San Ducerro Vineyards


Our wines are carefully hand crafted from the finest grapes obtainable - from our estate vines, local growers, and throughout Texas and beyond. Our wine list includes Blanc Du Bois, Moscato, Farmer's Daughter - a peach Chardonnay, Appleooza - a Green Apple Riesling, Rhapsody in Red - a bold blend, a spicy Sangiovese, and a smooth Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Located in the heart of Yoakum, Texas.


  • Dewitt County's Premier Winery

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$ 22.95

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Planted in 2014, our vines were only in their second leaf, so our plan was to install the support wire on the trellis system early spring 2015. Unfortunately, the rains came before we had an opportunity to
do much of anything. And rain it did - for 8 weeks straight! Even when there was a break in the weather pattern, there was another rain system right behind it.

Finally the rains stopped and the sun came out. for the next week we waited patiently for the vineyard to dry out enough to allow us to move our equipment in. When we felt we "might" be able to run the tractors down the rows - we tried the lightest ones first, but even our zero turn sunk in the soft soil. So we waited. Another week went by and we tried again - and once again we found the ground too soft for work. And then the rains came back... For the next several weeks we found ourselves deluged by rain once again. This time the rivers rose - flooding highway 183 just six miles from us - closing off the only road between Cuero and Gonzales. The state then setup barricades on 111 - effectively blocking anyone from visiting the winery.

While our vineyard is high on a hill and safe from any chance of flooding. there are "other" issues to contend with. Non-stop rains yield high grass, and when you cannot mow or shred for 12 weeks straight you're going to have issues - and we certainly do. By the time the rains stopped and the vineyard dried out we were smack in the middle of summer and 95 plus degree days with high humidity. Our vineyard was also buried in weeds - deeply buried! We "rescued" the first 5 rows of Black Spanish before the summer heat finished us. The plants are fine - both those "unburied" and those still under cover - and they may actually have benefitted from the
moisture, but the weeding will have to wait until the temperatures drop. Until then, we've got a mess on our hands.

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Thursday & Friday - 3pm to 8pm Saturday & Sunday - Noon to 6pm By Appointment Anytime!


500 Dagg Rd
Yoakum, Texas 77995
United States

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