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We are truly one of Napa Valley's secret wineries. Our tiny winery is home to six vineyard designated Cabernet Sauvignons from vineyards that our family farms in the Napa Valley. We are one of only a handful of eight generation Napa Valley farming families. Our great-great grandfather Bluford Stice led a wagon train to the Napa Valley in 1856 from Missouri. His son Lafayette Stice was a leader in the wine industry of Napa Valley at the turn of the twentieth century. Today we also run one of the Napa Valley's most respected vineyard management companies, while also farming some exceptional vineyards for ourselves!

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Perched above the Silverado Trail east of Rutherford.


  • Producers of Superior Cabernet Sauvignons from the best vineyards in Napa Valley.

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The Piña Brothers family’s paternal history includes grandparents who left Malaga, Spain in 1911 to work in Hawaii for promises of gold and land and subsequently came to California where they settled on a farm in Rutherford in the 1920s.The grandfather of the current generation of Piñas owned a vineyard on the Silverado Trail near the Piña Napa Valley winery.

The Piña Brothers family’s maternal side of the family has been making its home in the Napa Valley since 1856 when their progenitor Bluford Stice led a wagon train into the valley from Missouri. The Piñas’ great-great-grandfather Bluford Stice’s son Lafayette was a farmer and winemaker, owning vineyards where Stice Lane is today, just south of St. Helena; he was a leader in the wine industry of Napa Valley at the turn of the twentieth century as the winemaker at Inglenook Winery.

The Piñas’ great-grandfather Charles Glos homesteaded on Howell Mountain in the 1880s, almost in sight of the Buckeye Vineyard: their children literally walked 6 miles to school in St. Helena. Charles’s son Charles married Mabel Stice, Lafayette’s daughter and settled in Rutherford owning vineyards where Glos Lane is today.

Their father was the vineyard manager for a property which are today the Plump Jack and Rudd properties. On the side, he had clients for whom he managed their vineyards and by 1960 he went out on his own, opening John Piña Jr. & Sons. At that time vineyard and winery owners wanted ‘clean’ fruit which met primarily only the Brix requirements of a given winery. You grew as many grapes as you could, getting them as ripe as possible. This approach held true through the 1960s, where reps from wineries would only appear at harvest time and not visit the vineyards during the rest of the year. By the early 1970s the wineries became more involved and their requirements became more complex; by the late 1970s, the Piñas saw big-winery winemakers visiting their vineyards quarterly and today the family now participates with these winemakers in making all the important viticultural decisions throughout the growing season. They have seen the parameters for grapes become much more stringent and much less quantity-oriented. The grapes the family has farmed have changed in these decades also—in the 1960s they were farming Alicante, Petite Syrah, Palomino, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Vert, which are seldom seen today. Fundamentally the Piñas now are masters of a huge universe of complex variables--- soil, rootstock, clones, trellises, water and more.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

In 1996 we bought a 8.0 acre property on top of Howell Mountain which we now call “Buckeye.” With a southwest exposure, 5.97 acres are planted with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon in 5x8 and 4x4 spacing stretching across the different contours of the vineyard. The vineyard extends across a partially terraced hillside and a protected natural bowl and the slopes vary, going up to 18% in some places. This vineyard is almost within sight of a ranch homesteaded by our greatgrandfather Charles Glos in the 1880s. The vineyard is farmed sustainably with owl houses and raptor perches. Cover crops include Rose clover, Crimson clover and Blando brome. There is quite a diversity of soils within the vineyard, from Aiken loam to Boomer Forward Felta Complex. Our first release from Buckeye was the 2000 vintage.

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Daily: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


8060 Silverado Trail
Rutherford, California 94558
United States

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