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Spoiled Dog Winery is a small, family-owned business. We believe great wines begin in the vineyard and our grapes are our passion. Using sustainable growing practices we are committed to providing our customers with a selection of high quality fine wines sourced from our own vineyard and select Washington & Oregon vineyards that utilize biodynamic or certified organic growing practices. Our boutique winery produces a limited number of cases per year that are only available at our winery and select restaurants in the local area. We offer each of our guests an inviting tasting atmosphere where they can enjoy our wines, surrounded by the natural beauty of our vineyards and farm.

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Located at Craw and Maxwelton, just 1/4 miles South of Highway 525.


  • Earth-friendly and local!

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$ 20


While Jack and Karen Krug might appear to be your conventional winery owners, there is nothing conventional about their approach to wine.

One doesn't think of Washington first or maybe even second when it comes to Pinot Noir. When they decided to move to Whidbey Island and start a winery in a beautiful farm setting, Karen's passion for Pinot Noir led her to conduct exhaustive research and identify a diverse set of clones that thrive in the maritime micro-climate of Whidbey Island and produce a distinctive complex yet balanced wine using sustainable growing methods.

Looking beyond just making wines from grapes, the Krug's decided to produce Pomo di Moro (apple of love), an apple pear wine made from the heritage fruit trees in the orchard on their 25-acre farm.
When you drive up to the winery, expect to be greeted by their friendly dogs who in addition to being the namesake of the winery, are prominently showcased on the labels of their wines. Karen and Jack want visitors to feel like they've discovered a secret spot that will become a destination and a reason to regularly return to Whidbey Island for a visit.
The relationship between food and wine is something that transforms wine tasting at Spoiled Dog Winery into a culinary experience. From the moment you enter the tasting room in the winery among the barrels of aging wine you realize you have discovered a special destination. You will be offered estate grown Pinot Noir with chocolate and nibble on crackers with a savory cheese made using their wine.

If you love to cook, you'll find a hidden jewel waiting for you at Spoiled Dog Winery. They produce lavender infused Verjus from their estate Pinot Noir grapes. This special ingredient that gained popularity during the Renaissance will add a delightful flavor to your next salad dressing or sauce.

If you love to eat, Spoiled Dog participates in several annual food and wine events and their special winemaker dinners hosted under the eaves of their apple trees overlooking the lower vineyard are not to be missed.
Whether you are a local or a visitor, Spoiled Dog Winery will become a regular destination to "wine down" and experience the joie de vivre of Whidbey Island.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

On an east facing slope, the Pinot Noir grapes develop on cool morning temperatures and are protected from afternoon heat. Our Pinot Noir reflects the terroir of our vineyard, with an elegant and defined flavor and well-balanced structure.

Sustainably grown is more than just a phrase to us. It is a commitment to grow our grapes using the best practices we know. Sustainability means “capable of being maintained indefinitely, capable of meeting the environmental, economic and social needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”. Here is a listing of some of our practices:

Our grapes: diversity of clones of pinot noir is key to creating a complex and balanced wine and diversity of plants is a sustainable practice. We grow the following pinot noir clones: Pommard, Dijon 112, 113 and 115, Swan 777 and 667 and Pinot Precosce. All of our grapes are grafted on rootstock (3309 or 101-14) that have been identified by WSU as being ideal for Western Washington climate conditions and they are disease resistant. We also grow limited amounts of Zweigeldt and Agria grapes, used for blending.

Grapes we source: we are very particular when sourcing other grapes. Our Oregon sourced grapes come from Momtazi Vineyard. These grapes are specially grown for us - certified Biodynamic grapes. Biodynamic is an ultra organic way of farming. It comes from two words: Biological and Dynamic. The Biological aspect is practiced throughout organic farming and includes composting, cover cropping, green manuering, cultivation and integration of animals throughout the farm. The Dynamic effects are important as well. They include planning and planting by a calendar (i.e., near and far stars), biodynamic composting along with homeopathy. The entire Momtazi farm (similar to our farm) is self-contained and a farm is believed to be sick if it imports fertilizers from the outside.

Soil Building: feed the soil and you feed the plant. We feed our soil by using cover crops (crimson clover, legumes, fescues, rye) that fix nitrogen and protect our soils from erosion from the winter rains. We use compost generated from our animals on the farm as well as vine clippings returned to the vineyard floor and tilled into the soils.

Weed Control: mechanical removal using a “weed badger” is how we control weeds. This is an attachment to a tractor that tills the soil in-between the plants keeping weeds from becoming established.

Disease Control: we prevent diseases by feeding the plants using organic (certified) foliage nutrient sprays as well as preventive mildew sprays including horticultural oil and sulfur. We also use careful hand work to position the canopy and thin the foliage to develop air flow and sun penetration.

Pest Control: we encourage beneficial bugs by planting insectory plants and hedgerows that attract them. Our farm has diverse crops and plantings. We also use netting so there is no harm to birds. Our dogs, Sami and Blue, are a major contributor to discouraging birds to stay in our vineyard and eat our grapes. They consider bird scaring one of their major “jobs”. Minimal water use: we use drip irrigation for new plants (1-2 years old) and if needed elsewhere.

Family owned and operated, community support: we believe in keeping our size small and manageable so we only produce a limited amount of wine each year. We support our community and it supports us!

Cleaner surface and ground water as well as air, because of the practices we use, mean gallons of water saved, healthier plants, increase in wildlife, healthier livestock and most of all – BETTER WINE!


2017 - Seattle Wine Award winners: Double Gold - Estate Pinot Noir, Gold - Deception, Gold - Penn Cove Red; Gold - Sauvignon Blanc; Silver - Chardonnay; Bronze - Merlot; Bronze - Malbec.
2017 - We received Silver at Savor NW Wine Competition for: 2014 Penn Cove Red, Red Mountain; 2014 Pinot Noir, McMinnville; and Possession Port, Columbia Valley!
2014 Estate Pinot Noir - Gold at the Best of the Best of the Northwest awards; Gold at Seattle Wine Awards.
2014 Sauvignon Blanc - Silver Award ~ Great Northwest Wine Competition.
2013 Merlot - Gold Award ~ Seattle Wine Awards.
2013 Pinot Noir and 2013 Reserve Pinot Noir - Silver Award ~ Savor Northwest.
2013 Estate Pinot Noir - Silver Award ~ Seattle Wine Awards.
2012 Deception - Double Gold - Best of the Best of the Northwest. Gold Award ~ 2014 Seattle Wine Awards.
2012 Malbec - Silver Award ~ 2014 Seattle Wine Awards.
2012 Pinot Gris - Silver Award ~ 2013 Seattle Wine Awards.
2011 Deception - Silver Award ~ 2013 Washington State Wine Competition.
2011 Pinot Noir - Silver Award ~ 2013 Pinot Noir Summit World Competition (490 entries from around the world).
2010 Pinot Noir - Gold Award ~ World Wine Championships, Beverage Testing Institute (SOLD OUT).
2009 Estate Pinot Noir – Double Gold Award ~ 2011 Seattle Wine Competition (all Washington State).
2007 Estate Pinot Noir – Bronze Award ~ 2011 Pinot Noir Summit World Competition.
Pomo di Moro – Bronze Award ~ 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (largest in the world). (SOLD OUT)
2009 Deception Red – Bronze Award ~ 2012 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (largest in the world).

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Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 5pm. We enjoy appointments other times, so call, text or leave us a message!


5881 Maxwelton Rd
Langley, Washington 98260
United States

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