Stargazers Vineyard


Stargazers Vineyard and Winery are owned and operated by Alice and John Weygandt. Stargazers Vineyard has its own special environment and micro climate.

Location Description

Located in the heart of Coatesville, Pennsylvania.


  • Producing unique Eco-friendly wines.

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Average Bottle Price

$ 18.00

The Team

Alice and John Weygandt - Vine Grower, Wine Maker, Proprietors

Practices & Techniques

Our wines begin in the vineyard where we use natural fertilizers and foliar nutrients so the vines can withstand disease and weather. We hoe between vines and mow between rows, turning weeds and grass into green manure. Because of our humid climate we must use fungicides, but we try to use low impact materials to the extent possible.

Our efforts at sustainability extend beyond the vineyard. We capture rain water in cisterns for spraying the vineyard and winery washing. A nine kilowatt photovoltaic array provides all the electricity for the winery and the needs of our passive solar home.

Wine-growing starts in January with pruning for balanced yields and continues through careful canopy management to the culminating point - the timing of harvest. Fermentation, with carefully selected yeasts, then turns juice into wine in our cellars, which are built into the earth so we do not need additional heating or cooling. Fermentation temperature is controlled with water from our cistern. When getting the wines ready for bottling, we believe that minimal manipulation and filtration maximizes flavor, freshness and finesse.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

The Vineyard was first planted in 1979; The Vineyard overlooks the Brandywine Creek from its south facing slopes just north of Unionville, PA in Southern Chester County.

The Vineyard is near the "Stargazers Stone" which marks the location of the observatory Mason and Dixon used in surveying the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland. They were known as "the stargazers" because they used celestial navigation to correct their measurements over the ground.

We have an excellent vineyard site in the heart of southern Chester County on a south-facing slope with heat retaining, well drained, schisty soil. Situated on a hill above the Brandywine Creek, Stargazers Vineyard has its own special environment and microclimate. The French call it "terroir". Every year, the weather varies so that each vintage has its own unique character.

Terroir, individuality and character represent traditional values which we at Stargazers cherish and which result in wine with elegance, complexity and depth of flavor, an intense mineral quality from our schisty Chester County soils, and a lingering finish.

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Noon to five every Saturday and Sunday; or other times by appointment.


1024 Wheatland Drive
Coatesville, Pennsylvania 19320
United States

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