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As pioneers in the California wine industry, the Mirassou family was the first to bring Pinot Noir to the United States. Mirassou Winery continues to use the best grapes from California’s most acclaimed wine regions to make wines that go hand-in-hand with great food. Today, wine expert and sixth-generation family member David Mirassou continues the family’s legacy, sharing his wine and food pairing tips for life’s great moments.

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Located in the heart of San Josa, California.


  • America’s oldest winemaking family.

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The Mirassou family has been growing grapes and crafting superior wines in the sun-drenched hills of California since 1854, earning the family the proud distinction of being America's oldest winemaking family.

First Generation:
Pierre and Henrietta Pellier

In 1854, Pierre Pellier, our great- great- great-grandfather, sailed from France with his bride and his prized grape cuttings in search of the best California had to offer. When his ship ran short of water, Pierre purchased potatoes onboard and inserted his cuttings, keeping the precious wines alive.

Second Generation:
Pierre and Henrietta Mirassou

Our family grew as Pellier's daughter married neighboring vintner Pierre Mirassou. The vineyards thrived and this fruitful partnership marked the start of more than a century of winegrowing in the area.

Third Generation:
Peter and Justine Mirassou

Peter Mirassou guided the vineyard through the Prohibition years, choosing to continue cultivating the family vines. The demands for grapes for use in home winemaking and sacramental wine kept prices high, and after Prohibition's repeal the family winemaking business was revived.

Fourth Generation:
Edmund Mirassou

Increasing urbanization became a threat to the Mirassou vineyards. Edmund Mirassou identified Monterey County as an ideal climate for grape culture, and in 1961 he brought the first vines to the area, pioneering grape growing on California's sunny Central Coast.

Fifth Generation:
Daniel, Jim, and Peter Mirassou

Our family's innovative spirit has led us to introduce numerous winemaking advances, including field-crushing grapes in the vineyard to prevent spoilage. This "vineyard in the fields" was made possible by our revolutionary work with mechanical grape harvesting.

David MirassouSixth Generation:
David Mirassou

With more than 150 years of winemaking from the Mirassou family and a line of eight uniquely expressive wines honoring our rich traditions, we are proud that for six generations we've been able to share the gift and joy of winemaking.

David Mirassou and his brother-in-law, Steve, enjoy traveling and sharing their story with Mirassou wine lovers across the country.

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3000 Aborn Rd
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