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The critics weigh in on our selection of wines, the rain has returned again in abudance, filling the reservoirs and setting the table for a spectacular burst of spring. Enjoying a bottle of wine together when our discussion turned to the future. We had all met at the Peter Michael Winery Estate

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Located in the heart of Oakville, California.


  • Produced our first vintage.

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Robbie Meyer:

“Patience plays a huge part in producing our wines. Patience in the vineyard and the winery allows the grapes and wine to achieve their full potential and optimum flavor. Our greatest satisfaction comes from producing wines that reveal themselves as true examples of their vineyard and vintage.”

Robbie's Grandfather:

Elphage Marcel L'Angevin, 1920

As part owner and winemaker for L'Angevin and Peirson Meyer Wines, Robbie's interest in wine began at an early age while working with food and wine in his native city of Marietta, Georgia, leading him to serve as a restaurant wine steward when he was eighteen. His academic work was based in Biology, and he received a B.S. degree from the University of Georgia.

It was his love of food and wine that brought him to study winemaking in California. His studies in plant sciences and chemistry were a great match for his graduate work at the University of California, Davis where he received his Master's Degree in Enology.

Robbie has spent several vintages working at wineries including Peter Michael Winery, Lewis Cellars, and Jericho Canyon Vineyards. In addition to L’Angevin and Peirson Meyer, he is consulting for several winemaking projects in Napa Valley and Santa Barbara.

The Team

Shannon Mayer:

Armed with an English major from the University of Washington, Shannon devoted nearly seven years producing children's television shows, beginning with the Emmy award-winning "Bill Nye the Science Guy" in Seattle before joining NBC's Saturday morning line-up in Burbank where she moved between such shows as "Saved by the Bell" and "Malibu, CA."

Television was shelved for web development in San Francisco once she met Robbie and moved to northern California. She transitioned again into a role as a pharmaceutical representative in the greater Napa Valley area, which allows flexibility in assisting with some of the details of L'Angevin and Peirson Meyer. She and Robbie were married in San Francisco's Presidio in June 2002 and live in northern Napa Valley with their sons Willem Marcel Meyer and Wynton Robert Meyer.

Alan Peirson:
“Great wines truly begin in the vineyard. Our farming is tailored to our winemaking process resulting in wonderfully textured complex wines.”
- Alan Peirson

Sculpture pictured above right:
Three Penny Nail
by Alan Peirson, 1992
Ceramic and Reclaimed Redwood

A California native, growing up in Marin County, Alan began his studies as a student in Art History at the College of Marin, then continued on at St Johns in Minnesota. Surrounding his artistic life as a ceramicist and sculptor, Alan has always had an intense interest in food, wine, building, design, horticulture and landscaping.

Beginning in 1982, Alan for twenty years played an integral role in the genesis and development of the Peter Michael Winery estate and vineyard program, designing, building and managing the property. He also used his many talents as Artistic Director of a non-profit organization raising money for the performing arts.

Then in 2001 broad changes joined two families, the Peirsons and the Meyers and saw the birth of L’Angevin Wines. Currently Alan splits his attention between overseeing the vineyards of L’Angevin and Peirson Meyer, along with his position as Director of Viticulture for O’Shaugnessy Winery in the Napa Valley.

Lesley Warne Peirson:
For twenty-seven years Lesley and Alan have been partners in life and work. A second generation native Californian, Lesley grew up surrounded by the walnut and fruit orchards of Los Altos. An early and intense curiosity in art, history, and science was reflected in her college education, later combining in a degree from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco.

Spending several years in Napa Valley, principally as a free-lance chef, Lesley settled with Alan in 1984 to develop what is now known as the Peter Michael Winery Estate. In addition to acting as a private chef there, her work expanded to a shared role as Estate Manager, Director of a non-profit organization raising money for the performing arts and as Special Project Coordinator for design projects and special events.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

“The two most important things in growing the best wine grapes possible are canopy management and timing” - Alan Peirson

The farming practices for all of the wines we produce are tailored to each vineyard site with the goal of producing the best wine grapes possible from a given season. We take in many factors during the growing season that help us with our decision making, starting with our spring weather which can effect bud break as well as soil moisture content. This has a direct relationship to the strategy we implement for the timing of our suckering, lateral removal, leaf removal, fruit removal and watering schemes.

Regardless of the challenges Mother Nature can bring within a season, it is these judicious vineyard practices year in and year out that allows us to produce exceptional hand crafted wines capturing the best expression of the vineyard site.

Heintz Chardonnay -Charles Heintz Vineyard

Napa Sauvignon Blanc -Ryan's Vineyard, Oak Knoll

Ritchie Sauvignon Blanc -Ritchie Vineyard

Bateman Pinot Noir -Bateman Vineyard

Miller Pinot Noir -Miller Vineyard

Sullivan Chardonnay -Sullivan Vineyard

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