and through, Kate is always brimming with energy and rocks a smile 99% of the day……I’m convinced it’s because of 3 liters of coconut water she drinks every day. Kate is responsible for creating and implementing extraordinary guest experiences at the winery. She manages all operations of the retail store, wine tasting programs, winery tours and special event organization and coordination.

Free Flow Wines - Strategic partner:

Free Flow Wines is the Christopher Columbus of the exploding wine on tap category. As the industry leader of wine packaged in kegs in the United States, Free Flow Wines continues to progress the industry. With excess of 12,000+ kegs in circulation throughout 35 states and keg packaging contracts for more than 50 wineries, it is with great honor that we at FreshTAP are the exclusive Canadian partners of Free Flow Wines. The industry standard operating procedures, quality control and business expertise of Free Flow Wines are invaluable assets to the FreshTAP operation in the Canadian market. Through years of hard work perfecting all aspects of the emerging wine on tap category Free Flow Wines has earned the respect and packaging rights to many of the industries leading wineries. Free Flow Wines was founded on the belief that great wines can and should always remain as fresh as the wine maker intended them to taste. The founders, Jordan Kivelstadt and Dan Donahoe, have grown up in the wine industry and have become true visionaries. Their relentless pursuit to change the way wine by the glass is enjoyed has brought to life the evolution of wine on tap in North America.

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Mon - Fri:11:00 am - 11:00 pm Sat - Sun:10:00 am - 11:00 pm


55 Dunlevy Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 3A3

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