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Our mission here at the Annadel Estate Winery is to create the finest caliber of wine and express what we believe is the highest form of love in each bottle, in each glass. From our hands in the soil, to the endless cuts and bruises from caring for our vines, the bittersweet joy of harvest and crush, the time worrying and caring for our efforts cool and quiet in the barrel, the violence of the bottling line, the much needed rest in the bottle and finally to your home and this glass in front of you. This is our expression of heritage, family, and love.

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Located in the heart of Santa Rosa, California .


  • This wine is produced using 100% estate grown grapes.

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Dean Vincent Bordigioni


My family moved from New York City to Las Vegas when I was three. The Vegas of my youth was a dusty little town with a few casinos lining the Strip like garish stars in a vast desert wilderness. My grandparents, Nonna and Nonno in Italian, had ventured from “the old country” with my mom in-utero and established themselves in their new country without leaving their culture and elegance behind. They stayed in New York.

When they came to visit us in Las Vegas, my Nonno maintained his continental dignity at all times, even walking our big German Shepherd around the block in that stifling August heat in a three piece suit and his ever-present Borsalino fedora. At the end of every meal he had an expresso with a dash of grappa, and it was then I learned the charming stories about how my Nonno, Adolfo, brought his talent for making grappa to this new world and how every fall he would make his yearly batch in the bathtub of their Bronx apartment.

Later, in 1985, somewhat fresh out of college and living in San Francisco, I was lucky to venture north and visit Sonoma and Napa Wine Country. This rural, authentic wine region suits my Italian heritage and I wanted to own a winery ever since.

Fast forward through a few adventurous decades -- living in Italy, exploring South America for a year upon a rather ungainly Harley-Davidson motorcycle, founding and eventually selling Golden Gate Harley-Davidson in Marin County, being a beach bum in La Jolla, CA and becoming bored to death -- when I stumbled upon Bumblelina and remembered my dreams in wine country.

Bumblelina is my Airstream “Bamby” trailer that a neighbor put up for sale. The moment I saw her I knew I was going to sell my beach house, tow Bumbles up to Wine Country and find a nice, big piece of dirt to park my trailer and begin tilling the land. And then I found Annadel.

Annadel was anything but what I was looking for. Neglected for decades, comprised as a flower farm, wedding venue and vineyard, and becoming largely feral, there was just too much to do and too many endeavors that I hadn’t a clue about. Flowers? Weddings? I was the eternal bachelor and traveling motorcycle guy. But the magic here is undeniable and frankly, I'm a romantic at heart.

Once I toured the ruins of this former winery and walked through the abandoned old farmhouse, I knew she needed me as much as I her. Thus I began the dance to buy this old Dame of a Winery and gave myself more projects, more work than I could have ever imagined.

Today, Annadel thrives as a burgeoning winery as well as an elegant, world class wedding and event site and exquisite heirloom flower business. The Annadel Estate has reawakened into the grand old property of her youth in the 1880s. We are lucky. My family and I work hard. We love what we do and feel compelled to share the magic of Annadel. I'd like to think my Nonno, Adolfo, and my Nonna, Lucia, would be
proud of us.


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Jeff Mathison Jeff Mathison
Santa Rosa, California
Affordable and unforgettable trip!

My friend and I went to visit Annadel Estate Winery and we feel in love. They are affordable and the experience was just great. We will come back soon but with a larger group.

January 2015

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1 Review


6687 Sonoma HWY
Santa Rosa, California 95409
United States

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