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Located in the heart of Dundee, Oregon.

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We made the first vintage of Lillian syrah in 2004, during the seventh of Maggie's eight years of training in the cellar at Sine Qua Non. The opportunity presented itself for us to make wine from a small portion of the top of the White Hawk Vineyard and we bottled 150 cases in the inaugural vintage. Since that time, the project has grown in tiny increments, first by sourcing additional fruit from Stolpman and Bien Nacido Vineyards beginning with the 2007 vintage, offering our first white and rosé wines in 2013 and then, last year, we introduced our first Cabernet Sauvignon from True Vineyard on Howell Mountain.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Bien Nacido Vineyard is a large, historic vineyard in the Santa Maria Valley. This valley has the most extended growing season of any California wine region, with bud-break as early as February and harvest as late as mid-December. Bien Nacido is far cooler than Stolpman or White Hawk and it is evident in the wines. This is more Northern Rhone-esque in its flavors; It's all about smoke, olives, lavender and crazy salt-inflected oceanic aromas. This is always the lowest in sugars, highest in acidity and tannin and most vin-de-garde.

White Hawk Vineyard is a 60-acre vineyard just outside of Los Alamos, CA. Our 6.5 acres at the top of the vineyard is a sand dune; literally pure sand. The site is mid-ripening. It's warmer than Bien Nacido but because of its soils, retains precision and finesse. This is the darkest and most deeply fruity of the three sites. Complexity, comes as floral and iodine (ocean) related perfumes rather than a more typical bacon fat, and pepper oriented profile. This fruit usually encompasses about 50% of the blend.

Stolpman Vineyard is in Ballard Canyon. It's not very far from White Hawk and the sites are not dissimilar, but the calcareous soils at Stolpman mean the fruit profile is slightly brighter and more tannic. This is usually 10% -15% of the syrah cepage. In 2011, Pete Stolpman gave us a call and asked if we'd be interested in working with some roussanne from the vineyard as well. I'd had the oportunity to work with the roussanne from this block back in the 90s and jumped at the chance to make Lillian's first white wine from this extraordinary fruit.

Some 340+ miles north of the source of our syrah and roussanne, the cabernet sauvignon hails from Cathy and Frank Dotzler's True Vineyard in Napa's Howell Mountain AVA. The vineyard is a rugged, rocky outcropping 1800 feet above sea level and well above the fog that regularly blankets the valley floor. Exposed volcanic boulders push up from beneath giving rise to spindly cabernet vines bearing tiny, sparse clusters.

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979 SW Alder St
Dundee, Oregon 97115
United States

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