Wine tasting at Hip Chicks Do Wine #Portland


Hip Chicks do Wine wants to make fun wine and wine fun, but co-winemakers Laurie Lewis and Renee Neely are very passionate about the grape and take their wine making seriously. They hand craft their wine in very small lots with grapes purchased from vineyards located throughout Oregon and Washington.

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Located in the heart of Portland, Oregon.


  • Hip Chicks do Wine is a Portland based urban winery. It's richly fulfilling, ever so romantic and quite a lot of fun.

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Average Bottle Price

$ 20


Laurie Lewis Wine Goddess spent her formative years in Texas. She was introduced to the joy of wine by way of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill and "thunderock coolers". She received a degree in psychology from an itty bitty college in the middle of nowhere, so a good time consisted of kicking up her heels with cowboys and tossing back a few. Yee Ha! In the pursuit of anything greener than west Texas, she moved to Oregon with the intent of becoming a social worker.


Established in 1999 and open for business in August of 2001 by the Wine Goddess, Laurie Lewis and the Wine Maven, Renee Neely two women enamored with the rich history and flavor of Oregon wines but hoping to rescue the fun-at-heart beverage from the stranglehold of vocabulary-obsessed neophytes who mistake wine as a free pass into so-called maturity.

The Team

Renee Neely Wine Maven- was born in Portland, Oregon. Her family moved progressively east until they ended up in Bozeman, Montana. Her taste buds were introduced to the joys of wine by Annie Green Springs and "California Coolers" (that's when wine coolers were made with wine). She pursued a degree in Theatre Arts so she could move to Oregon and work in a coffee shop (it was either that or wait tables). When she wasn't slinging lattes she put her degree to good use in the bustling Portland community theatre scene.

Practices & Techniques

The grapes are processed very gently - hand sorted and pressed by small half-ton basket presses. They ferment their Pinot Noir and other reds in small 4'x4' bins. White wines such as Chardonnay, Muscat and Pinot Gris are fermented at a cool 50ºF in stainless steel tanks to maintain a fresh and fruity style.

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Thursday - Monday 11am – 6pm Tuesday and Wednesday 11am - 3:30pm and later by Appointment.


4510 SE 23rd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97202
United States

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