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Native Flora is a small, secluded vineyard and winery hidden high in the famed Dundee Hills. Founded in 2005, we strive to produce premium estate wines in limited quantities for people who enjoy great wine, a good laugh, natural beauty and a more personal wine experience. Despite the inherent exclusivity of our diminutive size, we remain down to earth, hospitable, and enthusiastic about sharing our chosen path in life. It is highly likely that one or both of the proprietors will be on hand to host your visit. Our aim is to enlist you not just as a customer, but as a new friend and fellow enthusiast of good wines and places. Again, welcome!

Location Description

Located in the heart of Dundee, Oregon.


  • Enjoy a novel, memorable, and intimate wine escape.

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$ 50.00


The earth, the vineyard, the people, the flora and fauna, the buildings, the rain – everything that exists on our 33 acre site – work in harmony to grow great grapes, and produce fine wine. Our entire wine life, from farming to sales is rooted in intelligent integration. When you set foot upon the estate, you have literally walked into that life.

Surrounded on three sides by forest and open sky on the fourth, the physical site is a haven from bustle, and a setting for stunning vistas. Our home, winery and tasting venues are all unified into one surprising structure and endeavor. The vineyard supplies geothermal heat and cooling to our facility, and in return, the facility captures, filters and stores rainwater for the vines. The preserved biodiversity affords natural protection from pests and disease. Our Babydoll sheep mow the vineyard, prune and fertilize the vines, and occasionally pester visitors for that highly coveted head scratch.

Practices & Techniques

Sustainability, as a concept or aspiration, falls short in our estimation. We prefer “improvability” – operating in a manner that each year improves the quality growing capability of our farm. Improvability relies heavily on a deep, abiding respect for experimentation and innovation, and a natural mistrust of “known fact”.

One visit to Native Flora should convince anyone that conventional rules and wisdom are regarded as not much more than tepid guidelines or suggestions. This doesn’t mean that convention is incorrect; it simply means that we often break the rules in favor of experimentation, challenge, innovation or preference. It also means we are willing to spend a little more money, forgo some extra profit, or simply be wrong in order to explore or pursue an ideal.

When we began developing our site, we were besieged with conventional rules. We chose to break lots of them right out of the gate. Sitting on 1.5 acres of south-facing Jory, (the absolute best vineyard terroir we have) mature firs with a few interspersed majestic oaks swayed in the breeze. Conventional wisdom said cut down the trees, sell the timber, use the money to help pay for the vineyard development costs and expand your plantable acreage. All very true.

But we liked the mini-forest at the edge of the vineyard, we liked the birds and resident raptors, we loved the big oak now overhanging Block 1. So we trimmed back the edges of the forest, thinned the trees to improve their health, cleaned out the underbrush and produced a little park for everyone and everything to enjoy. It does mean we miss out on about 3 tons of beautiful pinot each year. But that’s OK at Native Flora, since it improves the quality of life here for us and everyone and everything that visits.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Zone 1: The Tuition Blocks (1-5), as you can guess from their name, were the first plantings. They are the southern most blocks, at highest elevation, divided across Jory and Nekia soils. Pinot Noir clones 777, Wadenswil, 828, and 115 along with Pinot Blanc 7 are grafted onto RG and 101-14 rootstocks. They are the backbone of our current releases.

Zone 2: The Sparkling Blocks (6-8), are primarily used in our Rose and Sparkling production. They are our central blocks, slightly lower in elevation, and planted in predominantly Saum soils. These 667 Pinot Noir clones are a bold experiment for us; they grow in a north facing bowl whose aspect is contrary to conventional wisdom. We aim for moderate sugars and crisp acidity to support our limited sparkling production which will see its first release in 2014.

Zone 3: The Terraces (9-16) have just begun planting in 2014. They will be home to our heritage Pinot Noir clones like Jackson and Mt. Eden, Chardonnay, more Pinot Blanc, and maybe some heretical Malbec. These northern most blocks sit at our lowest elevations, and include Jory, Nekia, Ritner, Goodin, Saum, Gelderman, and Dupee soils. The lower pond in this zone is spring fed year round, and has been stocked with young bass.

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Open by appointment only.


11812 NE Worden Hill Rd
Dundee, Oregon 97132
United States

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