Our final goal is to satisfy the customers, who are at the heart of everything that the company does. Our product development is based on analysis of customer requirements and market demand. Our network of select producers together with our team of dedicated consultants and oenologists create the most fitting products of the very highest quality.

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Carlo Botter founds the Casa Vinicola as a bulk merchant

Starts sales of wine in bottles

Arnaldo and Enzo Botter increase the company share on European markets

Casa Vinicola Botter S.p.A. is established

Botter wines reach distribution in 25 countries

The third generation joins the company: new style, new corporate image, new marketing strategies

Launching of Là di Motte brand and renovation of the family estate

Development of new wines from the south of Italy, thanks to a strong partnership with selected local producers

Opening of the new organic winery Divici and brand launching

They say that a good wine needs time to reveal its qualities, but it also needs dedication and constant commitment.

Few products can embody so much expertise and thousands of years of history. Botter can draw on traditions dating back almost a hundred years. It has passed through the careful hands of three generations for whom wine was a passion as well as a trade. They have responded to the constantly evolving market over time, in a process of ongoing expansion.

The company was founded by Carlo Botter in 1928 as a small business selling local Veneto wines in barrels and demijohns. It took its first major step forward with the arrival of the second generation of the family. After the Second World War, brothers Arnaldo and Enzo began selling wine in bottles. They boosted the company’s presence on the Italian market and – most importantly – they began a constant process of expansion in other countries, which would become the company’s main source of income.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Botter was able to keep up with the growing international market and expand its range. Some of its Veneto wines were now made on the family land in Motta di Livenza, near Treviso. They were joined by other wines made in the main Italian wine regions, as well as the production and sales of grape juice.

Practices & Techniques


Our oenological laboratory systematically checks and assesses quality levels to ensure that they comply with our company standards and agreements.

The marketing and production units work on the design and manufacturing of a range of packaging formats to satisfy flexibly and promptly all customer requirements and needs. We can offer a broad selection of customized solutions and proposals.

A wide range of products, many of which are made with grapes from native vines ,underlines our multi-territorial approach that spans the whole of Italy, from the North to the South.

From the wines of Veneto to those of Sicily and Apulia, our selection traces out a map of Italian oenological culture and taste that reveals a shared passion.


Quality is not an abstract concept. It is about more than just the standard of products. It is something that applies throughout the production and distribution cycle.

The value chain is created by pursuing excellence in every stage of the process. Our quality system grants the customer satisfaction, the security, the healthiness of the product and the respect of the environment.

We scrupulously oversee every phase of the production process. We can guarantee optimum process and product performance thanks to our know-how and substantial investments in cutting-edge technology and systems.

We have received a number of certificates and other accolades for customer satisfaction, safe products and environmental friendliness. Every phase of the production is controlled and tested thanks to important investments in technology and equipment.

Estate Vineyards / AVA

La di Motte:

The recently renovated Là di Motte estate epitomizes the family’s close ties with its homeland.

Innovative technology and cultivation methods are used to closely monitor production in it’s 60 hectares of organic vineyards,its winery with a capacity of 1,500 tonnes and its cellar containing 400 barriques.


The Divici estate is a new production site created to develop the range of Venetowines. 100 hectares of newly planted organic vineyards and a cellar containing state-of the- art wine making systems allow to press up to 3,000 tonnes of grapes and store more than 500,000 litres.

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