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We use time-honored methods in a modern tradition to bring each wine to fruition at its own speed. The resulting wines show elegant structure, yet don't hold back on flavor. Ultimately, the results can best be appreciated in your glass.

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Located in the heart of San Rafael, California


  • Dedication To Fine Napa Valley and Russian River Valley Wine.

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Daniel Moore and Jeff Morgan are co-winemakers for Peter Paul. Together they have accumulated nearly 50 years in the wine industry, and their diverse professional background offers them a unique perspective from many different angles.

Based in the Russian River Valley, Daniel has made wine for a number of noteworthy wineries such as Martinelli and Lynmar. He was the founding winemaker for both wineries and worked at the latter for over a decade. In the mid-1990s, Daniel's excellent Lynmar Chardonnay and Pinot Noir led then-Wine Spectator editor Jeff Morgan to investigate just what it was that made Daniel's wines taste so good. That’s when the duo originally met. Jeff left journalism to embark on his own winemaking career after the new millennium.

Today the two winemakers operate M Squared Wine Consultants. Daniel also produces Russian River Valley wines under his ZMOR label. Jeff, who lives in Napa Valley, makes wine under his Covenant banner.

The Team


When he was just old enough to drink wine, Peter Paul was introduced to a few bottles of great Burgundy while still living in his native New Hampshire. It was a revelation. Soon after, sometime in the early 1960s, his father purchased a case of the famous Chateau d’Yquem on sale at $10 a bottle. He shared some with Peter. Not surprisingly, these seminal moments led to a lifetime interest in fine wine.

A job in the financial services industry brought the vintner-to-be to southern California in 1975. Two years later, Peter “escaped”, as he puts it, to northern California, living close to Napa and Sonoma counties. He was able to regularly visit his father, who was now living in Napa, and who gave him a feel for the wine country lifestyle. Of course, this was mostly on weekends. During the week, Peter founded Headlands Mortgage in 1986. It became one of the premier wholesale lending institutions in the country, specializing in originating, selling, securitizing and servicing residential mortgage loans. After leading Headlands through a successful IPO (NASD-HDLD) in February 1998, Peter negotiated its merger with GreenPoint Financial in 1999.

Peter became Vice Chairman of GreenPoint Financial (NYSE- GPT) and President and CEO of GreenPoint Mortgage. In 2003 he opened Paul Financial LLC. Paul Financial, LLC was a mortgage loan banking company from 2003 until 2007.

Today, Peter is the CEO of Headlands Asset Management LLC, an investment management company he founded in 2008. In addition, he is the owner of West Biofuels, a research and development venture, and Peter Paul Wines, which sources grapes from select vineyards in both Napa and Sonoma counties. He is also Chairman of The Headlands Foundation, a non-profit organization he founded in 1995.

Most recently, Peter made a significant donation to his alma mater, the University of New Hampshire, to build the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, currently under construction and scheduled to open in January 2013. Details of the opening party to follow.


Jessica’s longstanding love of agriculture and ranching is a passion that extends to viticulture and wine. With her father, Peter, she holds the reins at Peter Paul Wines and represents the winery in her travels across the nation. Like her dad, she remains committed to wine as a way of giving back to the community through charity.

Jessica is also currently earning her Masters Degree in Sports Psychology. And she is on the board of directors for Leaps and Bounds Equine Facilitated Therapy Center (EFTC), dedicated to improving participants’ neuromuscular control, balance, and motor skills through horseback riding in a fun and recreational environment.

Practices & Techniques

The pursuit of fine wine requires an understanding of the vineyards from which grapes are sourced, a respect for the hand that nature deals us each vintage, and an understanding of how best to highlight natural terroir through minimal handling and other fermentation techniques in the cellar. At Peter Paul, we bring in California Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the Pacific-cooled Russian River Valley. We also harvest Cabernet Sauvignon in California's eponymous Napa Valley. And we make a very small amount of Oregon Pinot Noir as well.

Each vineyard source has its own distinct character that requires special attention in the field as well as in the cellar. We barrel ferment our Chardonnay to best integrate plush fruit with toasty oak. Pinot Noir is punched down in open-top tanks by hand in a traditional Burgundian manner. Our Cabernet is gently crushed and then pumped over to maintain a firm, yet elegant, tannin structure. Barrel aging for all our wines occurs exclusively in French oak.

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