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We have no reason to believe that a fanciful winery or expensive tanks with lots of gadgets do anything to make the wine any better. We are minimalists at Booker. In fact, our 2014 vintage will be the first at Booker that will be fermented in stainless vessels as opposed to plastic fermenters before the wine is moved into barrel. All of our red fermentations are started using pump-overs, and then we move most of them to punch-downs once the fermentation begins. We do not rack until bottling, and usually age the first release wines for 18 months. We leave just under half of the wine in used oak barrels for an extra 6-12 months to give us a unique look into the differences of each blend. Our whites are always made a bit differently, dependent on what inspires me. My end goal is to be different, if not a bit funky. I decided years ago that too many whites from our region are much too similar. I strive to make mine different, while preserving the qualities that I love in a white. I prefer big, round, supple whites that are not overly acidic… almost like my reds you could say. The white varies from being aged in concrete, new oak, and used oak. Our vines were planted in 2001 at a high density (7X3) to force the plants to be efficient while at the same time controlling crop in the form of pounds per plant. We believe in vineyard balance, but in the form of a small plant. In respect to the high density of our vineyard, we only ask each plant to carry between 2 and 2.5 pounds of fruit. This allows the vine to focus on very few clusters and gives us beautiful, concentrated, and highly textured wines. Our land has extremely limited water supply, so the plant receives very little help outside of what Mother Nature provides. Our vineyard hills are very steep. We avoid having to rip or disk, and instead carry a permanent crop cover to assist with soil health. We make very few passes in the vineyard and are never concerned with making our vineyard look perfectly groomed. In our opinion, the soil and air around each plant should not be interrupted to perfect the appearance of the vineyard.

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Located in beautiful Paso Robles, California.


  • In our cellar we strive to respect the philosophy we have throughout the year in the vineyard; interfere as little as possible.

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$ 70


Eric Jensen


The name Booker comes from the two orphan brothers, Claude and Dick Booker, who had purchased the land in the late 1920’s. By the turn of the century the Booker brothers had acquired over 1,200 acres on Paso's Westside. The Booker brothers were Paso's favorite sons, dedicating their lives to being great farmers and humanitarians. Aside from lending their farming knowledge and manual labor to neighbors and those in need, they were the area's biggest philanthropists, leaving 100% of their estate to charity when they passed, Dick in 1990 and Claude in 2000.

Eric and Lisa Jensen purchased 72 acres of the property in 2001 with the intent of growing the best fruit for some of the best wineries in the area (Linne Calodo and Saxum). After making wine with Justin Smith (of Saxum) for five years and Stephan Asseo (of L'Aventure Wines) for two years the Jensens decided it was time to create their own expression with Booker Vineyard. The 2005 Vintage was Booker Vineyard's first release with the wines being made by owner Eric Jensen.

The Team

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Practices & Techniques

Booker Vineyard is farmed biodynamically. We believe it keeps us in touch with our vineyard and forces us to perceive it as a living, breathing entity. Biodynamic farming follows the beliefs of Rudolf Steiner, who promoted a holistic approach to farming, describing that all things on the farm (including soil, plants, and livestock) are interrelated.


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Christian  Olin Christian Olin
Scottsdale, AZ
Amazing Whites

This winery is one of my favorites. It really separates itself from the others when it comes to how they produce their whites. When it's all said and done, the result is amazing.

April 2014

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1 Review


Fri - Sun 11:00 am - 4:00 pm


2640 Anderson Road
Paso Robles, California 93446
United States

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