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Trancas Vineyards is a private boutique vineyard. With one face of the mountain overlooking the Zuma Beach and the other nestled against the Malibu Mountains, terraces of carefully pruned vines bask in their distinct microclimate—a climate known for producing fantastically rich Syrah grapes. The warmth of the Southern California sun, the natural dry climate, the loose permeable soil, all add a beneficial stress to the vines which helps to give Trancas Vineyards wine its renowned depth and character.

Location Description

Situated on the west end of Malibu at the zenith of Trancas Canyon.


  • Producing fantastically rich wine grapes.

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The owners of Trancas Vineyards have always had an appreciated for high quality wine. In 1991, they finally decided to take that appreciation to a new level when they planted their private boutique vineyard at the top of Trancas Canyon. There were many factors to take into account in deciding what type of wine to harvest. In the end, all the thoughtful research they had accumulated insisted on Syrah.

In 1996, they produced their fist crush in a limited quantity that was shared with an intimate circle of friends and family. The Syrah was an instant favorite. As word traveled quickly, the demand was soon to great to keep Trancas Vineyards a secret, and the owners started producing it to share their specialty wine with the world.

In 2005, Trancas Vineyards produced its first commercial crush, and in 2006 they introduced their Kincaid Ranch Syrah, the most exclusive of their wines, grown solely on the historic Kincaid Ranch. Starting in 2007, Trancas Vineyards proudly added Chardonnay to their list of exclusive ultra premium wines.

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P.O. Box 6370
Malibu, California 90264
United States

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