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We produce Fruit wines, Wild WInes, Medicinal/herbal Wines, and Meads; All Organic, and without sulfites. In the spirit of Kaizen or “Continuous Improvement”, we here at Trident Winery, strive to continually improve our wines, make as little waste as possible and stay as Green as Possible. We have developed methods, which allow us to make wines that are incredibly stable, and do not require the addition of sulfites. We make wines from Native Arizona plants as well as making wines that have true medicinal value. The Trident or three-pronged spear represents our commitment to the earth, the water and the air.

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Located in Beautiful Pine, Arizona.


  • Fruit wines, Wild WInes, Medicinal/herbal Wines, and Meads.

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$ 20.00-25.00


Ray and Julie

Practices & Techniques

We may very well be the most unconventional winery in the United States. Unlike traditional wineries, that harvest and crush grapes in September or October, then ferment; we are using fruits and other ingredients that come into season at every part of the year. We schedule our winemaking with the ripening of the next coming fruit harvest. It may be watermelons in the summer, strawberries in late fall, or honeydew melons in early winter. We work directly with farmers to get the freshest NON-GMO fruits we can get (sometimes we even pick the fruit ourselves). We only use organic Herbs in our Herbal wines. With the exception of our Buckwheat meads, and one wildflower honey, all of our honeys are of Arizona origin (there is no Buckwheat growing in AZ). The fact is that there is no “real” organic honey anymore, as there are few places in the world that bees can feed in an organic fashion. As the winemaker, Ray has worked diligently to come up with recipes that do not require long aging to be flavorful. Every bottle has the bottling date on it to ensure that you know how old the wine is, to the day.


We do not ADD sulfites to our wines. There are naturally occurring sulfites in some fruits, but VERY small in amount. Therefore, there is no “morning after” headache, normally associated with the addition of sulfites, when drinking our wines. We make our wines with a higher level of alcohol, instead of adding sulfites. The alcohol is the preservative in our wines, rather than sulfites.

You will notice however, a difference in the way non-sulfited wines affect you. The effect of the alcohol in our wines will, for most people, be like this. 1 glass, don't feel effects of alcohol. 2 glasses, might feel a bit of the alcohol. 3 glasses, the same as the 2nd glass. By the fourth glass the alcohol may just hit you all at once. Please do keep this in mind as you drink our wines. Drink responsibly, please! Note that all of our wines will be 14-18% alcohol by volume, and the “actual” alcohol level will be posted here as well as on the label, once it is ready to bottle.


All of our wines are made from only organic ingredients. However, you will not find organic claims on our label. The law allows several different levels of “organic” on wine labels and we feel that this misleads the American Public. We will list the ingredients on this site and let you make wise decisions.


Trident winery does not use chemical clearing agents. We do try to make sure that every wine is crystal clear, however some fruits do not lend themselves to being totally clear as a wine. This is normal, and does not affect the taste of any of our wines. We feel that it is more important to “leave out” the chemical clearing agents available to winemakers, and provide a more natural wine.

Here at Trident Winery, we feel that it is devastating that our returning soldiers, (wounded or worse yet, those who lose their lives) do not get the support they need. We are donating 40 cents from every label sold to the charities listed below. These charities take care of Special Forces wounded warriors and their families. We encourage you to click on the link of your choice and join us by helping in any way you can. On behalf of Trident Winery and the wounded warriors, we thank you.

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Monday - Thursday: By Appointment Only Friday: 12pm - 6pm Saturday: Noon - 8pm Sunday: Noon - 6pm


6261 Hardscrabble Rd.
Pine, Arizona 85544
United States

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