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We are a small boutique winery. Sample our premium award winning wines among the fermentation bins in the working winery or view our vineyards from the covered outdoor cafe.

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Nestled in the quiet village of Bethel, just miles from the historic Ohio River Valley.


  • Listed in American Winery Guide's Most Dog Friendly Wineries.

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Built in 1991 as an enclosure for our mowers and assorted farm equipment, it was converted into a horse barn in 1994, after our neighbors gave us two "free" horses..... Six acres of fenced pasture, four Morton BarM Stalls, saddles, tack, arena and literally tens of thousands of dollars later, I still question the "look a gift horse in the mouth" concept, but we loved those two Quarters and they lived long and happy lives, both passing within a year of each other at age 29. Recognize the field behind them? The current vineyard was Pistol and HB's grazing pastures.

In 2003, we made the decision to move our animals to the back barn, and changed hats on the barn once again, this time converting it to a state-of-the-art commercial winery that it is today. You can still appreciate the hay loft and Dutch stall doors. We currently have the production capability to process almost 3000 gallons of wine annually, translating into 1200 cases. Still, very small potatoes in the scheme of commercial wineries, but we'd have it no other way. Every step of production is done by hand, allowing us to maintain the artisan quality of our wines.

The Team

The Crew: Deah Behler, Evan Rose, Terri McConnell Bastin, Pat Hornak-Skvarla, Donna Gunn, Bill Skvarla, Jake and Jenny Grisham.

Practices & Techniques

We hope that by keeping our vineyard balanced and healthy it will allow us to produce a flavorful and balanced wine. At Harmony Hill, we have either instituted these practices in the vineyard or are working toward them, by minimizing chemical sprays, using only natural fertilizers to enhance soil vigor and by monitoring harmful insect populations, responding only when necessary. We maintain healthy sod cover in the row middles to prevent erosion and maintain a more complex ecosystem. We maintain Kestrel houses at the north end of the vineyard to assist in rodent control. We use expensive and labor intensive netting over the ripening fruit to control bird damage. Our goal is to help our vineyard produce excellent quality wine grapes for decades to come.


March 2011
Finger Lakes International Wine Competition:
2009 Rubato: SILVER

January 2011
Hilton Head Island International Wine Competition:
2009 Rubato: SILVER - Hilton Head Island International has the reputation of being one of the World's toughest wine competitions. This competition is SO tough that medals are not even awarded in some categories. For the second year in a row, our 'Rubato' was the only Chambourcin to be awarded a medal of all the entrants in that category.

February 2010
Harmony Hill placed two entries into the 25th Anniversary celebration of the prestigious Hilton Head Island International Wine Competition and medaled with both entries.
2008 Rubato: GOLD
2007 Refrain: BRONZE

2009 BEST OF APPELLATION Ohio River Valley
Harmony Hill 2007 Rubato DOUBLE GOLD
Harmony Hill 2006 Rhapsody GOLD
Tasting Notes:
2007 Rubato Ohio River Valley DOUBLE GOLD
A delightful wine with a dense full color and aromas of violets, cinnamon, anise, tamarind, coconut, ripe plum, and coffee. Well married oak adds richness to dense, silky flavors. Soft acidity.

2006 Rhapsody Ohio River Valley GOLD
A great pasta wine styled like a Bardolino, medium-light in body with a zingy, palate-cleansing acidity. The nose has violet, basil, cherry, plum, and lemongrass, and the light but firm structure in the mouth carries plum, peach, white cherry, and cranberry.

2009 National Women's Wine Competition
BRONZE MEDAL 2007 Rubato
The National Women's Wine Competition is the first and only U.S. based wine competition judged solely by superstar women of the wine industry.

This is the competition that answers the question, "what wines do women love?"Women make 60%+ of all the wine buying decisions in the U.S. Our annual "shopping list" that is distributed worldwide via the web tells women the wines women with great palates find medal-worthy. This helps consumers to make informed wine purchases.

2008 American Wine Society International Competition:
GOLD MEDAL 2007 Concerto
SILVER MEDAL 2007 Rubato
Harmony Hill Vineyards is again 3 for 3 at the Finger Lakes 2008 Competition.

Of the three entries submitted to the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, all three won medals. All these wines are still available.

SILVER Harmony Hill 2007 Ovation
BRONZE Harmony Hill 2005 Rhapsody
BRONZE Harmony Hill 2007 Rhythm and Blues

Harmony Hill Vineyards is again 3 for 3 in 2007. Of the three entries submitted to The Indy International Wine Competition (the largest wine competition in the United States), all three garnered medals:

Harmony Hill "Dolce" (late-harvest Vidal Blanc) - Silver
Harmony Hill "Chamber Suite" (semisweet Chambourcin) - Silver
Harmony Hill "Serenade" (Chambourcin-Foch Blend) - Bronze

2006 American Wine Society international competition
695 medals issued TO WINES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. held in Baltimore, Maryland, November 8 and 9.
2005 Harmony Hill Ovation: Silver
2005 Harmony Hill Serenade: Silver
2005 Harmony Hill Woodwind: Bronze
2005 Harmony Hill Concerto: Bronze

Harmony Hill Vineyard's 2005 vintage wines were also entered in this year's Fingerlakes International and Indy International wine competitions. Prelude, Serenade, Woodwind and Bluet all garnered medals.

Harmony Hill Vineyard's 2005 PRELUDE BLUSH garnered a bronze medal as our first entry into the prestigious 2006 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

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Open Fridays 5pm-9pm Saturday and holidays 2pm-9pm


2534 Swings Corner / Point Isabel Road
Bethel, Ohio 45106
United States

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