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Established in 1977, Spurgeon Vineyards & Winery is open daily from 10:00am – 5:00pm. Sample wines in our gift shop. Relax and enjoy wine & cheese on our covered deck. Tour our production facilities. You can TOUR at noon or by appointment (April through October). You can RELAX anytime! Award winning wines from grapes, various fruits and mead (a wine made from honey) are a part of the wine experience that waits for you at Spurgeon Vineyards & Winery. This is your invitation to sample these fine wines, tour the winery, relax on our deck with a glass of wine, or hike up to the hilltops for a view of the vines. The scenic hills of southwest Wisconsin are a good home to our 16 acres of grape vines. Their location on the hill tops maximizes the sun exposure necessary to develop high quality grapes. It also allows the frost to drain away at critical times in spring and fall. These grapes are a firm foundation for our family owned and operated winery. Since making our first wines in 1981, we have constantly improved our wine making equipment and techniques in order to bring you the finest wines. These improvements range from our machine grape harvester to our modern bottling line. The grape harvester has decreased the time between harvest and crushing, while the bottler allows us to quickly bottle and cork our wine while eliminating aeration of the wine. These are just a few of the innovations and improvements that we have made in order to produce the high quality wines that we are sure you will enjoy. You are invited to tour ($) our production facilities from April through October. Our tours discuss grape growing and care plus the in-depth steps to wine production. We explain not only what our state-if-the-art equipment does, but also how it works. Tours are offered at noon or by appointment. For the more adventuresome, you are welcome to take a self-guided hike to the top of the hills to see the vines. It is an invigorating 20 minutes to the top, but only 10 minutes back! A summation of your wine experience is an invitation to enjoy our spacious covered deck. Tables and chairs allow you to enjoy a glass of wine and maybe a snack of cheese and crackers, all of which is available for purchase in our gift shop. Of course, the peace and quiet and beautiful scenery are free for your enjoyment.

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Located 5 miles west of Highland Wisconsin.

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Mary's parents, Clarence & Anastasia Womack, purchased the land in the mid-1950s as an addition their home farm. It is an 80 acre tract that once was a homestead. Mary's parents used the land to grow corn on the hilltops while they pastured beef cows on the hillsides. As Clarence and Ann started thinking of retirement, they sold this land to some newlyweds, Glen and Mary. The year was 1977. That year Glen and Mary planted corn on the hilltops as well as a half row of grapes. In 1978 they made a serious dent in the planting of their vineyards by putting in 5 acres of grapes. This was followed by a 5 acre planting in 1979, another 5 acre planting in 1981 and a final acre in 1982. Each of those acres contains 600 or more vines.

The Team

Glen Spurgeon

Glen was raised on a dairy farm in a prominent wine area in Missouri, near St. James. Neither he, nor his parents, Harold & Dorothy Spurgeon, had any connections to any of the local wineries or vineyards. After graduating from high school, Glen developed an interest in becoming a winemaker. He then headed off to college and took chemistry classes, for future use in wine analysis, along with agricultural mechanics classes. With a Masters Degree in Ag Mechanization from the University of Missouri Columbia, Glen moved to Wisconsin to take a teaching job at Fox Valley Technical Institute in Appleton. After teaching there for nearly a year, Glen ventured to Oshkosh with his friend for a grand St. Patrick's Day celebration. At the time, Johnny Carson said that Oshkosh was THE place to be! It turned out to be THE place that Glen met his future wife, Mary. They married in 1976 and soon after that began their plans for the vineyards and winery.

As the winery and vineyards developed over the years, much has changed. However, Glen's dedication to his duties as winemaker and vineyard manager has not changed. In addition to those duties, Glen is the resident mechanic, electrician and plumber. He can occasionally be caught running the tasting room. In his spare time he cooks most meals, enjoys watching Formula 1 racing and is Mary's concert groupie. Whenever he has the chance, Glen spoils his grandchildren."

Mary Spurgeon

Mary was raised on a dairy, beef and hog farm. She attended the University of Wisconsin–Platteville for one year, majoring in music. For her second year, Mary transferred to UW-Oshkosh. It was while attending UW-O that Mary met her future husband, Glen. Mary was proud to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Merchandising as the first person to graduate with that degree from UW-O. Mary’s father always said that she went to college to get her MRS degree. He must have been correct as Mary and Glen were married in 1976, one month before graduation.

Mary’s duties at the winery do not involve winemaking since she has a full-time job outside of the winery. Rather, Mary is the Minister of Propaganda. She writes the back labels for all of the wines, she puts together the brochures, advertising and press releases, and she secures label approval from the feds for any new wines. Mary also gives winery tours during special events. While Glen ‘makes’ the wine, Mary ‘cooks’ the books. She files, mostly on-line, a minimum of 11 reports each month. In her spare time, Mary enjoys work-avoidance, reading, watching NCIS (she relates to Gibbs as they have the same hair color) and playing French horn or trumpet with several local community bands. She also does all of the outdoor grilling and helps Glen spoil the grandchildren. When she can’t avoid work, she does the laundry and runs the dishwasher.

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Mon - Sun: 10:00–5:00


16008 Pine Tree Rd
Highland, Wisconsin 53543
United States

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