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Greetings! When our parents Bill Blosser and Susan Sokol Blosser planted their first vines in 1971, they needed all of their youthful self-confidence, energy and determination to make their way because there was no wine industry in Oregon. Today, with over 500 wineries and more than 19,000 acres of vineyards, Oregon wines are available throughout the world. Sokol Blosser has survived, grown and prospered as a family-owned and run operation, and we are proud to have been part of developing and shaping Oregon's now prominent wine industry. We strive to create wines of world class quality that are produced sustainably, mindful of the environment, and that express the distinctive flavors of our hillside vineyards. Sokol Blosser wines reflect who we are - our values and our sense of place. We hope you enjoy them. Alex and Alison Sokol Blosser Siblings and Co-Presidents

Location Description

Driving from Portland
Take I-5 south to exit 294 at Tigard.
Turn right on Hwy 99W, and follow 99W through Tigard and Newberg to Dundee.
From Dundee, follow 99W another 2 miles to a blue sign reading Sokol Blosser Winery.
Take a right at the sign, and follow the lane a short distance to the winery.

Driving from Eugene
Take I-5 north to Exit 271 at Woodburn.
Turn left onto Hwy 219 and follow it through St. Paul, across the Willamette River to Newberg.
Turn left on Hwy 99W, and follow 99W through Newberg to Dundee.
Follow the directions above from Dundee to the winery.

Driving from the Coast
Turn east on Hwy 18, 5 miles north of Lincoln City.
Stay on Hwy 18, following signs for Dayton/OR-18 E/Portland.
Turn right onto Hwy 99W towards Portland.
After one-half mile, turn left at a blue sign reading Sokol Blosser Winery.
Follow the lane a short distance to the winery.


  • Dedication, Quality and Concern for People, Planet and Profit.

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$ 38


Alex Sokol Blosser, son of Sokol Blosser’s founders, Susan Sokol Blosser and Bill Blosser, grew up working in the family vineyards and winery. Not much has changed. The strong pull of the family wine business kept pulling him back in from escapes to college in Texas, to a stint with the Air Force Reserves. The wine life had him and it just took a few years for him to realize that he really did love the business and wanted to make this his life’s work.

In typical family business fashion, Alex has played many roles at Sokol Blosser from cellar rat, to Vineyard Manager, to Vice President of Sales. All these prior positions groomed him for his current and last position with the winery; that of Winemaker. Alex is only the fourth winemaker to walk the catwalks in the winery since the first vintage in the Dundee Hills in 1977. He has worked with and under all the previous winemakers and brings forward those learnings and a winemaking desire to fashion Pinot Noir that inspires the world.

Alex is grateful to have found a life partner with his wife Ginny, and for his two sons, Nikolas and Avery, for whom he tries but fails to beat in the card game Magic. He lives on the vineyard and when time allows he is often reading science fiction, riding his bike, watching the Tour de France, and pining for the day when the LA Dodgers raise the World Series title once again.

Hobbies: Reading, biking, archery, hiking, watching baseball, and gardening.

What you like about Pinot Noir: It's a finesse wine. I like finesse.

Favorite Food: I eat everything.

Place You'd Like to Travel To: Everywhere. I like to travel.

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: I love a good iced tea.


For more than 40 years, before there was an Oregon wine industry, the Sokol Blosser family has been growing grapes and creating exemplary wines. Located on a certified organic 86-acre planted vineyard in Oregon’s Dundee Hills sub appellation, Sokol Blosser has consistently captured the terroir of the region as expressed through the brilliance of its estate fruit. This resolute quest for excellence is inherent in its environmentally sensitive winemaking techniques, a core value for Sokol Blosser since the planting of its very first vines in 1971. The winery produces pinot gris, pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot blanc and small quantities of single block pinot noirs under its Sokol Blosser brand name, as well as a white blend, red blend and sparkling wine under the Evolution brand name.

Now guided by sister and brother co-presidents Alison Sokol Blosser and Alex Sokol Blosser, Sokol Blosser Winery is entering a new millennium of winemaking, hospitality and sustainability. Please visit to shop online, for tasting room hours and for more information about this award-winning vineyard.

