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Karamoor Estate is part of a Pennsylvania winemaking tradition that is over 325 years old and we are committed to producing wines that reflect the unique character of our vineyard with a respect for old world traditions. With every taste of Karamoor Estate wines you'll discover our devotion to tradition and our commitment to pursue the best vineyard, the best grape-growing methods, and the best winemaking techniques.

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Located in the heart of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.


  • A Producer of Fine Wines

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$ 30


In 2012, the Karabotses hired Kevin Robinson. Kevin graduated from University of California at Davis with a Bachelor's Degree in Fermentation Science. Post-graduation, Kevin went on to make wine in California for 26 years; some of his most notable experiences include an 8 year stint as head winemaker in Napa Valley at Rutherford Hill and a 10 year stint in Lake County, California at Brassfield Estate. During his time in California, Kevin worked alongside winemaking superstars like David Ramey, Anthony Terlato, and Merry Edwards, just to name a few.

Kevin has brought his vast winemaking knowledge and experience to Karamoor Estate Vineyard & Winery and has made Karamoor's award winning vintages from 2012 on. Kevin's non-intervention style of winemaking highlights the characteristics of the fruit and integrates soft tannins, making for a delicious wine. His style allows the wines to be consumed shortly after bottling while still having the ability to cellar age for years to come.


The 250 private acres of Karamoor Estate have been involved in farming in some form or fashion since the days of William Penn. Owners Nick & Athena Karabots decided that they they wanted to keep with the traditions of the land, and with their joy and passion of wine made the leap to transform their land here into beautiful vineyards. Nick & Athena enjoy elegant, Bordeaux-style wines and their intention was, and continues to be, producing these types of wines in Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania. The Karabots took their Greek heritage and name and combined it with the original “Oxmoor Estate” to create “Karamoor Estate”, which loosely translated in a form from Greek means “my happiness”.

The Karabotses started the project in 2003. The first planting of the initial 12 acres was in 2004 with an additional 5 planted in 2008. Knowing that they wanted to mirror European style wines, they chose to plant only vinifera clones of Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Verdot. With the expertise of world-renown viticulturist and consultant, Lucie Morton, the best varietal was matched to the rootstock and selected to each site to ensure that the resulting wine would be world-class exceptional.

Once the vineyard was planted, the next logical step was to build a state-of-the-art winery. The winery saw completion in fall of 2011, and around that same time winemaker Kevin Robinson, previously of Rutherford Hill & Brassfield Estate Wineries in California, came on board to execute the Karabots’ vision.

The vineyard will see a 10 acre expansion in the spring of 2013 with some additional varietals to enhance Karamoor Estate Wine's current portfolio. Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Grigio and additional acres of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot will be added as well.

The dedication and care invested in the vineyard has resulted in the realization of the Karabots' dream. The release of the 2008 vintage has been accepted with open arms in the Pennsylvania wine community. As a first vintage; these wines have already garnered numerous awards at commercial wine competitions and recognition by press all over the state.

The Team

The owners:

Nick and Athena Karabots have called Karamoor Farm home since the early 1970s. Both are first generation Greeks whom have a deep love for their family, philanthropy, and Karamoor Farm. Karamoor Estate Wines allows them to share a piece of their home in every bottle; they hope you enjoy!

The Karabotses main businesses are in the printing and publishing arena, so, many people want to know why they began a winery. In the mid-seventies, the Karabotses bought Brookside Farm and eventually the adjacent Oxmoore Estate, as well as a few other pieces of property. The Karabotses combined the properties and renamed them as Karamoor Farm, which is a combination of the Karabotses last name and the second half of Oxmoore (there is also a loose translation to the Greek "hara mou", meaning "my joy", which also applies). Karamoor's land had been farmed for hundreds of years (documented prior to the days of William Penn) and the Karabotses continued that tradition, growing all types of crops, primarily hays and grains for farm animals.

Then, in 2003, Nick and Athena decided that they wanted to be able to enjoy the crops that grew on the land of their beloved home, and began the planning process to replace the existing crops with vineyards. The symmetry and clean lines of vineyards were beautiful to them, and they had always had a great appreciation for wine. They hired Lucie Morton, a top viticulturist in the United States, who did soil and exposure studies to decide what varietals could be planted and on what areas of the farm. The plan was to plant all vinifera varieties (varieties derived from European grapes); by the Karabotses desire, they settled on Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Petit Verdot. The first 12 acres went in the ground in 2006, followed by an additional 5 acres in 2008 and an additional 10 in 2013.

The Viticulturist:

In 2014, the Karabotses hired Casey O'Neill. Casey graduated from Oregon State with a Bachelor's Degree in Viticulture & Enology and a minor in Business. Prior to joining Karamoor, most of Casey’s experience came from the internships that she obtained during her four years of college. She spent time learning from Patty Skinks of the Oregon Research Wine Institute, Laurent Deluc (French Researcher) of Oregon State, James Osborn, who is a member of the Oregon Wine Research Institute as an Enology Extension Specialist and part of the Australian Society of Viticulture, and most recently, Lucie Morton.

Casey is responsible for all grape cultivating; her largest vineyard project for Karamoor thus far was a five acre vine replant where she, Kevin, and Lucie decided the vinifera varieties that would be replanted.

The Sales & Marketing Team:

In 2012, the Karabotses brought their granddaughter, Alecia Duloc, to the team, who manages the Sales & Marketing department of Karamoor Estate. Alecia graduated from the University of Delaware with a major in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management. Following her graduation in 2007, Alecia joined the Marriott Hotels & Resorts Management Program in New York City. After 2 years with Marriott, she moved on to Jericho National Golf Club in New Hope, PA, where she ran the Food and Beverage Department and ultimately found her niche in sales & marketing.

Karamoor Estate welcomed Sales Associate, Shaina McAndrews, to the team in June of 2016. Shaina has a history in sales and she brings that skill set to Karamoor. Shaina is responsible for building new relationships with wholesalers, restaurants & retail outlets. She handles all off-site staff trainings, attends wine dinners, and keeps Karamoor wines in the mouths of top Sommeliers!

Practices & Techniques

Grape growing in Pennsylvania is very labor intensive, and everything in our vineyard is done by hand (except for mowing and hedging!). Growing quality vinifera fruit in the warm and humid summer climate of Pennsylvania requires a more diligent spray schedule to control disease and it requires much more canopy maintenance. We want to make award winning wines that are accepted on the world stage, and in order to do that, you need to have ripe and healthy fruit.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Karamoor Estate's vineyard is 27 acres of densely planted, immaculately maintained vinifera vines. The vineyard was designed and architected by Lucie Morton who was recently highlighted in Vineyard & Winery Management's "Top 20 Most Admired People in the North American Wine Industry". She started working with us in 2003; she chose the varieties of vinifera grapes that we would plant here and she chose where they would be planted.

Lucie is a big advocate of high-density planted vineyards. The normal vineyard may have about 600-800 vines per acre, Lucie's east coast vineyards (the vineyards that she consults for) have an average of 1600-2000 vines per acre. The reasoning behind high-density planting is that it promotes even and full ripening by asking the vine to produce less fruit (esentially, making the vine do less work, allowing it to concentrate on fully ripening a smaller crop).

In 2006, the first 10 acres were planted, in 2008, an additional 5 acres, and in 2013, the final 10 acres were planted. As far as varieties of grapes; we grow Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Malbec, and Pinot Gris.


2008 Meritage - Governor's Cup Winner, Double Gold BEST of 2013 Vinifera
2008 Meritage - Silver Medal in the 2012 Mainly Meritage International Wine Competition.

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