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At Page Springs Cellars, our goal is to create delicious wines that express the unique character of our landscape. We trust that our wines and wine making convey our philosophies concerning family, education and living life to its fullest. We believe to make great wine we must take just as much responsibility for the lands we steward as the community we live in. We feel strongly that growing grapes, making wine and raising a glass is a cultural ritual that fosters friendship, brings together families, and unites communities. Good wine is not strictly the esoteric fare of nobility: Wine is for the people. We desire to share our passion and interest in wine with everyone from the first time sipper to the seasoned enthusiast. Providing academic and hands on experiences are a big part of this desire to help people expand and trust their own senses. Land, grapes, wine, friends, family, education and fulfillment. Wine is within everyone’s reach!!!

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Located in sunny Cornville, Arizona.


  • We have a wine centered philosophy. The market is not driving our winemaking, quality is.

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Eric Glomski


The creation of our wines starts with the finest Arizona grapes; from our Estate Vineyard in the Verde Valley to the southeast corner of the state, Page Springs collaborates with several vineyards in varying locations and climates on a quest to secure quality fruit to make wines that are an expression of these places.

From the foothills of the Chiricahua Mountains to Oak Creek slicing its way around House Mountain

Practices & Techniques

We farm our grapes without the use of petro-chemicals. Our fertility program centers on encouraging and sustaining a healthy and productive soil ecosystem. We use cover crops and animal manures and stay away from industrial, chemical insecticides and herbicides. In addition to our commitment to our land, we feel this approach produces cleaner, healthier and tastier grapes.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Our Estate Vineyard was planted in the spring of 2004 – seven years after our winemaker, Eric Glomski, first fell in love with this site. Glomski and his family purchased the land in late 2003 when it finally came up for sale.

Nestled along the banks of Sedona’s famous Oak Creek and on the lower flanks of House Mountain volcano, this site is truly unique. Sandy, clay-loam overlays a matrix of basaltic clasts (chunks of extruded volcanic rock) that are cemented by calcareous (chalky, alkaline, limestone-like) sediments derived from a larger geologic structure called the Verde formation. The subsoils here are alkaline (much like the limestone of the Southern Rhône and Burgundy). These soils will contribute character to our grapes and their alkalinity tempers the vigor of our aggressive Rhône varietals.

We have planted the following varietals at this site:
Syrah clone 383 – from Hermitage, France on the rootstock 1103P (planted in 2004)
Petite Sirah – Shell Creek Clone on rootstock 110R and 1103P (planted in 2004)
Grenache 1A – on rootstock 1103P (planted in 2009)
Traminette – on its own roots (planted in 2011)
Seyval Blanc – on its own roots (planted in 2011)

Generally speaking, we have a Mediterranean climate here in Page Springs. The bulk of our rain comes in the winter. Summers are generally hot and dry. Although summer temperatures can reach the high nineties (and in certain years they can pass one hundred), our summer highs are generally in the low 90s. Luckily, we also have up to a 40 degree fluctuation from day to night, which is critical for the development of flavors and other grape components that are critical to making fine wine.


Best Arizona Winery 2014

2012 Arizona Republic Wine Competition

Growers Cup medals awarded in the third annual Arizona Republic wine competition honored wines made in Arizona using grapes grown in Arizona. Winemakers medals won in the competition recognized wines made in Arizona using grapes grown anywhere. Judges awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in each category.

Growers Cup: Gold Medal, Rose Wines – 2011 La Flor Rosa
Winemakers Medal: Gold Medal, Red Wines – 2011 Hames Valley Petite Sirah

Wines of Distinction:
2010 Arizona Stronghold Vineyard Chardonnay
2010 Estate Vineyards Petite Sirah
2011 La Serrana
2011 Vino de la Familia
Judges Favorite:
Noelle DuPont, certified specialist of wine, division manager, Southern Wine and Spirits of Arizona: 2011 La Flor Rosa

2012 Sunset International Wine Competition

Judges at the Sunset International Wine Competition tasted through more than 2,800 entries from the United States and around the world at the 2012 competition. Conducted by 51 of the most respected wine experts in the country, 61 wines were named Best in Class while 283 Gold Medals, 566 Silver Medals and 567 Bronze Medals were awarded. Page Springs Cellars is proud to announce the following wins from the 2012 competition!

Silver Medal, 2010 Landscape
Bronze Medal, 2010 Colibri Mourvedre

2012 San Francisco International Wine Competition
Judges tasted more than 4,500 wines from over 1,300 wineries at this year’s San Francisco International Wine Competition. Page Springs Cellars took home three medals from the 2012 competition.

Silver Medal – 2010 Colibri Syrah, Clone 99
Silver Medal – 2010 El Serrano
Bronze Medal – 2010 La Serrana

2012 Dallas Morning News & TexSom Wine Competition

This year, judges in The Dallas Morning News and TexSom Wine Competition sampled more than 3,200 wines from around the world. Page Springs Cellars was awarded one of just 172 gold medals given in the competition.

Gold Medal - 2010 El Serrano
Bronze Medal – 2010 La Serrana
Bronze Medal – 2010 Colibri Mourvedre

2011 Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition

Out of over 630 wines judged, Page Springs Cellars took home 2 of the 22 Jefferson Cups awarded, among several other prestigious awards!

Jefferson Cup Winner – 2010 Page Springs Colibri Vineyards Mourvedre

Jefferson Cup Winner – 2010 Page Springs El Serrano

Gold Medal Award of American Excellence, Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition - 2010 Page Springs Estate Vineyard Landscape

Gold Medal Award of American Excellence, Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition - 2010 La Serrana

Silver Medal Award of Merit, Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition – 2010 Graham County Pinot Noir

Silver Medal Award of Merit, Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition – 2010 Page Springs Estate Vineyard Petite Sirah

2011 Arizona Republic Wine Competition

Growers Cup
Gold Medal, Rosé Wines – 2010 La Flor Rosa

Winemakers Medal
Bronze Medal, Red Wines – 2010 Vino de la Familia

Judges Mention
2010 El Serrano
2009 ECIPS
2010 Pinot Noir
2010 Vino del Barrio
2010 Vino del la Familia Blanca

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