Tytonidae Cellars


From our Walla Walla valley boutique winery here in the Pacific Northwest, we offer a range of premium reds, whites, ice wines, late harvest wines, brandies, grappas, and specialty spirits. We handcraft what we hope will become your cult wines, often well into the night, humbled by the calls of barn owls who give our cellar its name.

Location Description

Located in the heart of Walla Walla, Washington.


  • Crafting world-class wines.

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Practices & Techniques

We employ a combination of modern techniques and old world traditions, practicing both the cuvee and "field blending" methods, to create a range of distinctive varietals. To ensure flawless berries reach the fermentation process, we hand-sort grapes as soon as we get them into the winery. Our open-top, double-jacketed fermenters allow precise temperature control during "cold soak" periods and primary fermentation -- essential for color, flavor, and tannin extraction. Occasional délestage ("rack & return") aerates the wine. After ratchet basket pressing, we age our wines in French oak barrels for at least 18 months; minimal racking lets wine clarify naturally. Patience, sagacity, gumption, and a balance between both received methods (classic and modern) and ingenuity are foundations for crafting the world-class wines offered by our small, family-run artisanal winery here in the beautiful Walla Walla valley, located beneath the Blue Mountains in eastern Washington State.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

For non-interventionist winemakers, wine-making begins in the vineyard, and here at Tytonidae Cellars we meticulously cultivate by hand our estate vineyard, as well as contracting out to a selective few grape growers exclusively in the Walla Walla valley appellation, to ensure the finest grapes make our work easy in the winery. This region offers a diverse geological makeup that provides for exciting terroir possibilities. In our vineyard, we began by developing healthy, balanced nutrient-rich soil, then worked diligently to choose the best clones, vine spacing, and trellising for the site. Practicing sustainable farming techniques -- such as planting cover crops, exclusive use and recycling of organic matter, integrating nutrients to attract desirable insects, netting to discourage birds and deer, and growing grapes at low yield (under two tons per acre) help us make wines with remarkable concentration and complexity. When acids are in proper relation to sugars, and berries have matured to bear full-bodied wines, we harvest; much of what we do is determined by taste, not numbers. Attention to details in all areas ensures that our vines will provide supreme grapes to make fine wines for many generations to come.

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2578 Cottonwood Rd
Walla Walla, Washington 99362
United States

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