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Sourced from established Barossa Valley and Eden Vale vineyards in South Australia, our premium varietal Estate range of wines represents outstanding value for lovers of classic South Australian wine styles.

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Located in the heart of Surrey, New South Wales.



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The family name Cranswick is thought to derive from Crane’s Wyke (the village of cranes) in Yorkshire, as recorded in the medieval Domesday Book (England 1066).

The Cranswick brand was created in 1991 when Graham Cranswick-Smith initiated a management buy-out of Diageo's bulk winemaking facility in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. Since then Cranswick has transformed from producing bulk wine for major Australian producers to producing and marketing it's own broad range of Australian varietal wines, with a strong reputation for excellent quality and outstanding value for money.

Cranswick Wines are expertly made to capture the ripe fruit flavours and to reflect the very best of Australian winemaking. Our grapes are sourced from selected vineyards across Australia and demonstrate the new elegance of contemporary Australian wines. All of our vineyards are under long term contracts and managed in a sustainable fashion with attention focused on fruit quality through canopy management and relatively low yields.


The Sarus crane has been adopted by Cranswick wines because it stands above all others, so reflecting the outstanding nature of wines and service that Cranswick wines offer. The Sarus crane is the only crane native to Australia and is the world’s tallest flying bird, standing at around 2 metres tall and with a wing span of 2.5 metres.

The crane is considered auspicious in China, Japan and Vietnam. It is one of the symbols of longevity and is often represented with other symbols of long life, such as pine, bamboo and the tortoise. According to tradition, if one folds 1000 origami cranes one’s wish for health will be granted.

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1 Waiwera Street
Surrey, New South Wales 2060

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