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Anthony Road Wine Company uses only grapes grown in the Finger Lakes region to create their wines. An array of wine is produced – from dry to dessert – with a range of tastes designed to please connoisseurs and casual aficionados alike. The Anthony Road Gallery presents the work of local artists and artisans. The exhibits are revolving on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Stroll through our lovely garden and bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy with your wine purchase. We do have a selection of local cheeses and crackers available to purchase. During the busy months of summer thru October we pair up with the Flour Shop Cafe & Bakery to offer a selection of sandwiches, wraps and side salads on the weekends.

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Located in Yates county on the west side of Seneca Lake, New York.


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$ 16.99


Peter Becraft:

With an education in Fine Arts and an incarnation as a casting director for a fashion photographer in New York City, it was only natural that Peter would end up becoming a wine maker in the Finger Lakes! Peter was bitten by the the proverbial wine bug and found his life moving quickly in a new direction. A chance encounter with winemaker Johannes Reinhardt in the Anthony Road tasting room on a slow day in May of 2006 led to a cellar visit. Peter attributes the special tour to his feisty chocolatier wife Cary who boldly asked Johannes what they had to do to get a barrel tasting. The afternoon was spent with talk of German and Austrian wines and free samples of CaryMo Chocolate. As Johannes was walking to the car with the couple he happened to mention that he is always looking for help during harvest. Cary jumped at the opportunity and volunteered her husband! Peter was perhaps to elated to even speak but numbers were exchanged and Peter started that fall and stayed on splitting time between the vineyard and cellar. He moved into a full time assistant winemaking position in 2008. He has worked closely with Johannes ever since hence learning from one of the top winemakers not only in this region but in the United States. "Finding my voice as a winemaker in a region that is coming into its own has been a privilege. My mission is to respect the quality of our fruit and make finished wines that speak of the vintage and our unique site. I feel that winemaking presents a lifetime of learning in that each vintage is so variable for year to year that there is never time for complacency. The opportunity to become Head Winemaker and continue to make the world class wines that Anthony Road and Johannes have established is a dream, so please don't wake me!"


John and Ann Martini moved to Anthony Road in 1973 at the urging of a friend that touted the joys of grape growing in the Finger Lakes. They loaded up 2 young children and left their home in Baltimore, where John worked for WR Grace to set up their farming life on the west side of Seneca Lake. Surprisingly neither Ann nor John had an agricultural background, unless you count John’s youthful summers at his grandparent’s farm in Melvin, Illinois. But together and with the help of family and friends they planted their first 5-acres, Foch, in the summer of 1973. The vineyard grew, to 30-acres, as did the Martini family, to 4 children, but it was quickly realized that an outside job was needed to support their endeavors. John joined the staff at the Cornell’s Experiment Station in Geneva and Ann took over the day to day operations and maintenance of both the household and the vineyard.

Wineries that purchased the fruit changed hands, demand for the grapes shifted, so by the late 80’s the Martini’s were faced with varieties that weren’t in high demand and the uncertainty of grape sales at time of harvest. John worked with the Wine Grape Foundation on the oh-so delicious and vibrant pink “VineFresh” a blended grape juice – that never really gained the traction it needed despite our tastings at the NY State Fair, in grocery store in New York City and across New York State. So it was back to the drawing board – which leads us to where we are today at Anthony Road Wine Company.

The memories of growing up on a farm are different for every family and different based on what is being farmed. We were spoiled in the fact that we didn’t have to milk cows several times a day and didn’t have to worry about the annual planting of row crops, but we all had to pitch in throughout the year and in the end it was still farming and ultimately run by Mother Nature. Our spring breaks were spent tying, summer brought suckering and cluster thinning, fall afternoons involved collecting pickers’ tickets and spreading boxes, weekends were spent washing boxes and helping with pressing juice for home wine makers. Of course there is the favorite vineyard activity of pulling brush in the winter!

