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Began in 2003 with only 60 cases, we've since developed in family and production. We begin, of course, with distinguishing and sourcing some of the most prestigious and sought after vineyards in the state of California. While the wines begin with us – as we guide them with a light hand all through their generation – we would like you to be able to encounter our philosophy in them once they leave our hands.

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Located in beautiful Sonoma County.


  • To offer a sensational portfolio of wines that are true to varietal character, display a single vineyard fingerprint, and have an individual style and un-surpassed quality you can taste.

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Patrick Krutz: Born and brought up in Jackson, Mississippi, Patrick positively epitomizes the "southern" gentleman … simply spend 5 minutes with him and you'll get the drawl … or drift! In the wake of moving on from Ole Miss in 2001, he went on a break that began in Fiji and, through numerous countries along the way, finished the summer of '02 in Carmel, California. It was there where, un-expectedly, his next adventure took flight … his excursion in wine. While working at his day job at The Cheese Shop in Carmel, he was likewise getting his feet (up to his thighs) wet around evening time and on days off in grapes. He has been honing and adjusting his trade as every vintage passes since 2003. In the wake of meeting his gorgeous wife, Rebecca, in Napa Valley in 2007, they wedded and right now live in Novato, CA. They have two children, Tripp Morris and Lil' Patrick, and little girl, Ellie. Patrick is constantly willing and eager to watch any Ole Miss sporting event over any fermented adult drink with anybody intrigued.


Krutz Family Cellars was born in the summer of 2003 in Monterey Country, California. Manager and winemaker Patrick Krutz began the winery with the thought of creating 60 instances of fabricated by-hand (and feet) wine for family and friends. What we did know was what number of cases we were going to make that year; what we didn't know is the place it would take us.In the wake of developing every year and moving a few times, the winery and tasting room has settled in Santa Rosa, California. Since Krutz Family Cellars' origination, there has been one constant which is above all else, one that characterizes us, and that is a breathtaking arrangement of wines that are genuine to varietal character, vineyard fingerprint, with individual style, and un-surpassed quality you can taste. In simply a couple of short years, Patrick has had the capacity to recognize grapes from the absolute most prestigious vineyards in California. Once the grapes are in the winery we control the wine with a light hand, and the final result is a wine that justifies itself.

Established by an army and family of one, Patrick Krutz, Krutz Family Cellars has recently developed into its "full" business name. The 2003-'06 vintages were created altogether by Patrick. Youngest sibling, Cole, came on the scene in 2007 and has been supporting in the cellar since then. Additionally joining the operation (and the family) in 2008 was Rebecca Krutz. She and Patrick met in Napa Valley in the summer of 2007 and were hitched the following year. Together, they have two children, Patrick II and Tripp Morris, alongside a little girl, Ellie. At the point when the business was established, the expression "Family" was incorporated because of Patrick's nearby family ties, however now it includes a significantly greater and broader significance. All things considered, anybody that delights in a bottle of Krutz Family Cellars is a piece of our extended family.

The Magnolia, the state tree and flower of Mississippi, is an image of our southern roots and lifestyle. It's been said, "One can't get to where they are going without knowing where they've been." We at Krutz Family Cellars take pride of where we're from and where we are intending to go. A portion of the ethics and lifestyles that were ingrained in us experiencing childhood in the south are well evident today in our business, our particular life, and our wines. These same ethics and values that we will pass along to our kids as well. Our wines are genuine, honest, and fun, in the same way that the people who make them.

From every one of us here at Krutz Family Cellars, we welcome you to be a piece of our extended family. Slow down, sit back, unwind, and enjoy our wines.

The Team

Bryan Krutz: After graduating from the Ole Miss business school in 2003, Bryan moved to the FL panhandle where he operated a wine and cheese bar in Rosemary Beach for 6 years. As the general manager and wine purchaser, he sharpened his aptitudes on the physical parts of great wine, as well as the trade and specifically sales and advertising. He is still based full time along Scenic Highway 30A in South W Alton County, FL, where he helps in overseeing deals for the winery. He loves to visit the winery and get his hands filthy in the cellar a couple times each year whether it be harvest time, racking, or packaging. Bryan believes it is absolutely critical for him to realize what is going on in the cellar direct in the event that he is out on the town showing or selling the wines. He has three kids in son Barron and twins Mae and Walter. His wife Cindy owns two clothing stores along 30A called Willow.

