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The cellar door at The Pasquale Kurow Winery offers the full wine and food lover's experience. Based just outside the township of Kurow, with a backdrop of snow-tipped mountains and the frosty blue Waitaki River, even the drive to the winery is a sight to behold. Once inside, you will find an inviting, warm atmosphere and friendly locals. A selection of Pasquale and Kurow Village wines are available for tasting. Or, if you prefer, sit down for a coffee, light meal, lunch or dinner. The entire Pasquale and Kurow Village ranges of wines are available for purchase at the cellar door.

Location Description

You can locate the Pasquale Kurow Winery in the far north of Otago, nestled in the Waitaki Valley, surrounded by the beautiful Southern Alps.


  • First winery in the Waitaki Valley.

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It began in 2004 when Antonio and his wife Stefania made the decision to take a section of merino farm in the remote Hakataramea Valley and plant it into a vineyard.

This was the first of many difficult steps towards a particular goal: "Dry farmland can be seen and transformed," Antonio explains, "It is challenging, but it is creating new tastes of wine in New Zealand."

Initially, the classic aromatic grape varieties were planted: Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Cabernet Sauvignon and others. However, after that first year, it would turn out that nearly all of these vines would have to be ripped out to make room for different, and hopefully more successful, experiments.

Over the early years, Pasquale would experiment with an enormous range of different varieties, probing the land to discover which vines would react best to this unique terroir. As a result, the Pasquale Kurow Winery now produces an extensive range of wines, spanning some nine different successful grape varieties, and even more promising varieties, such as the Malvasia Bianca, getting closer to producing fruit for their first vintage.

By 2006 it was time to expand and plant a new vineyard, this time a little closer to civilisation: near the town of Kurow in the neighboring Waitaki Valley. And with the Waitaki Vineyard came the region's first winery in 2007, the Pasquale Kurow Winery.

Practices & Techniques

The ideology of Pasquale is to swim against the tide. The company has never been in the game of making things easy.

When people are demanding standardised wines that taste like lollies from the dairy, Pasquale is making wines mean. This intentionally polarises the consumer; someone who enjoys Pasquale wines will love them for everything unique that they offer.

Each wine is a provocation: the Pinot Noirs are big, but lean; it is impossible to ignore the extreme dryness of the Gewürztraminers; the Passito has a high level of sweetness, but cut with a streak of crispness.

Each wine changes as it matures, crafted with a high Total Acidity to give it endurance. Even the white wines are designed to perform at three to four years of age, in a time where the market demands something to be instantly consumed, like a can of cola.

And each vintage produces something different: no two Pasquale Pinot Gris will taste alike, as each one reflects the events of the year that shaped it. There is something fundamentally wrong with a homogenised wine that is exactly the same from year to year. That is not art, but rather the production of factory and chemical process.

The Pasquale label itself was designed by conceptual artist and typosoph Ecke Bonk, to reflect the core values of the wines. The numbers and physics behind it are designed to attract minds. Someone who will take the time to read a philosophical work three or four times in an attempt to truly understand it, is the same sort of person who will try a wine again and again, each time understanding something more about its depth.

The black star is a representation of the Golden Ratio, Φ (phi), an often naturally occurring ratio that underlies many mathematical and physical patterns, such as the Fibonacci sequence.

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Everyday 10am - 5pm. from Mid Spring to Early Autumn. Wine sales, Tastings and Lunch. Monday to Friday 10am - 4 pm. during Winter. Wine sales only.


5292 Kurow-Duntroon Road
Waitaki, Otago 9494
New Zealand

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