The Team

Alison Sokol Blosser, daughter of Susan Sokol Blosser and Bill Blosser, remembers being small enough to climb into the press to help her father clean it during harvest. She decided that while the actual winemaking wasn’t her thing, the family vineyard and winery were in her blood.

After getting her MBA at the University of Washington and spending three years working in public relations and marketing communications with startups and consumer branding giants, such as Nike and Nordstrom, she came home to Sokol Blosser in 2004 as Director of Marketing. Now a Co-President, Alison works with Alex to plan the strategic future of the business and also oversees marketing, sales, and administrative functions, including accounting, finance and human resources.

Alison is involved in the Oregon wine industry as a board member of Oregon Pinot Camp, founding board member of the Dundee Hills Winegrowers Association, as well as a member of Women for Winesense.

Alison is married to Javier Zamora, Assistant General Counsel for NIKE, which is based in Beaverton, Oregon, and has three children: Dario, Luca and Isabella. Plus a large white furry companion, named Twix, who comes to work each day with her and can often be found frolicking amongst the vines.

Hobbies: Taking Twix for a walk, travel, doing anything outdoors (bicycling, hiking), being with family & friends, eating good food & drinking good wine.

What you like about Pinot Noir: Every sip tells a story and the ending lingers, rather than telling you "The End".

Favorite Food: Just about anything.

Place You'd Like to Travel To: What? I can only choose one? Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Tahiti, Maine, New Mexico, ok - I'll stop now.

Favorite Drink Besides Wine: Water, or a good Arnold Palmer.

Practices & Techniques

From the start, the Sokol Blossers were aware of the impact that farming and wine production would have on the environment. Before it was popular, the winery did everything it could to give back to the land. Today, the second generation winegrowers of Sokol Blosser continue this 'good to the earth' policy through certified-organic farming, sustainable business practices and low impact packaging. In fact, in 2002 Sokol Blosser became the first US winery to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification. In April 2015, the company went through the rigorous process to become a Certified B Corporation.


Sokol Blosser has always strived to be a leader in sustainable practices and is proud to be a Certified B Corporation. For many years, we have evaluated our business success through a holistic approach to managing our bottom line: the triple bottom line - people, planet and profit. Achieving B Corp certification further establishes our commitment through measurable high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. To achieve this certification, we underwent a rigorous evaluation to measure the social and environmental impact of our business. As a Certified B Corporation we are proud to join a community of 1,200 companies from more than 121 industries in 41 countries.

Our devotion to world class quality is paralleled by a desire to achieve it sustainably.

We pursue sustainable practices in all phases of our business, as our B Corp Certification supports. This commitment to the earth, people and business will continue as long as the winery is in operation.

We farm our estate vineyards organically and received full USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) organic certification in 2005 and are certified through Oregon Department of Agriculture.
We use 50% biodiesel in our farm tractors and trucks.
We have a 25kW solar panel system and purchase renewable wind power from PGE.
We use a no-waste, energy efficient crossflow filter on our white wines.
We recycle everything we can, from office paper to pallet shrink wrap.
We use unbleached paper products for labels, wine boxes and gift bags whenever possible.
We are a member of the Prescott Western Bluebird Recovery Project.
Vineyard plantings of lavender, yarrow, rudbeckia, and Russian sage help to provide habitats for beneficial insects and expand our vineyard ecosystem.
Our underground barrel cellar, built to US Green Building Council standards, became the first winery building in the country to earn the prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

The Pinot Noir grape is one temperamental fruit.

To thrive, it needs a particular climate found in Burgundy, France and, coincidentally, where the 85-acre Sokol Blosser estate resides in the Dundee Hills of Oregon. Higher elevation, warmer nighttime temperatures and less low-elevation fog help protect our grapes in the iron-rich, fertile and well-drained red Jory soil of the Dundee Hills.

For Pinot Noir to become a world-class wine there must be a level of care and commitment that goes beyond that of any other varietal. At Sokol Blosser that includes careful hand harvesting, fermentation in small lots and aging 16 months in French oak. We hand sort through every grape before it goes into a fermenter - for Pinot Noir, the grapes are de-stemmed without crushing, to preserve as many whole berries as possible. For white varietals, the grapes are whole-cluster pressed.

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5000 NE Sokol Blosser Lane
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United States

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