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We operate a small family owned wine label that produced its first vintage in 2000. The fruit for Siltstone Wines is sourced from Guadalupe Vineyard

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Located just off Hwy 47 in Carlton--Across from the old grain elevator.

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The story begins in Sacramento, California well before the first modern-day vines were planted in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

In Sacramento, the Myers family; parents Tucson and Lonnie, and sons Mark and Joel, lived across the street from another young couple, Charles and Shirley Coury and their two boys, Brad and Charley. Charles was studying Enology and Viticulture at nearby UC Davis, and at the time was finishing his Masters thesis on growing Pinot noir in cool climates in the Western United States. Through the Courys, the Myers met other young students in the UC Davis program; Werner Koblet and David Lett.

In the mid-sixties Joel's father accepted a position with the State of Oregon and moved his family to Silverton. Both Coury and Lett had moved north and were carving vineyards out of orchards, pastures and blackberry patches that covered the hills in the north Willamette Valley. The Myers family frequently visited the Courys and Letts maintaining their friendship.

Growing up in Silverton, Joel worked on farms since age 10. One of his first jobs was to help the Letts plant and trellis their vineyards in the Dundee Hills in 1968. Through high school and college, Joel was actively involved in farming, working mainly for the large grass seed and grain growers in the area. Joel took a semester off from college in 1976 to visit vineyards, research stations, and wineries in Germany, Austria and Yugoslavia with Charley Coury.

In the summer of 1979 Joel graduated from University of Oregon with a degree in Geography and Environmental Science. After searching for a job with the Forest Service, he accepted what he thought would be a temporary harvest position in the vineyard at Eyrie. Soon after, he was offered a full time vineyard-cellar manager position.

Joel met Louise Bernards, a teacher and artist from a local farm family, who was working for the Letts as well. They were married in 1981 and together they traveled to Switzerland, where Joel worked with Dr. Werner Koblet. At the time, Koblet was one of Europe's leading researchers in vine physiology and management. Working with Koblet and other Swiss winegrowers, Joel developed his base knowledge in vine physiology, disease control, integrated production, and clonal studies. Coupled with his comprehensive background in traditional farming, he returned with a new interest and vision for the potential of Oregon viticulture.

In 1984 Joel founded Vinetenders and began a life of vineyard management in Oregon. Vinetenders currently manages over 200 acres of prime vineyard property in the north Willamette Valley.

Working in the vineyard and cellar at Eyrie, Joel learned the winemakers' decisions must begin in the vineyard. Many of the problems encountered in the cellar could be mitigated and even eliminated by careful work and preparation in the vineyard. In 2000, the Myers made the first vintage of Siltstone Pinot noir, weighing vineyard management decisions carefully towards producing the best wine possible. He carries on that tradition together with his wife Louise and sons Joey, John & David.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Siltstone Wines sources Oregon Pinot noir and Pinot gris from Guadalupe, a 40-acre vineyard owned by Jim Stonebridge and Kathleen Boeve and currently leased to Ken Wright Cellars. Wine grapes were first planted in 1989 and Vinetenders has managed the site since then, coordinating the design, planting and daily management.

Guadalupe Vineyard is located in the Dundee Hills AVA. However,the soils are not typical of this appellation. The soils at Guadalupe are marine sedimentary, mainly silty and sandy loams, while those found in the Dundee Hills are heavier clay loams. Spaced at 7' x 5', it is planted to the Wädenswil, 777 and Pommard clones. The elevation is between 350'-450', and produces dark colored, intensely flavored fruit.

Blacktail Vineyard is located at the Myers' family home place. The 40 acre farm is planted to 15 acres of Pinot noir, Pinot gris, and Mueller-Thurgau and Temperanillo. The rest of the farm is forested and in pasture. Planting began in the late 1990's, and has since been home to various viticultural experiments in trellising and vine training. Clonal and rootstock selection, along with well-drained Woodburn soils and ample North Valley hea help this site to produce high quality fruit even in the most challenging vintages. This vineyard is certified by the Food Alliance.

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