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We don't make wine for competitions, ratings or trends. We make the kind of wine we most like to drink at home around the dinner table with family and friends.

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Located just outside of Roseburg, Oregon.


  • Our Wine Cave is a place where guests feel genuine warmth and are treated like old friends.

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Average Bottle Price

$ 25.00


Stephen Reustle:
Given my love of motorcycles (I bought my first mini-bike with my own money at the age of 11) and adventure, my dream was to be a mechanic and own a string of gas stations. As fate would have it, I met a girl, the valedictorian of our high school class, who encouraged me to apply myself scholastically... the result was graduating summa cum laude at Rutgers University.

Strangely enough I was a teetotaler until the age of 23 when a partner at Arthur Andersen & Co, where I was employed as a CPA, insisted that I had to learn to drink socially if I ever wanted to get ahead in business.

My dad, a devout beer drinker (I believe Schlitz was his brand of choice) whose hand never held a glass of wine clearly was not going to be the partner’s idea of a wine mentor. Lucky for me a neighbor, Dr. Preece, was more than willing to take on that role. Doc’s sphere of friends were at the upper ends of society... I saw pictures of him with President Eisenhower (no kidding) and other social elites... I was impressed!!!

Doc started my wine education beginning in Spain... I can still taste my first bottle of 1966 Cune Grand Reserva. This wine got my wine collecting career started... ahh the purity of old aged Tempranillo!

To my good fortune, my marketing company took off and I began to regularly dine with CEO’s and influential clients where $100+ bottles of wine were the norm... witness the birth of one’s palate.

What was at first a perk of my business soon became a consuming passion. After selling my business, I moved my family to the West Coast to look at potential sites for a vineyard and winery. At first focusing on the Sonoma Coast... I ended up in the Umpqua Valley of Oregon.

In 2001, I purchased 200 acres in the heart of the Umpqua Valley. 40 acres of hillside (some places in excess of 35% grade) were plotted out for the vineyard. With the help of Greg Jones, Southern Oregon University Climatologist, and John Gladstone, author of Viticulture and Environment, I found 14 different varietals that would grow well at the site. One of which, Grüner Veltliner, was at the time unknown in the United States. I became the first to produce this varietal stateside with our 2005 vintage.

The love affair with Grüner Veltliner began in the 1990’s when I embarked on a motorcycle trip through the Austrian alps. It was on this trip that I first tasted the varietal... it would become my love story that would bring home Gold medals each and every year.

A self-taught winemaker, I used the first few years as the vineyard was being established to invest heavily in course materials from U.C. Davis, as well as recruiting help from top winemakers from the Willamette and Umpqua Valley. The first vintage of Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards wine became available in 2004, and substantial growth and accolades have followed.

In 2008, winemaking moved from our “carriage house” to a new state-of-the-art winery and cave built on the estate. Two years later, Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards was named 2010 Small Winery of the Year at Riverside International Wine Competition.

I and my wife Gloria and our two children live a short walk from the winery. Gloria heads up the tasting room, when not shuttling our children to soccer tournaments and volleyball games.


Stephen and Gloria Reustle moved to California from the greater New York city area to spend a year exploring wine regions that could grow world-class wine. Focusing first on the Sonoma Coast. In 2001, Stephen ended up purchasing 200 acres in the Umpqua Valley of Oregon for its climate, right soils, water access, and steep south-facing slopes... at first sight, it reminded him of the Burgundian hillsides in France.

Winemaking began in 2004 using only fruit grown from the estate. At first, winemaking began in the "carriage house" aka three-car garage. But soon the operation grew to need its own facility and in 2008 the new winery and wine cave were built. All of the hard work and expense paid off big in 2010 when the Riverside International Wine Competition recognized Reustle – Prayer Rock Vineyards as their 2010 Small Winery of the Year. This achievement was due to the diversity of wines entered into the competition, 9 of which received silver or better, and three awarded the highest medal of honor “Chairman's Gold”.

The Team

Gloria Reustle - Sales & Marketing

Wade Smith - Associate Winemaker

Logan Elizabeth Kenagy - Tasting Room Manager

Kevin Kline - Wine Educator / Events Coordinator

Kenny McGinnis - Marketing & Communications Manager

Lisa Gosciejew - Master Gardener

Kent Klahr

Michele Metcalf - Distribution Brand Manager

Tyler Roersch

Brandon Ewens

Jack Costa

Elsa Romero

Walter Reustle

Tristan Reustle

Practices & Techniques

"We will not grow beyond our ability to handcraft and manage Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards as a family. If we are dissatisfied with the quality of the fruit from a given bloc or barrel in a given year we simply won't produce the wine under our label. We will declassify it. There is no substitute for low yields, careful clonal selection viticultural and enological best practices. We are sensitive to high alcohol levels and overripe fruit flavors. We prefer wines of finesse, balance and length. We find high alcohol a detriment to the marriage of food and wine. We don't make wine for competitions, ratings or trends. We make the kind of wine we most like to drink at home around the dinner table with family and friends."

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Reustle – Prayer Rock Vineyards is located on 200 acres, a mile in from the Umpqua River, off a gravel road lined by Douglas Firs, and down a simple slope with stately views of vines, forestry, and imaginarium. It is a place where Wine Club Members frequent, recognized as old friends, tasting consistently high-quality, high-value, award-winning wines. As you walk past the rows of lavendar up to the winery & cave you may spot a few roaming chickens that have made their way from the raised bed gardens. Standing on the courtyard in front of the winery provides great views of Romancing Rock and Prayer Rock vineyard. The new Winery and Wine Tasting Cave were built in 2008, modeled after old-European architecture. On top of the cave is the observation deck and amphitheater providing great venues for music and relaxation as well as stately views of the vineyards.


Since 2009, Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards has received 247 Awards in National and International Wine Competitions.

At the 2010 Riverside International Wine competition, Reustle – Prayer Rock Vineyards achieved world-wide recognition... forty-three judges from around the U.S. evaluated 1,923 wines awarding Reustle – Prayer Rock Vineyards 'Small Winery of the Year'. Reustle received nine medals (silver or better) on its ten entries, three of which earned unanimous votes for golds. The acclaim prompted Dan Berger, Chairman of the Riverside competition, to say this about Reustle - Prayer Rock Vineyards.
"It is clear that the wines from your property are reaching heights most wine lovers cannot appreciate until they taste them. We hope this award 2010 Small Winery of the Year indicates that you are at the forefront of this quality move for the Umpqua Valley.”

At the 2012 Monterey Wine Competition, the 2010 Syrah Reserve won "Best Syrah of Competition". Our winery was also runner-up for winery of the year.

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Tue - Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


960 Cal Henry Road
Roseburg, Oregon 97471
United States

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