Jean-Baptiste Adam


Located on the wine road of Alsace, Ammerschwihr, family Jean Baptiste ADAM work for nearly four century among the big names of the Alsatian viticulture. It is with pleasure that we would like to introduce you to our history, our culture ., the passion that drives us and expertise that we bring every day to the breeding of our wines An elegant tasting room awaits you: it opens its doors to the cellars with old oak casks where our wines ripen patiently as Grand Cru Kaefferkopf.


  • Since 1614 we write the history of Alsace wines.

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Some wineries draw the roots of their identity in the depths of history. Few are more can avail of four centuries of passion and tradition.

A passion that translates into a real love of wine through perseverance, constant research and supported through the years, methods and techniques that increase the quality.

And Jean-Baptiste Adam in Ammerschwihr ... More than a name, this venerable house is a reference in the history of Alsatian viticulture .

More than wine, the bottles contain four hundred years of expertise that has transcended time. Like this fabulous Kaefferkopf legitimate pride of the house Adam.

Practices & Techniques

"We made the choice of the requirement and patience in cultivating our vineyards biodynamic. This commitment was made to restore generously and fairly high expression of terroir. Pleasure gathered in the glasses at the time of tasting amply rewards our work. "

Jean-Baptiste ADAM

Estate Vineyards / AVA

The name of this region face, for the first time, in the cadastre of the Abbey of Pairis in Ammerschwihr in 1338. He then repeatedly mentioned in various books of the 19th and 20th centuries.
KaefferkopfSeen on the autumn Kaefferkopf

At the heart of a vineyard in the south of Ammerschwihr, extend several hills of the Vosges at an altitude of 240 to 320 meters. Wonderfully sunny, this land of 71.65 hectares produce racy wines of great finesse that are the pride of our house.

Sheet terroir:

Geology : Terroir granite and limestone marl. Rich in calcium and magnesium.
Exposure : South-East and East. Area under cultivation in our area: 3 ha.
Grape varieties : Riesling for 1 ha, average yield of 40 hl / ha - Gewurztraminer for 2 ha, average yield of 30 hl / ha.

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5 Rue de l'Aigle
Ammerschwihr, Haut-Rhin 68770

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