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Our duty at Bacigalupi Vineyards is to carry on the heritage of two world-class wine and grape growing families in Sonoma County. From both sides of our family (my father is a Baciglaupi and my mother is a Heck — of Korbel family) have contributed to the progression of the California wine business, helping it to become a leader in fine wine making. The two families have both received critical praise, the Bacigalupi’s for providing some of the chardonnay fruit to Chateau Montelena to win the popular Paris tasting and the Heck family for becoming a leader in the California Champagne industry. With now three generations of our family drawn in, we hope to continue both of these families’ great legacies by producing memorable small lot wines from our famous Bacigalupi vineyards.

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Bacigalupi Vineyards is in beautiful Healdsburg located in Sonoma County, California.


  • Being a steward of the land and its resources is a key practice in our farming and winemaking methods.

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$ 50


Ashley Herzberg came to love wine early in her life. Her parents had a big part in this, instilling in her the significance of cooking and eating together as a family and having wine on the table at mealtime. In spite of this experience, however, Ashley initially planned to attend medical school after earning her university degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno. Four years of working in a hospital convinced her that medicine was not her calling, and modified her career goal by turning to the wine manufacturing. Her background in science and engineering came in handy when she accepted a job as a laboratory technician at Owl Ridge Wine Services in Sebastopol.


In 1956 Charles and Helen Bacigalupi purchased 121 acres on Westside Road, a few miles south of the town of Healdsburg. Charles began to care for the 16 acres of existing vineyards. Envisioning the command for finest wine grapes, Paul Heck (of Korbel winery) encouraged my grandpa to plant Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In 1964, Charles began his plantings with six acres of each varietal. ultimately he obtained Pinot Noir bud wood from Karl Wente, the first well recognized plantings of Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley. Our family name (Bacigalupi) gained acknowledgment during the 1976 Paris tasting when the 1973 Napa Valley Chardonnay from Château Montelena (made with 40% of our fruit) triumphed over many highly praised French wines. This occasion was the turning point in America’s global wine image.Our vineyards now consist of 125 acres of premium grapes, which have been planted and managed for the past 30 years by my father John Bacigalupi and our family. The Bacigalupi wine label is a vision come true for our family who has roots in the wine manufacturing stretching over four generations. Looking towards the future, we hope to continue our inheritance of premium grape growing and wine making for many years to come.

The Team

Helen & Charles Bacigalupi
Charles and Helen moved to the small town of Healdsburg after graduating from school in San Francisco. Charles worked as the neighboring dentistry and Helen as a pharmacist. Always possessing a love of the land the couple decided to move onto Westside Rd in 1956, and purchased 121 acres in 1956. In a simple foundation, Charles began to care for the 16 acres of presented vineyards, which included Zinfandel, Mission, Golden Chaslis and Muscat. Charles became friends with Paul Heck (of Korbel) through his dentist exercise when Paul would bring the family in for regular check ups. The two would infrequently chat about grapes and wine, distribution insight and advice. Envisioning the demand for quality wine grapes, Paul encouraged Charles to plant Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In 1964, Charles began his plantings with six acres of each varietal. Eventually he obtained Pinot Noir bud wood from Karl Wente, the first well recognized plantings of Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley. Charles remembers Wente telling him the supply had come from France via the family’s old vineyard in Livermore. Charles and his son, John worked alongside each other, perfecting their viticulture techniques and expanding the vineyards. The Bacigalupi’s gained recognition as growers during the 1976 Paris tasting when the 1973 Napa Valley Chardonnay from Château Montelena with Bacigalupi fruit triumphed over many acclaimed French wines to be declared the undisputed winner.
Pam & John Bacigalupi
Born and raised in Santa Rosa, Pam Bacigalupi remembers her childhood and growing up at Korbel. Our young Pam enjoyed spending time at the winery—wiping bottles and gluing cases at the bottling line or going with her father to check on the various vineyard activities. When she was old enough, she manned the computerized champagne corking machine, checking that the corks were correctly fed and rarely working in the winery gift shop. Pam had a real interest in enology and thought of pursuing a career in winemaking, however in those years, such a career was not well-liked for women and she became an ER nurse instead. Today Pam assists with the managing of Bacigalupi Vineyards. She is the main contact for grape sales and helps deliver fruit during harvest.
Raised on the same ranch that he farms today, John Bacigalupi has a lifetime of grape growing experience, he worked at the side of his father in the vineyards. This long life, more than 30 years of vineyard experience, has allowed him to develop and cherished information of the vineyards’ micro climates and soil structures. His experience has enabled him to match the most appropriate varietals, clones, and root stocks to the existing soil structures. Only such a deep understanding of the vineyards, the weather patterns, and other subtle factors has allowed the development of the ultra premium grapes produced by the Bacigalupi vineyards.

Katharine & Nicole Bacigalupi
Born and raised on the same ranch purchased by her grandparents in 1956, Katey Bacigalupi Row recognized her love of the vineyards early on. After high school, Katey took off to explore the world and found she studied abroad in Florence, Italy.
Katey graduated with a degree in agricultural business from Cal Poly State University in 2006. She gained a diversity of vineyard and wine business experience at local Seghesio and Sonoma Cutrer wineries as well as in Margaret River, Australia.
Nicole Bacigalupi Dericco is Katey’s twin sister. Growing up on the ranch and watching her father and grandfather develop their property from barren land with a few prune trees to what it is today, has been an inspiration for her to continue the family legacy. After high school she attended San Diego State receiving a Business degree with an emphasis in marketing. She gained real world experience by heading out on the road and building accounts with retail outlets and restaurants all over California. Today Nicole and her twin sister Katey manage the advertising and sales of their family brand Bacigalupi wines.

Practices & Techniques

Our best vineyard practices include:

Planting winter cover crops to hold valuable soils in place lessening the risk of wearing away on hillside terrain and adding vital nutrients back to the soil all while given that a habitat for beneficial insects.

Managing canopies precisely — together with leaf, shoot and cluster elimination. This practice increases air movement through the canopy and adds light naturally–drastically reducing the amount of fungicides needed.

Composting all pomace (grapeskins) and are using them the next year as soil amendments.

Introducing predator habitats (owl and bat boxes and bird houses) to reduce pesticide usage. Also, we use native and seeded cover crops help reduce dust thus reducing mite populations naturally.

Hand-tending our vineyards to the thorough standard of our family farm.

Using reclaimed rain water for 100% of our water use. Water gathers in our two reservoirs. We do not use water from any public source.

Using recycled material for all of our bottles, boxes, and shipping equipment.

Maintaining our cellar temperatures naturally, lessening our electricity use.


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Rudi Gwerder Rudi Gwerder
Healdsburg, California
Love that they are eco-friendly!

I loved how they showed us around and how friendly they are. The Zinfandel is just to die for.

January 2015

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