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Quivira Estate Vineyards and Winery enjoys a beautiful location and produces award-winning wines including Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, and their proprietary Dry Creek Blend, Elusive. The courtyard is a perfect place for a picnic and offers splendid views of the vineyards and the Dry Creek Valley.

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Location in the heart of the scenic Dry Creek Valley, California.


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  • Produce fine wines.

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In 2010, Hugh Chappelle joined Quivira as head winemaker, bringing a wealth of experience in crafting artisan California wines. Our overarching winemaking goal continues to be to craft truly distinctive wines that reflect their origin. We passionately believe in proactive organic and Biodynamic farming as the best way to achieve this goal.


Named in honor of this mythical realm, the small, family-owned Quivira Vineyards & Winery was founded in 1981 by Holly and Henry Wendt. Decades later, in the spring of 2006, Pete and Terri Kight purchased the winery from the Wendts, shaking hands on the purchase after just the second meeting. The Kights were captivated by the winery's idyllic setting at the confluence of Wine Creek and Dry Creek and with its historical significance in the evolution of grape growing and winemaking in Dry Creek Valley. They were also struck by Henry's vision for better wine through better vineyard management, using Biodynamic and organic farming techniques-a focus that mirrored their goal of creating a balanced estate capable of producing genuinely world-class wines.

The Kights quickly installed Steven Canter - who trained in Italy, South Africa and Australia and who shared their fervent belief in proactive vineyard management - as Quivira's winemaker. They went on to make significant changes to the winery and the existing vineyards, all with a focus on making world-class wine. Canter began managing the vineyards by the plant and block rather than by the acre, tripling plant density and dropping up to 60 percent of the grape clusters during the growing season to improve fruit saturation. He moved some blocks from cordon trellising to more labor intensive head training for the vines, and he reoriented the vineyard crew to farm for maximum quality rather than quantity. Quivira also acquired additional high elevation vineyards and a 100-year-old Zinfandel vineyard in Dry Creek to add another dimension of fruit structure to the winemaker's palette.

The Team

Pete Kight, Proprietor:

"While my experience in technology has been interesting and rewarding, it remains that at the end of the day I don't have anything I can hold in my hands to feel, taste, or even really see. With an estate winery one literally has the chance to sink your hands into the soil from the wine's conception. You have my commitment that we will continue to invest ourselves, from vineyard to winery, in making the very best wines to reflect the unique character of this amazing Dry Creek Valley estate. From the earth in the vineyard, to the grapes on the vine, to the blend in the bottle, every step is a hands-on commitment. This is a true passion."
---- Pete Kight, Proprietor October 2006

Pete Kight was the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CheckFree Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia from 1981 to 2007 when it was acquired by Fiserv. He is currently Vice Chairman of Fiserv and serves on the Board of Directors. Founded in 1981 from an initial vision to provide electronic funds transfer services, CheckFree expanded into a leading global provider of technology services and infrastructures that enabled the electronic movement and management of personal and business finances. Pete is a member of the Board of Directors of Thunder Bay Foundation-Children's Educational Charities and the USA Track & Field Foundation.
Pete Kight's life-long interest in wine and the science of grape growing led him on a quest for just the right vineyards and winery location. In the spring of 2006, Pete met Henry and Holly Wendt, the founders of Quivira. He was immediately captivated by the winery's location at the confluence of Wine Creek and Dry Creek, with its historical significance in the evolution of grape growing and winemaking in Dry Creek Valley. He was also struck by Henry's vision for better wine through better vineyard management, using Biodynamic and organic farming techniques. As an avid fly fisherman and Trout Unlimited member, Pete learned of the Wine Creek restoration project which even more affirmed his decision that he was in the right place. He and Henry shook hands on the purchase after just the second meeting. Pete quickly installed Steven Canter - a winemaker who shared his fervent belief in proactive vineyard management as the first key to exceptional wine - as Quivira's winemaker.

Along with making significant changes to both the winery and the existing vineyards, Pete acquired additional vineyards high in the Dry Creek coastal hillsides, and a farm-lease on a 100 year old Zinfandel vineyard - all part of the plan for creating extraordinary vineyards yielding extraordinary wines.
Since purchasing the winery and vineyards in the summer of 2006, Pete has rallied the Quivira team around a strong sense of purpose. The collective Quivira family shares an entrepreneurial spirit and mutual understanding of how a sustainable, holistic approach to growing grapes can yield, in the end, truly distinctive wines.