Cole Krutz: After six strenuous years of studying Political Science at the University of Mississippi, Cole Krutz chose to visit California for a grape harvest and help his sibling with crush(not to mention take a vacation). Three years after the fact he is still there. Cole positively delights in every part of wine, particularly drinking it. With the assistance from his brother, Patrick, Cole made his initial two barrels of wine a year ago. Right now, he lives in Napa and is taking wine classes in his extra time.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Stagecoach Vineyard:

Stagecoach rests on the southern face of Pritchard Hill abutting Eastern Oakville from an elevation of 900' moving to in excess of 1700'. More than 500,000 vines are planted on Stagecoach's 1200 acres, among rock and chaparral. Chappellet, Bryant Family, Colgin, David Arthur, and Cloudview are a percentage of the estates that grace the same appellation.

Supporting a heap of different exposures, terroir, and over twelve and a half varietals, Stagecoach is a standout amongst the most charming locales in the Napa Valley. Not only does it boast a gathering of the best choices and clones of cabernet sauvignon in California, however its south and west face confronting inclines hold a percentage of the best syrah and malbec in the valley.

One of the elements that make Stagecoach Vineyard novel is the chill mist that rolls off the slopes each summer morning around 7:00 a.m. Sun sparkles on the vines for a lot of hours every day, despite the fact that the normal temperature throughout maturing is a full 1-2 degree Celsius beneath the Oakville mean. This combo of cool nights and extensive warm days elevates incredible intricacy because of ideal hang time. An additional major factor is the overall drained soils that make up practically the whole base of the vines. A few extensive rocks dab the landscape and smaller gravel and tiny stones split the few feet of soil that a vine's roots find pruchase in, until being compelled to go through broken volcanic rock.

Krupp Vineyard:

The chase to discover unrivaled vineyard areas headed Dr. Jan Krupp high into Napa Valley's eastern slopes to a barbarous mountain site, strewn with rocks and stifled with chaparral, straddling Pritchard Hill and the Atlas Peak handle. The coolest of the three vineyards Jan culitivates, Krupp Vineyard's hilly territory, cool nights, and well-drained soils give a more drawn out, more full developing season for early-ripening Merlot, Tempranillo, and Malbec. Later maturing Cabernet Sauvignon dominates the hotter, higher elevations, where it completely develops to give firm, yet velvety tannin structures to its wines.

Akins Vineyard:

Found 100 yards uphill from Hein Vineyard close to Philo, this vineyard was planted in 1999 to clones 115, 777, and 667. This four-acre vineyard is steeply slanted with a fabulous west-southwest slope. The dirts here are dainty and nutrient-poor, which creates a lot of anxiety for the vines – so much stress that it yielded almost no fruit until its soils were revamped in 2005. In '06 there will be less than two tons per acre. The Dijon clones 115 and 777 are planted to 8x5 spacing, however the 667 have just three feet between the vines. Extraordinary neighborhood, incredible site, great clones, and fundamentally natural viticulture all join to make what we feel is forthcoming an Anderson Valley superstar. This vineyard is owned and cultivated by the Carl Akins crew.


January 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Results

2007 Malbec in July 2010
Wine Enthusiast On Line Buying Guide • 94 Points

2007 Stagecoach Vineyard Syrah
July 2010 Wine Enthusiast On Line Buying Guide • 94 Points

2008 Stagecoach Vineyard Syrah
April 2011 Wine Enthusiast On Line Buying Guide • 92 Points

2008 Sleepy Hollow Chardonnay
April 2011 Wine Enthusiast On Line Buying Guide • 92 Points

2006 Stagecoach Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
July 2010 Wine Enthusiast On Line Buying Guide • 97 Points

2007 Stagecoach Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
April 2011 Wine Enthusiast On Line Buying Guide • 95 Points

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