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The Field Recordings wines are a catalog of single vineyard sites that produces wines with a sense of place and personality. In addition to the single vineyard wines, multi-vineyard blends are put together under the Wonderwall, Alloy Wine Works and FICTION labels. Wonderwall focuses on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from extreme, coastal locations. Breaking through and breaking rules. Alloy Wine Works is a collection of varietal wines packaged only in tallboy 500 ml cans. The perfect balance of inventive spirit and rural charm. Each can is pure craft wine, not to be "hip" or "relevant", but because we want to. FICTION, the original spin-off label, is a white and red wine produced from multiple vineyards and multiple varieties. Taking what the season gives us and creating a blend made for every occasion. Ready for tonight, tomorrow or this weekend.

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Off of Ramada Drive, just south of Hwy 46 West and Hwy 101 exit


  • Each bottle of Field Recordings Wine captures the inimitable circumstances of each vineyard, vintage, and friendship that made it possible.

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$ 25


Field Recordings is 35-year old winemaker Andrew Jones’ personal catalog of the people and places he values most. Spending his days as a vine nursery fieldman planning and planting vineyards for farmers all over California, Andrew is sometimes offered small lots of their best fruit on the side. Having stood in just about every vineyard on the Central Coast, he has a keen eye for diamonds in the rough: sites that are unknown or under-appreciated but hold enormous untapped potential. As friendships are made and opportunities are embraced, Andrew produces small quantities of soulful wine from these unusual, quiet vineyards.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Vineyard: Jurassic Park
Farmer / Manager: Ben Merz
Acres: 93
Varietals Planted: Chenin Blanc
Clones / Rootstocks: Own rooted
Nearest Town: Los Olivos, CA
AVA: Santa Ynez Valley
Year Planted: 1978
Growing Region: Region II
Style / Orientation: East - West Sprawl
Spacing: 11x7
Vines per acre: 566
Irrigation: Drip
Farming Practice: Sustainable

Vineyard: Koligian
Farmer / Manager: Jeff Koligian
Acres: 8
Varietals Planted: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot, Zinfandel & Tannat
Clones / Rootstocks: Massale
Nearest Town: Paso Roble, CA
AVA: Paso Robles
Year Planted: 2002
Growing Region: Region III
Style / Orientation: Terraced VSP
Spacing: 5x5
Vines per acre: 1742
Irrigation: Drip
Farming Practice: Sustainable

Vineyard: Grassini
Farmer / Manager: Ben Merz
Acres: 15
Varietals Planted: Cabernet Sauvignon
Clones / Rootstocks: 337 on 420a
Nearest Town: Santa Ynez, CA
AVA: Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara
Year Planted: 2003
Growing Region: Region II
Style / Orientation: VSP
Spacing: 6x3
Vines per acre: 2320
Irrigation: Drip
Farming Practice: Sustainable

Vineyard: Old Patrero
Farmer / Manager: Sukhy Sran
Acres: 74
Varietals Planted: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Zinfandel, Grenache & Mourevedre
Clones / Rootstocks: Massale
Nearest Town: Huasna, CA
AVA: Arroyo Grande Valley
Year Planted: 1992
Growing Region: Region II
Style / Orientation: Head - Trained Plateau
Spacing: 12x12
Vines per acre: 303
Irrigation: None
Farming Practice: Sustainable

Vineyard: Spanish Springs
Farmer / Manager: Bill Kesselring
Acres: 93
Varietals Planted: Pinot Noir & Chardonnay
Clones / Rootstocks: Pinot Noir 828/101-14 2A/101-14 47/101-14 | Chardonnay: Musque/101-14
Nearest Town: Pismo Beach, CA
AVA: Edna Valley
Year Planted: 2007
Growing Region: Region I
Style / Orientation: High Density VSP
Spacing: 8x4
Vines per acre: 1361
Irrigation: Drip
Farming Practice: Sustainable

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