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We aspire to make elegant, restrained and sophisticated wines that will complement food, as we believe that good wine should be drunk with good food (and good company!). However, the grapes we obtain and convert into wine vary greatly from vintage to vintage. In order to obtain a certain degree of consistency we process as many batches as possible separately, and later blend prior to botltling. At blending we attempt to prepare wines of unique styles. For example, The Lighthouse (Dingabledinga) is an elegant Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz wine modelled after wines such as Dom. du Trevallon. Elegance with power, not always easy to reach, however these are our aspirations. After tasting arakoon wines you may become surprised that some of our wines taste quite different from most other South Australian wines, more elegant and understated perhaps. This is a stylistic objective resulting from extended maceration post-fermentation, the use of subtle new French oak amongst other old barrels and blending towards the above stated aim. We think these types of wines sometimes are a better match with food rather than big and overtly fruity wines.

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Located in the heart of McLaren Vale, South Australia.

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Practices & Techniques

Let there be no doubt, we believe strongly in the old saying; "the wine is made in the vineyard". We try to maximize wine quality by interacting with our growers as much as possible, and by choosing growers who are interested in producing high quality fruit, rather than just high quantity! Processing, maturation, blending and bottling are also important of course and that is where the winemaking part comes in.

We believe that experimentation is the key to achieving higher and higher levels of quality in the winery. It is easy to make a prediction of what happens in response to certain treatments, however, any real answer will only come from trials. We have done trials with synthetic corks vs. a range of natural corks, the number of times a wine should be racked, the effect of fining rates, primary fermentation in barrel vs. vat, pre- and post-fermentation maceration, etc... and there is more to come.

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229 Main Road
McLaren Vale, South Australia 5171

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