We remember the smells of each season, the way a cane-tied row looks so orderly, that ear-wigs aren’t as scary as they look, how wet you can get from dew, from early morning leaves, and from grape juice. We remember that all the grapes taste good – seeds and all, the way our hands got cracked and stained from the grapes and juice, the hum of the old cider press we used and how good that juice tasted right from the press. There were late night dinners, early mornings for picking, cheesecloth being washed in the washing machine, and the development of a family much larger than our own.

All the children ventured away – Peter, the oldest and now Vineyard Manager, moved to Wyoming after earning a bachelor’s degree from Clarkson. He was a mechanic in Jackson Hole for 10 years before moving back to the Finger Lakes. Sarah, now Business Manager, studied International Relations at Syracuse, moved to California for a while, went back to school in Boston for her master’s degree, and worked as a dietitian before working at the winery full-time. Maeve knew she wanted to be a nurse in Middle School and so she did! She received a R.N. Degree from St John Fisher, and has been a nurse in doctor’s offices and in the hospital setting in the Rochester area, and official nurse to us all. She and her family live in Rochester – but come to help for events and festivals. Elizabeth, the youngest, received a bachelor’s from Nazareth College, and a Masters’ degree from UC Davis – no not in viticulture, but in Agronomy. She is currently the Tasting Room Manager.

In 2013 the family met over dinner at Ann and John’s to discuss the future of the vineyard and winery. It was decided to keep all in the family and continue on with the foundation that Ann and John laid. Not only does it include the four children, but also their spouses and children. Sarah’s husband Mike is the V.P. of Sales. Pete’s wife Margot works in the tasting room when she is not in the classroom teaching kindergartners. Maeve’s husband, Peter, does a lot of the screen printing for the winery in between his hockey refereeing. Sam Castner, Liz’s husband assists in events and landscaping. His art work and custom metal work can be seen throughout the Finger Lakes. Currently there are 12 grandchildren, ranging in age from 2 to 21 years old – many can be see rolling down the hill, running through the gardens and “helping” around the vineyard and winery.

This is not just a job for us – but a labor of love and our home – so welcome!

The Team

Ann and John Martini
Winery Owners

Ann grew up in Rochester, New York and the New York City suburbs of New Jersey; John grew up in the same New Jersey suburbs. After working in teaching (Ann) and Peace Corps and business (John), they moved to Yates County in 1973 to grow grapes and raise their family on 100 acres overlooking Seneca Lake. Ann managed the vineyard and raised the children, while John worked for Cornell University at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York. The grapes from their vineyards were first sold to the Taylor Wine Company and eventually to wineries across New York State.

In 1990, Ann and John Martini opened Anthony Road Wine Company with wines made from the 1989 crop. The first building was a renovated farm shop and the equipment was at best an eclectic collection of used and borrowed tanks and pumps and an old apple press. Their children, Peter, Sarah, Maeve and Elizabeth, have been involved in the vineyard and winery throughout their growing years and beyond. Peter, is the vineyard manager at Martini Vineyards. The joy of growing grapes and producing fine wines still motivates and excites the Martini family - more than a quarter-century after the first vines took root.

Peter Martini
Vineyard Manager

Peter Martini grew up on the family farm, working in the vineyards from a young age. He graduated from Clarkson University in 1990 with a BS degree in business management and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the summer season. Nine years later, after working as an automotive technician for one of Jackson's premier shops, he and his fiancée decided to move back to the Finger Lakes and the family business.

After working for a year in the vineyards Peter was given the responsibility for managing the vineyard operation for Anthony Road. Recent plantings of Cabernet Franc, Lemberger and Pinot Noir have been added to the existing Riesling and Vignoles acreage.

Beginning in 2002, Peter started managing our joint project with the Young family of California and planting the first section of the new vineyard on Nutt Road. Excited about this endeavor Peter says, "this project has been great for Anthony Road and for the Robert Young Family. It has brought the Finger Lakes more credence as one of New York's premium grape growing regions and as a national contender for fine wines." There is always a lot to do in the vineyard, but if you have a question about how the grapes are growing or our management practices, please feel free to e-mail Peter Martini.

