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We make a variety of wines including Portuguese wines, Spanish wines, French wines and Italian wines. We love three things: Variety, Sharing our wines with people who enjoy great wine, and having Fun doing it. Cante Ao Vinho are the wines of the Farinha family winery which enjoys making wine in the Old World style, produced by wine makers Frank and Tom Farinha who have been making wine together for over 40 years!

Location Description

Located just outside the city of Wheatland California.


  • Sharing our wines with people who enjoy great wine, and having Fun doing it.

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$ 26


Frank and Tom Farinha - Winemaker:

Frank and I (Tom) started making wine when he turned 21, I am younger. Our grandparents always made wine( being from Portugual) but our folks never did. So when Frank turned 21 we went down to Lodi ,bought a barrel, had it filled with juice. We took it home and let it ferment. It was terrible, but we drank it because it was the best wine we had ever made, and hey, we were young!

Over the years we have learned a few things about making wine and about ourselves.

After a few years of bad wine we learned that picking the grapes was better than buying juice.So we bought some grapes from Wally Allan and the wine got better. We found that every time we learned something about making wine it got better. Now, hungry to learn more, we joined the Sacramento Home Winemakers Club and learned a lot. We bought college textbooks picked up information anywhere we could to learn more.

Now 40 years later what we learned about ourselves is that we like all the parts of making wine and we love variety. To this day we are still learning, and the wine is still getting better. We will never stop learning, so it will always be interesting…just the way we like it!

We now grow our own grapes, and with some great friends, we do everything in-house.But the most important thing we learned is that we love sharing our wines with people. It is so much fun and makes all the hard work worth it!


The name, Cante Ao Vinho, means sing to the wine. We love to play beautiful music while making wine, hence the name. Some say when you try our wine you can hear the music, and better yet, sometimes make some beautiful music of your own! And of course, we’ve been known to sing a little from time to time.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

While the Cante Ao Vinho vineyards are located in Wheatland, CA, we call Placer County our winery’s home. It’s here that we are able to share our wine with the residents and tourists of Placer County in addition to being able to host and attend many of Placer County’s different wine tasting events. So, while our wines maybe made in Wheatland, rest assured, there is great wine waiting for you at the Cante Ao Vinho wine tasting room in Rocklin

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Sat - Sun: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm.


5250 Front Strret
Rocklin, California 95677
United States

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