Russian Hill Estate Winery

Russian Hill Estate Winery


Utilizing the most extreme care from vineyard to bottle, Russian Hill is committed to the generation of world-class Pinot noir and Syrah. The key philosophy of the winery is to keep up the highest degree of excellence in viticultural and winemaking practices to permit wines to completely express the different vineyards that are their source.

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Located in the heart of the Russian River Valley.


  • Our mission is to produce great wines and to have fun doing so!

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$ 45


Winemaker Patrick Melley surrendered a profession in the restaurant business to join his uncle Ed in the quest for making extraordinary wine. A generally self trained winemaker, Patrick has recently indicated incredible ability in making the Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet sauvignon that were our handling preceding moving to Russian Hill. He is currently exceeding expectations in the processing of Pinot Noir and Syrah. The key fixing to Patrick's prosperity is his separating sense of taste; his level attitude and extraordinary identity don't hurt either. What does Patrick cherish most around a wine (and therefore works hardest to attain) - is mouthfeel. You'll see what this means when you try some of his wines.


Edward Gomez and Ellen Mack secured Russian Hill in 1997 after a two-year escalated quest for the suitable site. It was basic that the area be equipped for preparing exceptional home vineyards additionally take into consideration development of a winery. Just by having full control of both the vineyard and wine creation, did the group at Russian Hill feel they could prepare wines of the quality they imagined.

The Russian River Valley: Viticulture and History

Our quest for the perfect area to develop world class Pinot noir and Syrah headed us specifically to the Russian River Valley where mist-cooled atmosphere and rich alluvial soils give the ideal conditions to developing Pinot noir and other "cool atmosphere" grape mixed bags.

The historical backdrop of grape developing in our area starts with the early Russian pilgrims who were the first displaced people to settle the zone and plant vines. A bit known truth is that these plantings, which start in 1817, were the soonest in Northern California, preceding those of Padre Jose Altimira in Sonoma Valley. The area turned into an official American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 1983 and its boundaries experienced growth in 2005. The region now gloats in excess of 15,000 sections of land of vineyards, 200 grape cultivators and 75 wineries.

The Russian River winds its serpentine 110-mile course from Mendocino County to the Pacific Ocean at the Sonoma waterfront town of Jenner, a rough 30-moment drive west of Russian Hill Estate Winery. The Russian River Valley takes its name from the center bit of the stream as it passes through Sonoma County. Simply east of the seaside slopes, this is a range of maximal summer sea attack, transforming foggy, cool mornings that offer approach to brilliant, sunny calm days.

The cooling impact of the mist throughout summer sunlight hours abates the aging of the grapes bringing about more "hang times" and, in this manner, more full flavor improvement. The fusion of evening time mist and daytime daylight additionally brings about expansive diurnal temperature contrasts, conditions which help grapes keep up their regular sharpness preparing wines with structure and the potential for maturing.

The summer coastal fog enters the Russian River Valley from two bearings. From the west, it passes through the seaside mountains up the course of the Russian River. The primary haze invasion, be that as it may, is from the south through the Petaluma Wind Gap, a huge opening in the seaside extend that permits the mist to stream unrestricted through the focal swamps of Sonoma County, washing the Russian River Valley from the southeast. From our vantage point at Russian Hill Estate Winery, mist banks approach us from both headings and has a tendency to encompass us in a "u" shaped pattern to our east, south and west. The wines of the Russian River Valley are progressively perceived as around the best on the planet and the moniker is frequently cited as one of the top in the nation. Our "cool atmosphere viticulture" conditions are ideal for developing certain wine grapes, particularly Pinot noir and Chardonnay, and late encounter has likewise indicated that "cool atmosphere" Syrah is a different wine unmatched by its warm atmosphere partner. Russian Hill Estate Winery has thought that it was impeccable home.

The Team

Edward Gomez

Russian Hill is the fulfillment of a dream for Edward Gomez, who retired from a distinguished career in academic medicine to look for a way to combine his experience in the fields of engineering, electronics, business, and government with his love of wine. The only way to use all these skills and have plenty of wine to drink is to start a winery.

Ed may be hard to find if you visit Russian Hill. Typically he is behind a tank installing plumbing, up on a ladder rewiring the computer network, dismantling and reassembling a pump, or trying to figure out how to reconfigure our bottling process. Ed is one of the only people in the winery business who actually loves bottling lines! Let it suffice to say that there would be no Russian Hill if it were not for Ed.

Ellen Mack

Ed's wife, Ellen Mack, after a two year search, found the property that was to become Russian Hill. She is now responsible for its day-to-day operations which gives her many hats to wear - marketing, communication, production, accounting and, most importantly, overseeing vineyard operations. Because of this diversity, she is "the glue" that holds it all together.
Formerly also a practicing physician in academic medicine, Ellen feels medicine and winemaking are of the same philosophy - each is both a science and an art form. She combines her dual careers by serving on the Research and Education Committee of the Wine Institute, and is a member of various organizations including The Society of Medical Friends of Wine and Women for Winesense.


Ruska may not like to wear hats, but she also has multiple roles at Russian Hill. She is our Director of Hospitality and, since the day of our inception, has been present for every tour we have given. No matter how big or small the group, Ruska is there to greet our visitors, accompany them throughout their tour, and wish them well as they leave. Ruska is also an assistant to Ellen in Vineyards Operations where she is in charge of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. She specializes in the large pests - moles, voles, mice and jack rabbits and is so successful in these endeavors that she has been featured in Wine Enthusiast magazine. Ruska's name, by the way, is short for Labrusca, a native North American grape vine; Ruska also means "The Russian" making her aptly suited to our winery.


Kiri (yes, she is named after the soprano Kiri TeKanawa) takes over where Ruska leaves off. She helps out in hospitality by personally escorting every visitor to and from their cars during our open house weekends. She helps Ruska with the IPM program, but specializes in birds, which she faithfully chases off the property and away from the grapes. Kiri's most useful talent, however, is her uncanny ability to find any body of water, no matter how large or small. This not only leads to many leisure time visits to neighboring ponds but also, is very useful for checking the integrity of our irrigation system. There is no reason for Kiri to travel to Calistoga for a mud bath!

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Tara Vineyard

Tara Vineyard, named after the stately living arrangement adjoining our winery, was planted for us by Dutton Ranch in 1998. Its inaugural vintage, the 2001, was recompensed a Gold Medal and Best of Class for Pinot noirs at the aggressive Sonoma County Harvest Fair and the vineyard's prosperity has proceeded unabated after.

Tara Vineyard Pinot noir is on an easterly confronting slant, providing protection from immediate evening heat and sunlight. Tara Vineyard is one of a kind in our general vicinity in that its dirt sort is Huichica topsoil. Known for its capacity to generate superb grapes, Huichica dirt is a "waterway and patio" soil sort and overall happens on the eastern banks of the Russian River. This island of Huichica soil is identifiable in our vineyard by its dull charcoal shade that diverge from the encompassing browner soils.

Planted to Dijon clone 115, Tara Vineyard has been gradually brought to maturation. Irritation has been minimized to prepare products of the soil with focus and character. Some extra planting of clone 37 are additionally occurring at Tara Vineyard.

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