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Gisborne Garagiste Wine Company was created by three friends and winemakers after drinking numerous glasses of wine responsibly. Our intention was to make small quantities of high quality wines which express the vintage and vineyard site in the style of wine we enjoy (and hopefully that you do too). Thanks for supporting us, hopefully we can all share a glass of wine together sometime!

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Located in the heart of Gisborne, Gisborne District.


  • Our mission is to titillate the taste buds and enchant the olfactory bulb.

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Garagiste [Fr., noun ]- a term coined to describe those small producers in Bordeaux whose production, according to wine writer Michel Bettane, “ was so small that it would fit into a garage”.

Characterised as "winemaker's wine” vins de garage wines come from previously unknown estates without proven track record or pedigree. Alternatively such wine is referred to as "super-cuvée" or "microchâteau".
Tthe emergence of Château Valandraud involving Jean-Luc Thunevin and Murielle Andraud, developed the description of a "movement". Founded in 1989 on a 1 hectare plot in Saint-Émilion, and with limited funds, much work was done with minimal equipment in their garage. The high levels of labour and low output yields have defined the method of production and lead to the Garagiste title.

With the growth of Château Valandraud the Thunevins have since taken on several projects, including Thunevin-Calvet. With a determination to produce great wine, Jean-Roger Calvet decided to leave the local co-operative and began vinifying tiny quantities of wines from old vine Grenache and Carignan in his garage in Maury. In 2001 he teamed up with Jean-Luc Thunevin, who shared this vision leading to the formation of Domaine Thunevin-Calvet . Over the years, the domaine has continued to grow and the ‘garage’ has been replaced by a spacious well equipped winery.

In Gisborne former workmates and winemakers Peter Bristow, Brent Laidlaw and Russell Walsh have embraced this philosophy to produce wines for the Gisborne Garagiste Wine Company. During the 2000 vintage in Maury, France Brent Laidlaw worked with Jean –Roger Calvet and has taken this philosophy to team up with Peter and Russell in 2012 to produce small quantities of wine which express the vintage and vineyard site in the style of wine we enjoy.


Gewurztraminer 2012
Trophy for Best Value Wine of the Competition
Silver medal

Chardonnay 2012
Bronze medal

Gisborne Regional Wine Awards: 2014

Gewurztraminer 2013
Trophy for Best Value Wine of the Competition
Award as part of the 'Overall White Varietals Selection' for the Gisborne Region
Award as part of the 'Overall Gisborne Selection' for the Gisborne Region
Gold Medal

Chardonnay 2013
Bronze medal

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60 Clifford Street
Gisborne, Gisborne District 4010
New Zealand

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