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Our cellar door is set amongst an array of fruit trees and grape vines grown by passionate green thumb, Chris Raidis. It is the perfect place to come for an informative tasting session or to sit in the garden and enjoy a sunny afternoon sipping wine. The garden surrounds Chris’ pride and joy – the Hojas wood oven. If you come by do ask him to tell you why it has wheels... As we are a small producer we are often out working in our vineyards. If you arrive at our cellar door outside opening hours please do not hesitate to call us and if we are around we would love to do a tasting with you.

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Raidis Estate is located on the northern edge of the Penola township in the heart of Coonawarra.



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Raϊdis Estate is the newest ‘kid’ on the Coonawarra block. Our family has lived and worked in the Coonawarra region for over forty years.

We own and operate the vineyards that produce our wines. Our vines are hand pruned and low yielding in order to produce the highest quality product possible.

Our welcoming cellar door is situated on the northern edge of Penola, within walking distance of the town centre. Do drop in and catch up with the family patriarch, Chris, or his son Steven to try one the wines in our range. You might even meet Billy, the goat who was the inspiration for the original Cabernet Sauvignon!

Blood, sweat, tears and plenty of hard work have gone into what started as a dream many years ago.

Chris moved to Australia when he was only 3 years old. The country where if you work hard enough you can achieve anything! Both his father & grandfather were market gardeners and the family always had vines and made their own wine back in the old country.

For many years the Raidis family with Chris at the helm ran the Friday night Charcoal Grill in Coonawarra – a Greek tradition that the Coonawarra locals absolutely love! To this day the Charcoal Grill gets a work out, just not as often.

26 years ago he planted the vines that now go into “Billy” the Raidis signature Cabernet Sauvignon.

Steven, Chris’ son, planted the southern vineyard 12 years ago with the idea of a family wine label. This vineyard includes 6 acres of each – Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Riesling, Pinot Gris & Shiraz.

Chris was not surprised when Steven said he wanted to start producing wine. It is in his blood.

While a family wine label had always been the dream it wasnt until Emma (Steven's wife) came along that the cellar door was opened. Steven & Emma run Raidis Estate wines with the generous support (in all forms) from Chris & Fran.

Our family has a vision that Raidis Estate wines will be enjoyed by people from all walks of life with good food and good friends. The cellar door will incorporate this philosophy with a resurgence of the famous Coonawarra Charcoal Grill and Wood Oven opening for special occasions so that great food can be enjoyed alongside our quality wine.

The Team

Steven Raidis: Stevo is the Boss

Emma Raidis: Does all the work

Chris Raidis: Chris is the green thumb - grapes, roses, fruit, you name it he grows it! You'll find Chris is happiest in the vineyard or at the cellar door tending to his fruit colony.

Fran Raidis: Fran is our resident book worm. You won’t very often see her but it should be known that the place would surely fall apart without her.

Practices & Techniques

Our winemaking goals are simple. We strive to make the best quality wines possible that truly represent us and our vineyards. Our wines are a direct reflection of their vineyard and the season in which they were grown. There are a thousand little decisions that go into crafting each wine, and we aim to keep our production small enough so that we can make all those decisions; and by doing so, year after year, we develop a consistent style that transcends all our wines. To that end, we have a few principles that guide our winemaking:


We believe you can only make great wines from exceptional quality grapes. For this reason, we cane prune our vines by hand. This allows for good air circulation and a well-balanced canopy, maximising fruit quality whilst minimising spray frequency.

We hand select our fruit to ensure only the best grapes make it to the winery. As part of our aim to be as sustainable as possible we allow our goats into the vineyards after hand selection to eat the remaining grapes. This helps to keep the vineyard clean, minimising disease pressure in the growing season. The goats eat grass & weeds during the winter so that we do not need to spray or slash during this period.

We spend countless hours and years in the vineyards. Becoming intimately familiar with our vineyards, and making subtle adjustments to address the season, and our long-term goals.


Over the years we’ve planted varieties that are well suited to our cool climate and diverse soils. We don’t make wines from what is fashionable or popular, but what we think will make great wine from those sites, (and of course what we like to drink!)


We strive to make fruit-driven, food-friendly wines that reflect the vineyard. We believe the balance between fruit, acid, oak, tannin, and texture is essential to our wines.


We do not make our wines by formula. We make hand-crafted wines from single vineyards that express the variation of each growing season. Although we strive to be consistent from year-to-year, we think vintage variation is part of what makes wine special.

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Mon: 12:00 – 6:00 pm Thur Sun: 12:00 – 6:00 pm


15741 Riddoch Highway
Penola, South Australia 5277

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