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Omero Cellars is a small family owned vineyard and winery producing small quantities of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in the northern Willamette Valley of Oregon. Our winemaking philosophy is, above all else, to be adaptable. We value the insight and understanding of the art and science of winemaking that is gained from working with and learning from the fruit. Our goal with every vintage has been and will be to understand the textures, flavors, smells and behaviors of the fruit that we farm. We attempt to utilize the absolute minimum possible amount of intervention in and/or manipulation of the fermentation and aging of the wine while still producing something that we genuinely love to drink. We understand and appreciate the fact that the enjoyment of a wine is an incredibly subjective thing, no two palates are the same, even within our own family.

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Located in Oregon’s northern Willamette Valley.


  • Our ultimate goal is to translate the language of the soil, the sky and the fruit and let it tell a different story to everyone who enjoys it.

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Established in 2009, the Omero Vineyard is located at 19486 NE Ribbon Ridge Road, in the heart of the Ribbon Ridge AVA and has 26 acres planted on Willakenzie type soils- 22 acres of Pinot Noir (clones include- Pommard, Wädenswil, 113, 114 and 115) and 4 acres of Pinot Gris. The estate is farmed consciously with the health and natural cycle of the vineyard and its ecosystem in mind with a focus on maintaining the natural bio-diversity of the land through minimal intervention, native cover crops and the integration of livestock. We are proud and honored to make and share Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay from our estate vineyard and from select vineyards throughout the valley.

The focus of Omero Cellars is to understand and appreciate the subjectivity of a wine’s enjoyment, and to do our best to translate the language of the soil, the sky and the fruit; allowing it to tell a different story to everyone who experiences it. The goal with every vintage has been and will be to understand the textures, flavors, scents and behaviors of the fruit that we farm and through minimal intervention, allow the wines to express their sense of place while maintaining elegance and balance.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

We love Oregon and we are proud to be making wines from within what we think of as the jewel of the Willamette Valley, the Ribbon Ridge AVA. Our 26 acre estate vineyard is set in this, the smallest AVA in the Willamette Valley. At only 3.5 miles long and 1.75 miles wide it produces some of the state’s most unique and most recognizable wines because of its distinctive geography, climate and soil. A slightly warmer climate than the rest of the Willamette Valley, due in part to the geographical features surrounding it, provides Ribbon Ridge region with ideal growing conditions for Pinot Noir with long growing season and perfect ripening for the grapes. The primarily sedimentary soils are part of the Willakenzie soil series which are know for low fertility and excellent drainage, both important factors in growing world class Pinot Noir. Aside from all of this, there is something indescribably special about this place and these wines. We couldn’t help but move here, embrace all it has to offer and work to share it with others.

The topography of our property consists of the gently sloping ridge crests and steep side slopes of Ribbon Ridge. The vineyard itself, which was planted in 2009, is mostly South, Southwest and Southeast facing at elevations of 350 to 550 ft. above sea level. 22 acres are planted to the Pinot Noir clones of Pommard, Wädenswil, Dijon 113, 114 and 115 and to four acres Pinot Gris clones 146 and 152.

Without compromise we strive towards developing a symbiotic relationship between the vineyard and ourselves. We meticulously observe seasons and place equal importance on the effects they have on the vines and their macroclimates in order to understand and nurture the characteristics that make our site and its fruit truly one of a kind. We utilize organic farming practices with a focus on maintaining the natural bio-diversity of the land through minimal intervention, absence of irrigation, cover crops and livestock such as our flock of sheep.

Our vineyard truly is our home; we live here, play here, love here and grow here. We have put our heart into caring for it. Making it stronger and more vital is part of every farming decision we make. The fruit that comes from the land is precious to us and a key element in to making great wine. The land that fruit comes from is equally as precious to us and we treat it as such.

In short we love everything about growing wine grapes here in Oregon and will always strive to do it with the diligence, care and humor that it requires.

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Thursday-Sunday, 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM


213 N Yamhill St (HWY 47)
Carlton, Oregon 97111
United States

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