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Our family warmly welcomes you to sample handcrafted 100% Ontario VQA wines at our lakefront destination winery. Experience the true beauty of Sprucewood Shores while tasting our wines, exploring the nature on our property, as a guest for our weddings, on the beach with our famous picnics, or just stopping in for your favourite bottle and a friendly greeting.

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Located in the Lake Erie North Shore Wine Region.


  • Excellent VQA Quality Wines.

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Tanya Mitchell has worked full time for the company since its inception as a Winery in 2004, shortly after attaining a degree in Chemical Engineering at McMaster University. Before her 11 years as Winemaker at Sprucewood Shores, Tanya garnered experience in Niagara at Henry of Pelham Winery, in Lake Erie North Shore at D’Angelo Winery, and in the Bendigo Region of Australia at Langanook Wines and Sutton Grange Winery.

Starting out as the youngest winemaker in the industry in 2004 was a challenge, yet it also provided her with years of irreplaceable experience, evident in her quality crafted wines. Now, 11 years later, Tanya’s winemaking philosophy has developed in to one that is strongly influenced by her technical and experience based background and an understanding that wine is an artistic expression. Her focus is on delivering a balance of minerality, acidity, fruit, and finesse in her wines.


Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery represents the fulfillment of a dream that started over 42 years ago when Hannah & Gord Mitchell purchased a 52 acre farm situated on beautiful Lake Erie, with the intent of planting a vineyard, and perhaps one day, establishing a winery.

Fate had some other things in store for this couple, when Gord's employer, Daimler Chrysler determined his talents were needed in the Toronto-based operation. The Mitchells forged ahead with getting the investment in place so that in 1991 the first acreage of vines was established. Subsequent years saw the acreage rapidly expand to its current 35 acres of noble varieties; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon just to name a few of the nine in total.

Gord and Hannah share the same early childhood of growing up on the farm. Hannah watched her father and grandfather tend to an olive orchard and grape vineyard. Gord worked with his father and brothers on a dairy/cash crop operation in Woodslee, Ontario. The family farm dated back into the early 1800's as a Queen Victoria Land Grant. The family farm had a number of neighbors who had their own small vineyards producing wine for family and friends using the old Labrusca varieties.

Once into full production the couple's new vineyard started to produce a series of excellent vintages, with only the use of vinifera varieties that have been used successfully by major wineries. Many of these vintages have produced award-winning wines. In late 2003, they finalized their long-held ambition to construct and operate their own winery. In October of that year, construction of the barrel-ageing cellar commenced; by the fall of 2004 the framing and significant portion of the roof had been completed as well as a 6700 sq. foot concrete patio for major events.

Unfortunately Hannah Mitchell contracted cancer and the project was put on hold until the summer of 2006. The winery finally "soft opened" in November 2006 and held a successful grand opening on June 2nd 2007.

The Team

Stephen Mitchell
President/Director Sales & Marketing and Property-Equipment Maintenance

A lot of people dream about owning a winery; the food, the socializing, the surroundings...and yes it's just like that. What's amazing about this dream is that there's a lot of work that lies behind the romance. Over the past 16 years, the amount of energy spent by my parents in building this dream has been incredible. Watching the effort turn into the dream has been a motivator for me to move back and help in the family business. For the past six years I've lived in Toronto. When I last left Windsor I was sure I wouldn't be returning. I left a lot of great friends and opportunity in Toronto, but the ability to work toward something that is cemented as a part of my future is too great an opportunity to pass up.

Moving forward will prove full of interesting challenges. Growing the business from our first 1,200 cases to something that consumers recognize on a shelf will be no small endeavor. I'm happy to see the community and its businesses rallying around the local wineries to promote and build this new region.

Marlaina Auger

My parents dream to start a winery was one that fascinated us all. Many years before starting the winery, we all took part in wine tasting around the family dinner table. That love of life and wine and the pairing it with different foods and enjoying with friends and family has been something that has infused us all.

While attending university at the University of Waterloo for Chemical Engineering, I met my husband, where fate would have it that we'd settle in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. An amazing place to live, where the market is ever expanding, I'm sure there will be a way to incorporate what we are doing in the Windsor area with what we have here. While not able to be at the winery on a day to day basis, I still make time to contribute to the family business with financial and inventory planning, and events coordination.

The recent success of our FIRST vintage is one that has motivated us all even further. With all the support of the local people around the winery, we see new and old faces every day that remind us what an exciting business we're in. Living life passionately has kept us busy while also giving us something to be very proud of.

Jake Mitchell
CTO/Director of Multimedia and Retail

Jake Mitchell began unoficially working for the winery back in 2005 creating the first round of label designs for the 2004 vintage wines while attending the Multimedia Design course at Durham College. The timing of all things was fortuitous as the winemaking had officially begun the year before, and the winery was slated to have a soft-opening in November of 2006; the year of his graduation from the program. He had begun construction of the website in his last year at Durham College and was officially put on payroll in October of 2007 - acting as the IT/Web/Print department.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, a family run business opened its doors November 1st 2006. Its addition had marked the 13th winery in a quickly growing viticulture region located on the North Shores of Lake Erie. We are known as SWOVA (South Western Ontario Vintners Association) and our goal is work together to provide our customers great wine and a great experience when they come to our doors.

Situated on 52 acres of land, the retail centre is a beautiful Tuscany style "old world" building with extensive balconies that overlook breathtaking views of both our vineyard and Lake Erie. The interior features a welcoming atmosphere accented by dark wood trim and warm wall & chandelier lighting, with a 17ft custom made bar as its focus.

Grapes amongst the vines
The Winery is surrounded by 35 acres of flourishing 24 year old vines. Take a look from atop our 2nd floor balconies and prepare yourself for a beautiful view of endless vines. Only those grape varieties that have proven themselves worthy of our soil and climates remain planted in this vineyard: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Vidal, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Gamay.

Sprucewood Shores has been a 42-year dream. The land, purchased in 1975, and the vineyards, planted in 1991, was the start of it all. With extended family out to support us, the first 3 acres were planted by hand. Sprucewood Shores has been selling the fruits of the vineyard to local wineries that have made some award winning wines with grapes from their vineyard. The first processing effort started in 2004 with wine production of 1,500 cases. Sprucewood Shores plans to expand gradually to a 20,000 case level, without ever compromising the quality of their product. The cellars that run the length of both retail and processing facility will provide for that future growth potential.

So come out to take in the breathtaking view of Lake Erie or the tranquil environment of the vineyard from one of our many balconies. Stay awhile and enjoy a glass of our wine as you observe various artworks, sit on the balcony or stroll through along our beachfront.

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Open Daily 11am-5pm, special hours: 01 January: closed 24 December: 11am- 4pm 25 December - 26 December: closed


7258 County Road 50 West
Amherstburg, Ontario N0R 1G0

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