Château La Grave


The Château de la Grave is an authentic castle of the seventeenth century restored in the nineteenth. It is in a quiet and relaxing universe, the vineyards, the Bassereau family welcomes you warmly and simply to introduce you to their winemaker.

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H Éritage Milhegrand the priory, home of the Abbey of Lagrasse in the twelfth century, the estate eventually became farm maintained by a long line of winemakers. Jean-Pierre and Josiane Orosquette themselves from these dedicated families in the vineyard, in turn perpetuated this long chain.

The Team

Their son, Jean-François Orosquette , the winemaker today is its team. No good wine without work and meticulous care constantly brought to the vine. Thierry Bergé , their son, leads the culture. And always, Jean-Pierre and Josiane Orosquette , project managers the Domaine which the rhythm of life, yet ensure the smooth running of the operation, while imparting knowledge to young people.

Practices & Techniques

E n AOC, grape varieties are pruned in spurred cordon and cup for Carignan (40 to 50 hl / ha, short and simple Guyot (6-8 buds) for wines red and white country. The varieties lend themselves . This size takes less wounds than other methods severe soils are susceptible to drought They need to be worked décompactages Shares made the winter... in summer, soil aeration by uprooting weeds with plow, claw, every old traditional tools! not selected for folklore but for their efficiency the same rigor is applied to all the vineyards.

The viticulture is the rule of ownership it's simple. Common sense before a philosophy.

The man who lives on his land and breathe every day feels to live. If some elements can harm the plant, he observes the interpenetration "life ground" of all these small animals forming a structured food chain and logic. We must protect, safeguard natural balances. For economic reasons, the rational maintenance of the vine existed long before pollution. Need to manage a budget. Now approach supported by extensive studies on hazardous active ingredients. Unavoidable treatments are performed with approved products, but the dropper.

Chateau La Grave has not sought banner. We want to keep our agency on the selection of products to use. We will not let the "labeling" depersonalize Domain. These labels have their limits: not to require manufacturers of products, always the same, which does not necessarily correspond to a specific case. It would also be a shame to clutter products always relevant to our region, little prone to disease. The main enemy is the grape worms. Mildew and powdery mildew are limited. Trimming and tying alone enrayent risks. Sometimes (every ten years ...) a high humidity is a carrier of diseases. But in this case, the products are so little used in ordinary times very limited doses can treat the plants.

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La Grave
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