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Located in Prince Edward County, Karlo Estates is ideally situated close to the shores of Lake Ontario. With latitude and soil similar to the Burgundy region of France, we produce great Canadian wines with distinctive terroir. We hope you enjoy our artisanal wines. Thanks to limestone soils, hand crafting and low yields; expect bold wines with refined complexity. Karlo Estates embraces the pioneering spirit offering 100% premium Canadian wines in beautiful Prince Edward County. We are dedicated to bring you wine with character.


  • Karlo Estates is North America’s first Vegan Certified Winery.

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Twenty years before starting Karlo Estates, Richard was making wine privately. Richard has won medals locally, provincially and on the national level, achieving the designation of Master Winemaker .

Richard had the good fortune of winning awards in every competition he has ever entered from 1998 to date. Some highlights included a Gold Medal in the Canadian AWC Competition in 2006, best red wine in Ontario in 2001 and a silver medal in the international Intervin competition in 2002.

As a Judge with the prestigious Wine Judges of Canada, Richard also sits on the board and was instrumental in overseeing the incorporation of the organization in 2005. Richard regularly judges competitions in Canada and the U.S.


As early as 12,000 years ago, Paleo-Indians roamed the tundra of Prince Edward County hunting with fluted spear points. After the ice age, as trees began to grow, three cultures followed: the Archaic, hunter-gatherers; Mound-builders, who lived in larger groups with some agriculture; and Iroquois, who formed villages and farms. During the latter half of the 1700's and 1800's the Mississauga Indians also lived in Prince Edward.

In 1668 Sulpician Priests established a Mission in the Lake Consecon area called Kente. It served the Iroquois villages on the north shore of Lake Ontario. It was abandoned in 1680. A 1757 French map named Prince Edward "Presquille de Quintee". As British, French and Dutch trade wars erupted from time to time, under British rule in 1763, Prince Edward and beyond was declared "Indian Country" and no formal settlement by Europeans was allowed.

Practices & Techniques

The health benefits of a plant strong diet are significant. Richard had been considering a healthier diet for some time and after watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives” found the argument for a plant based diet very compelling. Richard now eats largely Vegan and feels much better for it. “My energy level is much higher and I have lost 20 lbs without dieting” says Richard.

It is a common practice in winemaking to use animal products in the clarification of wine. Some of these products include egg whites, which are used to reduce tannin levels; casein, derived from milk; gelatin, coming from animal tissues and isinglass, derived from fish. Karlo Estates only uses clay-based products like Bentonite or Sparkaloid derived from plants in the clarification process.

When Richard started researching Vegan wines he was surprised to find there were no Vegan certified wineries in North America. This seemed like a good opportunity to become the first and bring more profile to plant based lifestyle.

Karlo wines are certified Vegan by the Canadian body VegeCert who reviewed Karlo’s winemaking, confirming all processes and supplies were Vegan and certified the winery.

Karlo Estates just sees the trend continuing. Recently, the United Nations called all member countries to adopt a plant based diet to reduce carbon emissions’ to help the environment and save the planet. Cornell and Harvard say the optimum amount of meat in a healthy human diet is zero.

Many celebrities have become Vegan including Bill Clinton, Carl Lewis, James Cameron, Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams and Ellen DeGeneres to name just a few. This has brought much needed profile to the benefits of a Vegan diet.

Veganism is the fastest growing food movement in the world now. There are now over 180 million Vegans and the number keeps increasing. The Vegan trend is growing fastest in North America and the UK.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Karlo Estates undertook its first planting of grapes in the spring of 2006. The initial varietals planted were Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Frontenac Noir. Additional plantings in subsequent years have increase our vineyards to nine acres with more planned.

In addition to our estate grown fruit we also purchase grapes from other top quality vineyards in Prince Edward County and a few in Niagara. We generally focus on County fruit first and purchase grapes from Niagara for varietals that we produce but are not available In the County. Some of these include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Petite Syrah.

Richard has also made the first County port. Van Alstine Port is made from estate grown Frontenac Noir and Marquette.


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Sherry Karlo Sherry Karlo
I love the Team

I can not tell a lie. I love this team. Together we produce beautiful wines. So grateful.. Cheers!

November 2016

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