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Our family consists of four generations of MacLeods working together to create exceptional wines. We craft our wines with great passion and pride, always striving to provide a unique and enjoyable experience with every bottle that you open. Our dream is to produce hand crafted wines that capture the MacLeod Family Vineyard terroir and our Family’s love of farming.

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Located in the heart of Kenwood, California.

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The MacLeods– George, Greta, and two of their four young adult children, daughter Noel, and son John - came through this same area 150 years later looking for a site to plant a new vineyard. It was a hot September afternoon on the Admission Day weekend in 1974. All day we had been visiting brown, dried up, Sonoma Valley acreage. It was a hot, dusty, and discouraging trip. Then we drove into the gently hilly acres that would become our vineyard. Blackberries had completely over grown the main entrance road. Grazing cattle had worked the earth to a brown and dusty fuzz. Yet looking beyond the Loomax tank of cattle molasses mix the hills beckoned with a mysterious charm. To this day Greta still maintains that she had felt a compelling message: “This is the place Greta. You will live here”.

For some 80 years the ranch had been abandoned. There were ancient apple, cherry, walnut, and fig trees, each a giant mess of dead and overgrown branches. There was a small, trashed, cabin with no remaining doors or windows – a real fixer upper. Charred stone footings of the original pioneer family home were all that remained from its original owners. There were burn scared oak and fig trees showing where the original barn had stood, plus an assortment of ancient, abandoned farm equipment and assorted rusty junk.

The Team

John M. MacLeod is ranch accountant and keeper of the checkbook. Operational manager evenings, weekends, and whenever. Full time job Chevron-Texaco, Geologist, youngest son. Also operates our ancient 60 year old D-2 Caterpillar and disc.

Marjorie L. MacLeod is Ranch Vineyard Manager, full time mother two young children - Evan 10 and Helen 7. Also very active elementary school financial support programs. Wife of John. Family lives here on ranch.

Richard F. MacLeod does ranch finance, long range planning and development. Provides practical input on proposed new ventures. Full time job Transfresh Corporation, Salinas. Fresh produce specialist. Oldest son.

Gail S. MacLeod is our official cooperator, enthusiastic supporter, pitch in and help type person. Homemaker and wife of Richard.

Susan M. Murphy is our environmental and horticultural advisor, strong supporter of new concepts. Full time 6th grade school teacher. Mother of Emma and Skyler.

Edward C. Murphy is the ranch's communications specialist, Webmaster and positive thinker. Source of creative and innovative ideas. Silicon Valley marketing exec. Son-in-law, husband of Susan.

Noel M. Beitler is guiding Palo Alto youth to success at Paly. Mother of Ben and Jacob, who is wed to the beautiful Laura.

Stephen Beitler is ranch outreach manager and official minute taker for our board meetings. Corporate Communications Specialist. Employed Agilent. Author, editor. Son-in-law. Husband of Noel.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

The ranch consists of fifty hillside acres in Sonoma County's Valley of the Moon. The soil is a rocky loam consisting of poorly sorted, metamorphic and recent volcanic debris, stones, boulders, sand and clay layers with about 20 inches of topsoil underlain with more rocks and boulders and eventually volcanic andesite. This is not your typical farm or garden soil but when properly managed lean rocky soils like this can produce wine grapes with unusually great flavors. Our Sauvignon Blanc is planted on gentle north facing slopes. The Zinfandel and Merlot are planted on a gently sloping old erosion surface high above the valley floor.

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By appointment.


749 Indian Springs Road
Kenwood, California 95452
United States

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