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A small, family owned and operated winery that specializes in high quality, food friendly wines. Fratelli Perata means Perata Brothers in Italian and is named for the owner Gino Perata and his late brother Joe Perata. To produce high quality wines that pair with many types of foods and can be aged for many years. The winery uses only its own grapes in order to ensure top quality. Total annual case production is approximately 2000 cases, although production varies based on rainfall.

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Located off of Highway 46 West in Paso Robles.


  • Focused on making heavy, full-bodied, food friendly wines.

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Gino Acting - Head Winemaker:

Gino was earning a master's degree in sociology at Washington State University and making wine in his dorm Joe and Gino Perataroom when he met his wife, Carol. Carol grew up in the Seattle suburbs. Following graduation and marriage, the Peratas were lured away from the halls of academia by a desire to return to Gino's agricultural roots.


The Fratelli Perata story in this country begins when Giuseppe Antonio Perata moved to the United States from Italy in 1930. He was 16 years old. He joined his uncle to farm in Ventura County. But Ventura Brothers in the Flower Field, 1950'sJoe (Giu) quickly learned that while farming supported the family, it was winemaking that was at his heart. Wine well made in the manner of his father in the hills above Genoa, wine drunk with respect to the power of the wine, wine shared with family and friends. Now the brothers, Gino and Joe, seek to produce not just wine, but great wines.

Gino and Joe come from a family particularly fond of wines that are big and red. They believe that to make great wine, one must have great grapes. Starting in 1972, they began a serious effort to locate an ideal vineyard site. Beginning as far north as Washington State and continuing all the way to Temecula, California, every area was personally visited by one of the brothers.

Practices & Techniques

The vines are hand-harvested in small lots as each area of the vineyard reaches its peak of flavor and balance of sugar and acid. We don't just schedule a crew and harvest all at once. The harvest crew realizes that tonnage, grape clusters and berries are small. It takes a lot more work to harvest than a high tonnage vineyard.

From the one-half ton bin, the grapes are destemmed and placed in 1 1/2 ton open top fermenters for primary fermentation. The cap formed during this stage is punched down by hand four times per day for greatest skin contact. We extract color and flavor from the skin by this process.

After eight to up to fourteen days, the pressing begins. This is done in a stainless steel bladder press, with pressure only up to 1 1/2 bar. Higher pressures cause harsher, bitter wines and we don't/won't make a second label wine. The wine is pumped to oak barrels to finish fermentation. The pomace is spread in the vineyard, acting as a fertilizer, to complete Nature's cycle.

Over the course of years, both the vines and our winemaking techniques have matured. Gino Perata pressing grapesExperience has been a good teacher. Every vintage has its challenges and rewards. After twelve years of commercial crushes, we have blended tradition and science, refining our cellar methods to suit the demands of our exceptional terroir.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

The field rolled up in hills from Arbor Road, perfect for the cold air to run down and away from the young vines in Spring. It was in an air corridor that receives cooling afternoon breezes from the Gino on the tractor preparing the new fieldsPacific Ocean just 25 miles west. And to their father, it looked like their ancestral home near Genoa. The soil and microclimate were perfect for premium grapes. The 40 acre parcel was purchased in 1977 and was painstakingly cleared and surveyed.Gino laying out the vineyard rows Planting began in 1980 with Zinfandel as the a focus. The initial planting was 25 acres, 520 vines per acre.

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Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm.


1595 Arbor Rd
Paso Robles, California 93446
United States

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