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We source organic apples from across Washington state and grow our own organic orchard of over 20 varieties of heirloom and traditional cider apple varieties. Our ciders are a tribute to the old hard cider traditions while offering an approachable, fresh perspective on the possibilities of the fermented apple. We also craft an array of sumptuous brandy-fortified fruit wines and unique oak-aged, port-style wines. Finnriver Farm & Cidery is certified salmon safe and we are committed to wise land stewardship through organic agriculture, conservation easements, habitat restoration, community outreach and seasonal celebration.

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Located in the heart of Washington.


  • Proudly produces handcrafted hard ciders and fruit wines.

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Elijah Swan lives in the hand-hewn, cedar-shake cabin of my imagination. Each morning he wakes to watch the sunrise, leaning in the doorjamb and looking out at the world, a cup of warm water with a splash of homemade apple cider vinegar steaming in his hands. He takes stock of the tasks before him and settles the day in his mind, each job nestled into its proper place like a row of freshly-laid eggs in the hen house. He downs the last swig of his dawn tonic, places his hand on his heart, and bids the earth 'goodmorning' before getting to work.

The name Elijah comes from a real man, a good man, my neighbor Lige Christian. He and his wife Kay are the reason we are here. Back in the day when we were dreaming of land, we discovered that the Christians were selling the organic blueberry farm in the Chimacum Valley, where we had spent many blissful hours picking the blues. Owning a blueberry farm sounded like something out of Fantasy Island, an enchanted and far away possibility. But thanks to the Christians' generosity and their commitment to supporting aspiring organic family farmers, we were able to work out a plan to purchase the farm. After five years on the land we expanded our vision and decided to start Finnriver Cidery. And it was Lige's idea to make hard cider. He had been experimenting with his own orchard and fermenting apples. He used to bring over his homemade cider bottles to share with the farm crew and we thought it was tasty. One day, looking down at the green sweep of ground in front our house, Lige said, "You know, this would be a good spot for an apple orchard..." And so we planted one and started to learn the craft of hard cider making.

Lige and Kay still live behind the farm on a knoll overlooking the valley. They walk their poodles down the road and we stop to chat about last night's windstorm or tomorrow's plan for pruning. They may not realize what it means to us to have them close. I grew up without knowing my grandparents and feel the loss of them now that I am a parent and can see the value to my own children. But here Lige and Kay are our elders, in the best sense of the word. They support our dreams and inspire us to consider the quality and character of what we do. We know that they are watching us as we pursue the vision of Finnriver and this makes us want to do it better.

The "swan" in the legend of Elijah Swan comes from the flock of trumpeters that settles into the waterlogged ponds of the valleybottom each winter. They are magnificent. In the morning they soar and honk overhead and then settle down to a day's rummaging for grub in the wet fields. Their white silhouettes are just as you'd expect, graceful and ethereal, otherwordly in their beauty. And yet here they are! Swans in the Chimacum Valley. We live in a world where it's possible stand in a shimmering field of frosted blueberry bushes and watch a swan fly by, its pure white wings beating time with your heart.

Elijah K. Swan is a character inspired by our neighbors, and by a vision for living on the land well. We decided to make a line of botanically-infused hard ciders as a tribute to Lige and Kay, and we have asked them to share their own stories here, by way of of keeping a history.

Elijah Swan wears elegant suspenders and a fine straw hat as he spreads seeds of virtue from wisdom-wrinkled hands. He walks his talk in mud-caked boots; and each morning when he nods reverently to the day ahead, he reminds us to make a true story of our lives on the land.

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Mon - Sun: 12:00-5:00


62 Barn Swallow Rd
Chimacum, Washington 98325
United States

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