Michael Eighmey
Vice President of Sales

Michael married into the Anthony Road Wine Company family in 1999 and has literally enjoyed the fruits of others' labor. Slowly but surely he realized that involvement in the family business would be inevitable, and unbeknownst to anyone else he took on the self-appointed, pro bono position of ARWC Brand Ambassador. While secretly learning about the wine industry from afar, Michael held down a day job as a: US Navy Deep Sea Diver, Commercial Diver, Collegiate Coach and Sales Engineer. In the fall of 2015 Michael officially joined the ARWC staff earning his first company paycheck cleaning press deck and cellar equipment in support of harvest; just like any self-respecting Vice President of Sales should. He enjoys all things outdoors, biking on and off road, camping, hiking, javelin catching (wait... what?) and spending time supporting his family's multitude of activities.

Sarah Martini Eighmey
General Manager

Sarah grew up on Anthony Road, she left for school, adventures and careers elsewhere. In 2013 she left her profession as a registered dietitian to work full time in the family business. Sarah and her husband Mike have 4 children and live in Geneva, NY. Running has been and continues to be a lifelong passion, racing in all distances and terrains since the age of 13.

Elizabeth Martini Castner
Tasting Room Manager

Liz returned to the winery in July 2013 as Tasting Room Manager after taking time off to raise kids, chickens, ducks and a very weedy garden. She & her husband, Sam live on Keuka Lake's east side, up on the hillside with their 4 children.

Brien Gardner
Assistant Vineyard Manager

Brien started at Anthony Road Wine company in the spring of 2009. He is a graduate of Finger Lakes Community College with an Associates Degree in Viticulture and Enology. Prior to that he was a Financial Services Sales Representative in the Finger Lakes Area. He currently lives in Farmington with his two sons.

"Growing wine grapes is not my first career, but one that was inevitable. I spent the better part of my youth working with my father in his landscaping business, and nursery. He had a certain way of handling and caring for his plants that taught me the meaning of stewardship. He was also a hobby winemaker. His love for wine and the Finger Lakes were the fuel for his passion. I remember making many trips to the Experimental Station in Geneva each fall to pick up fruit. My brothers and I would spend countless hours pressing grapes, washing bottles, and bottling wine, not much different than a commercial winery. It brought me to the realization that I liked working with my hands, and understood the satisfaction that comes from hard repetitive work. I carried that with me until I read a simple quote that hit home. 'Don't die with your music inside you'. Shortly after that I traded my shoes for a pair of work boots."

"My credo is to do things right, or don't do them at all. It parallels a quote that we use at the Winery by Pliney the Elder; 'In wine, there is Truth.' If you cut corners in the vineyard, or lose sight of the details, it's going to show up in the final product. It may mean weeks of leaf pulling by hand, days of installing bird netting with bread twist ties until your wrists ache, or spending money on a project when there's not much to begin with."

"I consider my self lucky to be working in this young growing AVA, and especially fortunate to be working for the Martini family. If you visit us, weather in the tasting room, cellar, or vineyard, Im sure you'll agree that we take pride in what we do."

Estate Vineyards / AVA

Ann and John Martini, with the help of friends and family, planted the first grapes, all hybrid varieties, in 1973. Since that time they have ripped out all hybrid varietals, except the Vignoles, and have replanted vinifera varietals.

On the Martini Vineyards acreage there are approximately 45 acres planted to grapes. These include; pinot noir, pinot gris, chardonnay, riesling, vignoles, cabernet franc, and lemberger. If you travel south about 1 mile you come to the Young Vineyards that we manage, close to another 45 acres. On this farm there is gewurztraminer, merlot, riesling, pinot gris, cabernet franc and lemberger.

During harvest we do a combination of machine and hand-harvesting.

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