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If you've never drunk Italian before, buy our wines online and introduce your palate to the flavours and aromas of Italian varieties and taste the Italian difference for yourself. If you don't drink the whole bottle just screw the cap back on and it will keep in the fridge for a week. You will never need a corkscrew again!

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Located in the heart of Uraidla, South Australia.


  • Producing highly acclaimed Australian wines.

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We produce highly acclaimed Australian wines from Italian vines in our Uraidla vineyard in the Piccadilly Valley in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia which we established in 1998.

Practices & Techniques

We respect our environment, using minimal irrigation, introduced beneficial insects for pest control, and netting for protection from birds. We have planted flowering plants in the vineyard rows to provide food for beneficial insects. All our vines are cared for by hand, from planting to shoot positioning, picking and pruning. Our wines are all made personally by Andrew Cottell in our winery alongside the vineyard.

We are licensed to crush 15 tonnes of grapes each vintage, so have only small quantities of each of our unique wines.

We don't buy grapes to supplement our production, we don't make wine for other people, we don't have our wines made under contract for us by another winery. Each of our wines is unique for us as well as for you.

Our winemaking philosophy is to conserve flavours and aromas nurtured in the vineyard. We don't use new oak barrels for red wine maturation that can mask subtle flavours and aromas with excessive wood characters. This makes our wines easy to drink earlier and allows further flavour and aroma development with bottle age.

We use screw caps instead of corks to eliminate any chance of a good wine being ruined by cork taint or bottle variation. Our wines will keep fresh longer for your enjoyment. Describing the taste of wine is a difficult and personal experience. The main thing is to enjoy it.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Our sunny exposed site was chosen for its suitability for the Italian vines we wanted to plant. As these vines and our new introductions mature, our wines will reflect the unique terroir of our Australian site.

Our steep vineyard is at an altitude of 550 metres with an annual rainfall of 1100 mm and a mean January temperature of 19.5 degrees centigrade with a long growing season. The warm days and cool nights produce and conserve full fruit flavours and gentle tannins in our grapes which are harvested April/May.

Great wines start with great grapes in the vineyard. For this reason we consulted with Dr Alberto Antonini, a well respected viticulturalist and wine maker from Italy, during the early development of our vineyard to ensure we maximised the full potential of our Italian vines.

The warm days and cool nights of the Adelaide Hills produce and conserve full fruit flavours and gentle tannins in our grapes which are hand picked in April and May.

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Mon - Fri: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm


14 Parish Hill Rd
Uraidla , South Australia 5142

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