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We make wines that are boldly refreshing or beguilingly reflective. We rent out our farm house for week long stays in the summer through harvest and with a two night minimum during the rest of the year. 5 bedrooms, a loft, a Harry Potter room under the stairs, dining room seats 12, wrap-a-round porch. We hold various events every year. Including private parties for friends, colleagues and valued customers.

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Located in a glorious and storied setting amid a cluster of historic buildings, this farm has preserved a sense of intimacy with the land.

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Vida Zalnieriunas is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Prince Edward County. She is almost ready to say she is the winemaker. She and her mentor, Martin Gemmrich of Niagara-on-the-Lake fame, have a running debate: is the winemaker the person who gives instructions or the one following the instructions, meaning the person doing all the slogging? As with all wine matters, it can be so complicated. In any case, she is drinking wine much more intensely than she ever imagined, and is amused to discover that a post graduate degree in counselling psychology comes in handy when attempting to deconstruct the meaning of winemaking, and slow down the senses to really experience wine.


Founded in 1999.

Practices & Techniques

Our handpicked grapes arrive at the backdoor of our renovated century-old stable in a variety of containers, brightly coloured plastic or wooden crates. The grapes receive a final inspection as they are tipped into the crusher/destemmer, a stainless steel contraption that cleverly separates the grapes from the stalks. The crushed grapes, resembling mush, are pumped directly into a screwpress when making the more delicate whites or roses, while red grapes are pumped into fermentation tanks so the juice can withdraw more flavours and colours from the skins during fermentation. Once a red fermentation is complete, the wine is pumped into the screwpress as well where the skins are gently pressed inside a large stainless steel cylinder to extract every precious drop.

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Open daily June to October, 11 am to 6 pm.


17432 Loyalist Parkway
Wellington, Ontario K0K 3L0

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