Terri Kight - Proprietor:

"It is 9am in the Dry Creek Valley and I'm standing at the far edge of the back porch at our house on the hillside overlooking Quivira's Wine Creek vineyards. As the sun rises further above the Mayacamas ridge, it is melting away the last of the morning fog. Across the 3 acres of Block 13 Zinfandel below me, I can see Ali and Preston at work in the four-year-old Block 15 Mourvedre, working with the vineyard crew as they move methodically down the rows-I pause to watch Ali and Pres put down the footprints, and the sweat, of family in the vineyards. I am struck by the simple beauty of this marvelous place."
----Terri Kight, Proprietor, July 2008

Terri Kight is an architect by training, having received her Masters in Architecture from Ohio State. She worked in commercial interior and architectural design for a decade, before deciding to concentrate full time on family after the birth of her and Pete's second child. Terri also chose to invest her time and resources into community, and is a member of the Board of Directors of The Boys and Girls Club, and Woodward Academy. She is also Managing Director of a charitable foundation committed to providing education and opportunity for underprivileged youth.

Terri's interest in wine closely aligns with her background in art. As an avid painter, she is captivated by the various ways in which artistic expression appears in the world of wine. Her pursuit of a deeper understanding of how artistic expression manifests itself in wine led her to acquire a CSW-Certified Specialist of Wine. As a mother, she is committed to seeing that the family is invested in the winery with personal commitment, working the vineyards and winery during school breaks. As a businessperson, Terri is an integral part of the winery's brand development effort. She leads distribution management in select markets, and promotional events in the Eastern United States.

Drawing on her background in architecture, Terri recently led a project to build out guest quarters at Quivira on Wine Creek Ranch adjacent to the family home. Through her efforts, Terri has created a unique opportunity for industry management doing business with Quivira and Wine Creek to experience "the simple beauty of this marvelous place."

Practices & Techniques

Wine is agricultural product - crafted entirely through farming. We believe that the full potential of the fruit - and therefore the wine - is present when the grape comes off the vine. The choices that Hugh and his team make in the cellar may make an impact on how well we capture that potential, but the full potential of the fruit to make an outstanding wine is either there at harvest time or it isn't.

As a "winegrower" - Hugh Chappelle is out in the field all season long, making decisions with his team (including Vineyard Manager Ned Horton) that will ultimately be revealed in the finished wine. Unfortunately, at many wineries, it is more common for winemakers to begin their relationship with the fruit when it arrives at the winery. That's like the difference between a chef that grows his own produce and herbs in the garden vs. one that purchases a product that they have no connection to.

Our role is to shepherd the wine - the way an archaeologist reveals what's really there by brushing away the dirt. Rather than an ego-driven approach of 'here's our style' and using clever tricks to manipulate the grapes, we aim to reveal. Once the grapes reach the winery, winemaking processes are very minimal; we generally don't use commercial yeasts or bacteria and we use very little new oak.

Our commitment to farming Biodynamically is an integral part of that: we believe this is the best way to truly capture the terroir in the glass. Closed-circuit farming does not dilute the voice of the vineyard - everything that comes from the vineyard goes back to the vineyard. When wine lovers taste our wines, the vibrancy and purity of our wines is immediately apparent to them - they resonate purely on the palate. When this happens, we feel we have been truly successful in what we do.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

The Quivira estate comprises four distinct vineyards within the Dry Creek AVA which is located just to the north of the Russian River AVA in Sonoma County. The estate has a total of just under 93 acres of vines. In addition to Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc, Quivira grows several Rhone varieties such as Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre. Winemaker Hugh Chappelle has also recently started experimenting with a small amount of rare varieties, such as Couniose and Montepulciano, which he believes will thrive in the Dry Creek Valley. Chappelle works closely with Quivira's vineyard crew to capture the truest expression of each varietal from Quivira's vineyards.

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Open daily from 11:00 am-5:00 pm.


4900 West Dry Creek Road
Healdsburg, California 95448
United States

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