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Georgia Winery is a family owned and operated facility producing award-winning fine wines. Specializing in capturing the fresh flavor of the fruit results in unique wines that explode with flavor and tantalizes taste buds across the nation. With over 25 different wines to choose from, we offer something for every discriminating taste.

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Nestled in the foothills of Lookout Mountain.


  • Georgia's First Farm Winery.

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$ 14.95


Once upon a time there was a heart doctor who was a "closet farmer" at heart. In the spring of 1982, longing to fulfill his dreams of cultivating the land, our founder, Dr. Maurice Rawlings, Sr., bought 52 serenly beautiful acres of land in the foothills of Lookout Mountain in the Northwest corner of Georgia.
Looking for a way to make the land productive, he contacted the local Agricultural Extension Service. To his dismay, he discovered that the land was unsuitable for farming. His advisors informed him that the land was only suitable for growing grapes. As Dr. Rawlings had always held a passion for fine wines, he was thrilled to hear that he could have his very own vineyard! He and his family planted the fruitful vines and rest, as they say, is history.

Practices & Techniques

Combining traditional and modern winemaking techniques, the Georgia Winery has perfected its process in producing wines that taste "just like eating the fruit right off the vine!"

To capture the essence of the fruit, we employ our own unique "freeze-fermentation" method. Where other wineries ferment their wines around 50°- 60° Celsius, our winemaker ferments our wines for approximately 6 months to 9 months at around 40°- 45° Celsuis. This special method allows the fermentation process to slow, preserving the natural fruit flavor. This unique process serves as our mark of distinction and contributes to the remarkable popularity of our wines.

When the wine has completed the fermentation process our winemaker tastes every batch to perfection. Different from other wineries, we add very little water and chemicals. Sulfites are low since our organically grown Muscadines are naturally acidic.

Bottling occurs approximately 1 - 2 times per week. Our wine team continues to bottle, cork, and label each batch manually since this process can be faster and more accurate compared to many low-grade, automatic-bottling machines.

With health being the predominant concern for the trait of Georgia Wines, the winery began taking steps to accomplish and master the organic process in 2001. After earning an organic certification in 2003, our team of farmers has been 100% effective in achieving this goal. Organic fertilizer containing compost press, organic mulch, grass clippings, and coffee grounds, aids in the growth of the vines while, in turn, producing superior award winning wines.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Nestled in the cozy foothills of the Chattanooga Valley resides 15 acres full of wholesome, fecund Muscadine vines. With the swooping foothills of the mountainside, the vineyard nurtures assorted varieties of organically grown Muscadine vines including Carlos, Noble, Fry, Regale, Jumbo, and Magnolia. Third generation family member, Adrian Prouty, oversees the superiority of these meticulously nurtured grapes accompanied by 15-20 additional farmers during the harvesting season.


The "Award Wall" here at the winery holds over 250 medals, showcasing our award winning wines, such as Muscadine, Tailgate Red, Georgia On My Mind, Blueberry and Chattanooga Blush.

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Monday - Thursday 10:00-6:00 Friday and Saturday 10:00-8:00 Sunday 12:30-6:00


6469 Battlefield Pkwy
Ringgold, Georgia 30736
United States

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